5 Proven Strategies to Boost Your Blog Traffic

Did you know that the most common challenge for all bloggers, even those who earn over $50,000 per year is getting traffic to their web pages?  That’s not all, according to recent blogging trends and key statistics for 2019, the number one traffic source for top-earning bloggers is Google organic search. 

Proven Strategies To Boost Your Blog Traffic

Ask any blogger, and they will boldly tell you that it is so frustrating to write a quality blog yet it does not bring as much traffic as you anticipated. Such actions can cause one to feel like giving up. However, before you throw in the towel remember that in 2019 alone there are over 4 billion internet users and over 75% of internet users from the US spend more times on blogs and social media than they do reading emails. 

When you implement the right strategies, you will attract more organic traffic to your site and reap the benefits. If you want more people to read your blog articles and stay longer on your site, then here are the top 5 strategies that you can use. 

Post More Quality Content

Search engines such as Google tend to give a higher priority to fresh content. Besides, your visitors are less likely to return to your blog if they keep finding the same content. By updating your blog every week, you are more likely to capture the attention of search engines. You will also boost your organic traffic because as more people read high-quality content from your blog, then they will see you as an expert in that industry. Hence, they will be motivated to keep coming back and eventually become loyal visitors.

Know Your Customers

The main reasons why most people start a blog is to make money, so it makes sense to want to know better your target customers. A good example is an essay writer who focuses on producing content that targets students who need academic writing assistance. When you have a clear vision on who you are writing for, then you will get the right content ideas and craft successful blog posts that will meet your customers need. 

Use Google Analytics Report to Find Out How Your Blog is Performing

Google Analytics is a great tool for finding out many people are currently reading your blog. It has a section called assisted conversion that shows you where to focus your marketing efforts so that you can increase your conversion rate and turn visitors to customers. So how do you get people to keep coming back to your blog?

  • Turn your readers into subscribers and use their emails to get them back to your posts.
  • Make it easier for your web visitors to subscribe to your blog so that every time you publish a new blog, your subscribers receive notifications.


Do you know how your blogging is doing as compared to your competitors or other bloggers writing about the same industry? Through benchmarking, you can be able to know which search terms your competitors are using to generate traffic. You might be surprised to find that most of the keywords they are using are not even in your radar. By studying your competitor, you will also know the percentage of traffic they are getting and from which specific channels. Then you can put more effort into where you are losing. 

Incorporate Strategic Keywords

What is the easiest way to make your blog post to go viral? Add targeted SEO keywords. Keyword research is still a very crucial part of bringing organic traffic to your blogs. The trick is to write high-quality content specifically for humans and not machines then add keywords that fulfils the needs of searcher intent. Ensure that you incorporate a few relevant keywords naturally that will boost your rank. 

Use Social Media

One of the top traffic sources for a blog is social media. Apart from asking your contacts to share the post, you can use Facebook, Instagram, Linked or any other online platform to promote your post. You can increase your traffic from social media by doing the following:

  • Avoid turning into a spammer that means do not post several articles at once.
  • Focus on delivering content that provides value for your target audience. 
  • Use headings that grab the attention of any reader. 

When you generate targeted and relevant organic traffic, you will have enough power to persuade your readers to take any action that you want. While there are various strategies listed on this post, the trick is to choose one and implement it and see how much it increases your organic traffic then move on to the next. 

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