Norton Antivirus 2011 & Internet Security 2011 Public Beta Released

NortonFor many of the Windows users, Norton Antivirus and Internet Security suite are the most favorites.

Recently Symantec released the beta editions of their latest products Norton Internet Security 2011 and Norton AntiVirus 2011.

This is the first public beta of Norton 2011. Norton Internet Security 2011 and Norton
AntiVirus 2011 can be downloaded directly from the Norton Beta Center.

Features Of Norton AntiVirus 2011 and Internet Security 2011

  1. Fast and light protection that will not let you down.
  2. It notifies you proactively when other applications are slowing you down and damages your system’s performance.
  3. Protects your online identity and you will not become a victim of cybercrime.
  4. Norton Safe Web for Facebook helps to counter evolving social networking threats and help keep consumers secure.


p class=”note”>You have to register with Norton to download Norton 2011 Beta product.

Ever since Microsoft started offering their own anti-virus, Microsoft Security Essentials, for free, Symantec had a hard time and they are concentrating more on their part.

The beta is only available in select countries. Post excerpts from Symantec,

“The Norton Internet Security 2011 beta includes critical features such as Norton Identity Safe which has a new look for 2011, and Norton Safe Web, a Web site rating service that annotates Google, Yahoo! and search results with safety and ecommerce ratings.”

Beta testers should download a newer build of the product to receive a new beta subscription key.


p class=”star”>Download : Norton AV 2011 Beta | Norton Internet Security 2011 Beta

So have you tried this public beta release? Any issues? 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Norton Antivirus 2011 & Internet Security 2011 Public Beta Released”

  1. The internet security is constantly the sensitive matter in IT area, the antivirus softwares and viruses, fire wall and Trojan, security safety and hacking attacks, the wars between the 2 opposite sides by no means stop. Norton, as probably the most popular makes in this particular place is popular for its plentiful merchandise things and public praises from customers.

  2. i stopped using norton because of two reasons, firstly it was slow, it requires a lot of RAM to work smoothly, that’s not really an issue now as i got 4 GB of ram in my new laptop. also, the second problem was that its protection goes to disabled status automatically once a virus enters the system, kind of frustrating.

    but that was older versions, hope they have improved from those errors now. Is it a free or a trial version, if trial, how long can we use it. Kind if tired of installing and un-installing such programes.

  3. northon anti-virus is a great software it has never had any problem i like this very much

  4. I love Nortan, it’s the only company I trust for security. I’ve never had any problems with them yet.

  5. Furthering Symantec's commitment to deliver the fastest and lightest security available, the 2011 Norton betas are being developed to improve or maintain key performance benchmarks in installation times, scan times, and memory usage. In addition, the products will include System Insight 2.0 which goes beyond security and alerts users when applications are significantly impacting their system resources…..:-) 🙂 🙂

  6. Would like to try it but i can not try beta version. when it will came on full version ?

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