New Windows Phone 7 Advertisements Revealed [Video]

Windows Phone 7Microsoft is spending some of their time on marketing Windows Phone 7. They slightly appears as unfinished. Windows Phone 7 is a mobile operating system in development by Microsoft, scheduled for release by October 2010, and is the successor to Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform (via Wikipedia).

Recently Sony Ericsson also declared that they will be doing deals with Windows Phone 7.

These two advertisements which I got via WMPoweruser reveal Window Phone 7 has something to deliver. Hope Microsoft and Windows fans won’t be depressed. The HTC Mondrian looks fascinating, and a treat for HTC freaks too. Microsoft is revolutionizing mobile devices and smart phones with this new mobile OS. It’s partnership with HTC results good, and it will be a tough competition for Android, Symbian and other top Mobile Operating Systems.

HTC Mondrian in AT&T Windows Phone 7 [AD 1][HD]

Updated : The first video was removed by the Microsoft Corporation.

10 thoughts on “New Windows Phone 7 Advertisements Revealed [Video]”

  1. With HTC you get Android, not like Apple where you end up paying for every little useful app. Most free Apps are junk anyway.

  2. Looks like HTC is riding on two boats (Google and Microsoft) together.. Thnks to both of the Pradeeps for the post…

  3. I love the brand HTC. But when I compare HTC with the iPhone, it falls apart. I have not seen/used anything which is better than the iPhone. Good luck, HTC/Microsoft/Bill 🙂 🙂


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