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Content Being Stolen? Disable Right Click


Has your blog’s content been stolen recently? Is somebody stealing every post from your blog? Now, for the WordPress users, I have got a plugin by which you can simply disable right click on your blog and nobody can able to copy any content from your blog. This plugin can help you very much, and it is the best plugin for WordPress blogs to disable right click and prevent their content from getting copied. So, I strongly recommend you to use this plugin called WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click.

content thieves

Its features are given below:

  1. Disables text selection.
  2. Disable right click on your wordpress blog.
  3. Creates no problems with search engines.
  4. Protects from iFrames.
  5. Protects from dragging and dropping images.

It is a free plugin and will protect your content to be stolen – WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click.

So do give this plugin a try and post your suggestions below.

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    • Avatar

      Alan Anderson

      Hey buddy! BTW nice suggestion. i think you can implement javascript and css styles to stop users to use text selection and right-click on your website.

      I know it is very to surpass these hacks but it can be effective for ordinary users. Copyscape and search in google within quotes can also help us to catch the thief.

    • Avatar

      Irfan Siddiqui

      I like it but what about bloggers is there any way to disable right clicks in a blogspot blog?

    • Avatar

      Ipod Touch 4G

      diferent blogs use diff tactics , but have you ever seen lifehackers or mashable use “no right click” , no text select etc ….. disabling right clicks annoys the user , when they want to open a new tab , window

    • Avatar

      Luqman @ UK Webmaster forum

      I have being looking for this type of plugin for WordPress for a long time and I was unable to find it. Thanks for fishing it out, it is a very useful plugin to protect your blog content, I hope all bloggers we like to install it.

    • Avatar


      Its nice tips, but visitors feel inselt.

    • Avatar

      Udegbunam Chukwudi

      The determined scrapper can still steal your content via RSS feed 🙁

    • Avatar


      Thanks for the info . I'll check this out for sure. It's time for pesky blog thieves to get day jobs.

    • Avatar


      I would assume this would not stop people from doing a view selection source and copying the content from the html code though….perhaps their is a plugin for that though as well?

    • Avatar


      You have done a marvelous job! I am really inspired with your work. Thanks for introducing the nice plug-ins.

    • Avatar

      Tej Kohli

      Besides this we have to do more , like Content not be available through source View

    • Avatar

      Conversational Agent

      Do you have any code for a blogger account? Thanks in advance.

    • Avatar


      Despite of using Plugins or disabling right clicks etc works, it would be better for us if we buy Copyscape membership. But using the plugin and disabling right click might work but not as efficient as copyscape.

    • Avatar

      Senthil Ramesh

      Thats definitely a quite useful plugin and most important of all it doesn't cost you anything. 😛

    • Avatar


      disabling right click is not a good idea…. there are many solutions for protecting your blog…

    • Avatar

      Ipod Touch 4

      its a plugin is use , but then it puts a link at the bottom of your site , bad , from the part of the developer

    • Avatar

      Anish K.S @ Technics

      Someone can easily break this by disabling the Js 🙂

    • Avatar

      Sathish @ TechieMania

      Disabling right click wont help you to protect your content. If a visitor intend to copy paste our article he can do it if we use this plugin.

    • Avatar


      can’t they use source code to copy your content , there are ways as thiefs are very smart

    • Avatar


      Thanks for introducing the nice plug-ins. It surely is very helpful 🙂

    • Avatar


      it is a nice plugin there is also one more called as blogprotect

      but it is sometimes even annoying to me so i turned off in Techperk

    • Avatar

      S.Pradeep Kumar

      @ All : Yes, yes, I agree this plugin won’t protect your blog completely. But it won’t let silly copy paste bloggers to steal your work easily. Let them suffer copying your content! 😛

      • Avatar

        Mani Viswanathan

        hehe I agree with you. But I strongly feel we as Bloggers should avoid such things. Disabled right click is just as irritating as a site which has a survey 😛

        But the Non Selection of Texts is a good one.

    • Avatar


      But at least it provides protection to some extent!

    • Avatar

      Pulkit Kauhik

      Would never work to fend off professional plagiarist. The source Code of the page can always be looked up and the stuff can be copied from there. Plus since it’s JavaScript it can always be rendered useless by the thief.

    • Avatar


      As said by Andreas, it is very easy to copy paste contents even if you disabled the right click feature. There are add-ons and other methods to do so.

    • Avatar

      Puneet Sahalot

      If it uses javascript, it can’t be a perfect solution. One can copy the text and enable right click simply by disabling javascript in browser 🙂

    • Avatar

      Jaydip Parikh

      Just few day back I wrote an article about “Content Theft” at Shoutmeloud. Check

      Even I wrote an article about this plugin sometime back at my blog

      Readers will enjoy both the post and we can help blogger to get some more insight about Content Theft

    • Avatar


      i have one like this to prohibit copying in my poetry blog suggested by Karthik.. very safe..

    • Avatar


      I have installed this plugin on several client sites and it stops users from right clicking to copy and paste but it is not a bullet-proof solution as there are scripts out there that retrieve the content from pages automatically.

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