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How to Remove Your Personal Information from The Internet


Many of us have been using the internet since a young age and our online posts vary from desirable to the less-desirable. Sharing information on some random website didn’t sound that bad of an idea when we did it, but it can be problematic when it comes to finding a job or having a professional online presence later in life. If you’re looking to remove some of the information you have posted online, one option you have for this is to find and remove that information from popular directories used by people to search others.

How To Remove Your Personal Information From The Internet

One such directory is Nuwber. It’s a database that has numerous available public records and social network data, etc. People use it search for anything from unfamiliar numbers to relatives they have lost touch with and property information they need. Besides providing the basic details, Nuwber also allows you to do detailed research on people with their advanced services. And, along with all these services, the site also allows you to control your information. Let’s take a look at the process you can follow to remove your formation from Nuwber.

First step in removing the information is to use the Control Your Information feature available on the homepage of the website. You can test this feature without making an account. Clicking on the button will take you to the page where you’ll enter your information. Nuwber provides three search options. You can search by person, where you enter the first and last name and city, state, or by phone or address.

After you enter your name, you get a list of results from across the country. Results includes the name, age and location of the person. If you’re looking to clean up the information of a client or someone who you don’t have all the information about, you can use one of the filters to narrow down the search results. Nuwber allows you to filter the entries by age and by State.

Once you find the entry you’re looking for, click on it to go to the page containing detailed information about that person. If the database does not have your information, they will show links to partner websites that may have the information. On the detailed search results page ,you will have a number of options. Here you will see the public records, court records, social profiles and background reports. Besides this information, you’ll also get information about the neighbors by their name and info about associates. 

If you’re interested in having a full report, you can do so from a link provided on the profile page. The link will take you to the original source of information.  Nuwber has it own paid services as well. One of the features of this ppaid service is a background report of the person. To create this background report, Nuwber scans information about marriages, property, bankruptcy, licenses, etc.

In the top right hand corner of the profile page, you will find the Control Your Listing option. Clicking on this option will take you to a page where you can decide what you want to do with your listing. You have the option to opt out of Nuwber, along with option to promote your page. On clicking the opt out button, you will go to a webpage where you can enter your profile for removal. To remove your information from on the site, paste the URL of your page in the box provided on the opt-out page.

It’s important to remember that Nuwber is a compiler of information. They use different websites to obtain the information the show on their pages. So, removing your entry from the site doesn’t mean it will also be removed from the websites where the information was taken from. Also, the website receives new records, so if it get’s a new listing of you after your opt out request, you may still see that new listing in their database. According to them, removal requests are processed in 48 hours.

What if you enter the wrong person’s url for removal? If you have entered the wrong person for opt out, Nuwber gives you the option to change before submitting your request. This way you can double check that you removing correctly. The opt out link is sent to your email address.

You can also catch a mistake on the profile page as it displays people with similar information. So, if you have made a mistake or are unsure about the complete details of somebody, check the profile page. On the page, you’ll find people with similar first and last names as well as location and age of the persons. You can also click on their names to go to their pages for more details about them. Nuwber partners with Truthfinder, a background checking service that offers the services you find with Nuwber. On the new per pages, you will find links to Truthfinder. 

The search box where your enter your phone number, address or name also displays the date on which the information was updated. This information is useful when you have to come back to check for any new entries and make sure that your information was deleted after you made your request and completed the 48 hours processing period.

 Sites like Nuwber and Truthfinder allow you to obtain detailed information about yourself, so you have a clear idea of where on the internet your information is available. Besides your address and phone number, the search engines also look for records like marriages and divorces, financial information. And, if you want to remove all of this information, you can do so by following the simple procedure mentioned above. If you need more assistance with your technology, BCA IT in Miami is a managed IT service provider that can be of assistance.


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