5 Profitable Ways To Monetize Your Blog Without Banners

Advertising Without BannersThe sole purpose of setting up a blog is to make money. You might be passionate about blogging, but until you make money doing it, passion is not going to pay your bills and so, your passion would diminish. As a full time blogger, I discovered that effective blog monetization can be achieved even without banner ads.

Except your blog receives 10,000s of fresh and repeated traffic everything, banner advertising as a form of profit generation is not ideal. In this unique article, I want to show you the 5 profitable ways you can make money from your blog without banners.

Why You Should Avoid Banners

Like I said earlier, banners could be great for high trafficked blogs, but for beginners and intermediates, you need to tour the easier path. It was of recent I discovered the limiting powers of banner advertising. Banners in whatever form: affiliate banners, advertising banners etc limits your blog in the eyes of clients.

By clients, I mean those people who would love to hire you to help them out with their internet marketing works like blogging, article writing, web design, SEO optimization and virtual consulting.

So, here are 5 profitable ways I monetize my blog without annoying my readers, and it works.

1. Review Products You Use

One quick way to make money from your blog, is to write reviews about the product you’re currently using. If a particular plugin has performed relatively well for you, why not review it in one of your posts and ask readers to get it. There is nothing tricky in this. You’re simply an expert, with a level of success and want to transfer that same success to your readers.

When reviewing products that have worked for you, make sure you’ve screen shots and snapshots showing every step you take to install, activate and what you do each day to bring about the result. Contrary to what people believe, a review is not meant to deceive, rather, it’s meant to reveal the better side and ugly side about a given product.

I discovered that when you reveal the weakness of a product, and ask readers to get the product if they want, they will be happy. My conversion rate increased the more and that’s a huge lesson. Don’t write reviews to deceive, as an expert, nothing shady should be done to disrepute your credibility.

Writing reviews works, and your readers are your greatest asset to earn rewards from products you’re affiliated with.

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2. Start A Virtual Consulting Business

This form of blog monetization is basically good for visionary bloggers. As a consultant, you’ll be able to help clients find, classify and outsource jobs. You don’t have to do the job yourself, just get someone who’s skilled in it and when the job is done, you earn a percentage of it.

Elance and all her counterparts for instance are into consulting business. They created a platform where clients and experts converge to do business together. Whenever a project is concluded or even listed, Elance Admin gets a percentage of the profit even without doing any work.

Virtual Consulting is the rave of the moment and you should get into it immediately. You can have a page on your blog where you handle consulting tasks like job boards, private forums and networking zone. This can earn you some decent monthly income without much struggles.

3. Sell Your Expertise

Everyone is an expert in one particular thing. Please don’t give me that irvy look because you’re an expert too. Yes, an expert is not someone who doesn’t make mistakes, neither is he the person who knows everything. Rather, an expert knows one particular thing to an extent of teaching people who can utilize it.

So, an expert passes knowledge to others. I’m convinced you already have what it takes to market yourself as an expert. Let me give you an instance, if you succeeded in optimizing your web pages and 1, 2 or 3 of your articles are ranking on Google #1 for competitive keywords, it shows you’re an expert. Not everyone can do that even easily, unless they bite their fingers.

Every blog owner is an expert. You need to discover that unique skill you have, that others cannot easily deliver. That’s your strength and you should focus on it. Forget about your weaknesses for now and work on your innate potential. The good side of being an expert is that you can charge over $100 for a simple job – and your client would still be satisfied with the results. Isn’t that wonderful?

4. Package A Product And Sell

Information products are selling like hot cakes. You can easily make money off your blog by creating and selling info products. As an expert, you can easily write a short report of 8 – 20 pages, well detailed and your readers and buyers would be glad to grab it.

It’s not difficult to write an e-book at all. Let’s picture it as a compilation of your blog posts for the past 1 month. If you post on your blog daily, then by now, you already have a whole book ready to earn you money. Just get the entire article, arrange them in chronological order, proofread and you’re good to go.

That’s how simple it is. Want to give it a try? Well, go right ahead and take action!

5. Offer A Mini-course Series

Does email marketing work with blogs? Absolutely. You can sell your expertise, via email series spread across 5 – 7 consecutive days. This is like killing two birds with a stone because, you get to build your email list, for future promotion and also make money from those who subscribe for the current mini-course.

As time goes by, enhance your email marketing brand by selling a premium mini-course where recipients get video clips, audios and even a hard copy of your product. This is the underground secret of 6-figure income owners.

Banner advertising may work for others, but it takes a greater part of your marketing before a substantial income is generated from it. Stop wasting time and tour the smooth part. Monetize your blog with the above strategies, and keep 100% of the profit.

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This article is written by Michael Chibuzor. He often writes about SEO Tips, Promotional codes at coupon blogs that share OnSale electronics coupons, Drobo and Panda coupons.

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  1. This is viibrant way to make money for both starter aand professional bloggers as this will intently help such blog to load very fast.

  2. The key is to understand if you are communicating with the masses or a specialized audience.

    If you are working with a specialized audience (say – Python developers, or BI executives), then you should absolutely go create your own monetization program vs. using banner advertising. I suspect you could get a lot more from a BI software company for delivering a targeted review / case study on their BI product (as part of an article addressing a specific issue) to a qualified audience than you could ever make from generic banner advertising.

    I like adsense but it is for a mass audience, not specialists…        

  3. Well one of the best way to monetize blogs without selling advertising space is through writing paid reviews of useful products

  4. Reviewing a product is seems pretty simple and you can easily do that as you're already using that product.

  5. Banner advertising is one of the greatest directions of your marketing in it. And, its really great to know about 5 profitable directions to monetize your blog. Thanks a lot for sharing your post on here 🙂

  6. If we want to become our blog post a successful blog post then i think we need to work much on content writing because this is the one of the great part of any blog post.

    We should see that thing content should much powerful because when any visitor will come on site he/she should leave a comment and it will be depend only upon how is the content writing.
    If content writing will nice then Banners will not put any importance in that.


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