5 Easy Ways To Optimize Your Mobile Website

website trafficMobile search is more popular than ever. In fact, BusinessWeek estimated that over half of all searches are on mobile devices. Mobile search has been recognized as a way that can quickly local and remote change e-commerce, site rankings, efficacy of PPC campaigns, and local search rankings. 

People using Desktop will obviously access your website using a broadband connection like sky broadband home and your website will be accessible to them normally. But in mobile, it is entirely different. In the past, Sunday evenings were “prime time” for online activity in the United States.  People would surf the web at a time when they were at home and did not have much else to do. Today, people can search almost anytime they are within range of a 4G network. Needless to say, mobile websites have taken center-stage for businesses that want to take advantage of mobile search and local business listing services.

Below are five ways to improve your mobile website:

1.     Have one-touch communication

Mobile searchers looking for a local establishment are likely on the go.  After searchers have found your website, make it easy for them to find your storefront.  This intermediary step may seem small, but it is important to local search success.

2.     Think in terms of tiny screens

Design your mobile site to be user-friendly for smartphone owners.  Clickable links need to be easy to see and press with chubby fingers, and text needs to be easy to read.  Additional features might look great if someone looks really, really close.  Keep everything simple and user-friendly.

3.     Remember that 4G connections are not always optimal

As a rule of thumb, size images smaller than you would on a website intended for PC use.  Remember that images will probably appear the size of a postage stamp on a smartphone.  Smaller image sizes can make your mobile website even more user-friendly by increasing download/upload speed.

4.     Take full advantage of local search

The ultimate goal of any website is to increase online visibility.  Instead of competing with local business listing services, embrace them.  Having a more effective online presence is positive.  In addition, local business listing services can offer potential customer reviews from peers not affiliated with a certain local business per se.

5.     When in doubt, be user-friendly

There is a lot of completion on major search engines.  If in doubt, make your mobile website as user-friendly as possible.  It is very easy for users to get frustrated and find a different site in a few seconds.

Mobile websites in a nutshell

Mobile websites can help you stay connected with an interested audience when that audience is interested in your local business.  Optimize your mobile website to help interested customers find you on mobile devices.

4 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways To Optimize Your Mobile Website”

  1. Response web design is very important to optimize our webpages for mobile based readers and users. I agree with Maria.

  2. Mobile websites or responsive website designs are very important new a days because half of total searches are from smart phones. In this scenario it is compulsory for every website to have a responsive design too. Your shared points and arguments are very helpful to get good response from search engine’s queries.

  3. hey Chris

    I couldn’t believe BusinessWeek estimation if I wouldn’t have checked the stats on some of my health related sites… indeed, about half of my visitors are on mobile or tablets…

    I wonder what will happen next year, any idea?


    I’d like to ask you: are there any WP mobile plugins do you recommend (free and premium)?

    I’ve stumbled upon a few myslef, but couldn’t decide which is ideal/better yet…


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