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Motivation Factor: Bloggers, Please Don’t Lose it!


There is not a place in this world where we don’t fail. It is a must for anyone to face failure at least one time. “Even Homer nods” sometimes.

“Failure is not a failure when you fail.
It is a failure when you refuse to get up.”

Failure is the time to do something different. It is the time of action and not the time to regret for mistakes. Many people do have a hidden negative thought that Failure is the end of everything. Nope! It’s not the end mate. Failure is the beginning of everything.

Motivation is the factor we need a lot when we fail. But, often we miss it when we need it the most. We feel energetic and motivated when we are successful. But where is the motivation lost when we fail?

Motivation should not be lost. If it is a momentary loss, I advice you to search and find it. When you really fail to get back the motivation, you fail there.

All your Experiments going in vain?

Everyone know this story.


No one motivates you better than yourself!

The genius, Thomas Alva Edison, ‘experimented’ thousands times before he invented the bulb. Notice, he did not fail. We can call it a failure, if he couldn’t create the bulb. But, he indeed, made one of the best invention of the mankind.

Like Thomas Edison, everyone is capable. In fact, Thomas Edison found thousands of ways to motivate himself to say “I will try one more time!” when he couldn’t invent the bulb.

We Bloggers, every day and every night, have to be doing some experimentations on our blogs because there is no definite manual to blog and rank high. Every time, we experiment and learn from that.

Some times, when best of our hard work will not pay back as we expected. I know, it is a heart-breaking feeling and possibly the worst bitter taste of failure, it gives you. Even I, like you, have faced it several times.

But, for this failure, it is not good to pack everything and leave Blogging because, we did nothing wrong. It is actually the time when you have to put more efforts to find out what went wrong and how to get it right.

There is nothing wrong in experimenting. In fact,

Experience is what you get, when you don’t get what you want!

So, never stop experimenting, till you get what you want.

Don’t regret!

Yeah! Why should you regret? Actually, there is nothing wrong you have done to regret.

When our experiments do not pay back as we expect it would, we think we have wasted lots of time on a silly experiment and regret. My question is, “Why you should regret when nothing is wrong on your side?”. But still we regret, because we have too much of expectations on ourselves and think we have failed ourselves.

A famous quote* will tell you the answer.

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.
George Bernard Shaw

Bloggers! Stop regretting when you fail. Only a fellow blogger will understand your efforts. So, don’t listen to outsiders and conclude it is a failure and start regret.

Do you feel “Why it happens to me alone?”

LOL! It happens not only to you, but to hundred others! You may be blessed with less toils. So, why it happens to you?

shit happens but life goes on


Here is the answer. Everyone will be given an opportunity to learn. Here is your opportunity to harvest as much wisdom as possible through the failure. If you don’t accept failure and start learning from the opportunity that comes to you, you may waste a lot of time repeating the same mistakes in the future. Another famous quote* says,

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.
Albert Einstein

Fellow Bloggers! learn from the mistakes of yesterday, rectify it today, hope for the success tomorrow!

Find back the ‘missing’ motivation

When you are ready to start back, find back the missing motivation, because you will need it the most. How do I find?

Here are some tips for bloggers to find it!

  1. Spend some time with other blogs that motivate you.
  2. Get into the social network and chat with the bloggers who motivate you ( Strictly, not with one who demotivate you! )
  3. Learn to ignore the demotivating things. (It is hard, but try to do it whenever you feel failure)
  4. Spend time in Guest blogging. In fact, it will help the blogger to work amidst his/her toils.
  5. Comment on blogs of fellow bloggers. (At least, try for getting more back links because, when you get back to normal, it will be useful)
  6. Start spending more time in reading about your niche.
  7. Do not listen to others. Start listening to your inner voice.
  8. Read the positive comments, your achievements, the acknowledgements, credits you got et cetra. (It’s the time to relive those moments)
  9. See the popular TED videos. I believe, they will help to zero-in your floating mind.

I also recommend some special tips for bloggers, to start back.

  • Start a physical activity like Exercise, Sports or at least jogging. Physical refreshment is much needed to change your mindset.
  • Try to learn breathing exercise/Yoga.

Never Stop Dreaming!

Keep the dreams high. Do not compromise anything for your dream. One day or the other, it will be a reality. Dreams have the incredible power to energize you and gear you up. It makes you be more passionate and enthusiastic to your approach.


I warn you, once you cease dreaming, you will lose the energy that drives you. So, again I stress, “Do not compromise anything for your dream.”

Maintain a high thought about Yourself!

Yeah! You are born to win! As Bloggers, when we start blogging, we all were very passionate and kept a very high thought about us. Never lose it, because you are still that great.

Sometimes, we might be surrounded by people who demotivate us. But that doesn’t change who you are.

“It’s not Who I am Underneath. It’s what I do that defines me”
Bruce Wayne/Batman, Batman Begins (Movie)

Yep! Nothing will change who you are. You are Yourself no matter who demotivate you. It is what you do to overcome them, will define you.

Bloggers! Rise up like a phoenix and persuade. Believe in yourself. You are an entrepreneur. Start loving your job and work on it!

Final Thoughts

A classic Tamil (Language) Literature says,

“தெய்வத்தான் ஆகா தெனினும் முயற்சிதன்
மெய்வருத்தக் கூலி தரும்”
திருவள்ளுவர் இயற்றிய திருக்குறள் (619th குறள்)

“Dheivathaan aaha theninum muyarchithan
meivarutha kooli tharum”
Thiruvalluvar in Thirukkural written in Second Century B.C.E. (appx.)

English Translation of this poem by Rev. Dr. G. U. Pope:

“Though fate-divine should make your labour vain;
Effort its labour’s sure reward will gain.”

Meaning: “Something may not be achievable even by God or through God’s help. But the effort exerted to attain that non-achievable will yield its deserving result!”

Even, God may fail you sometimes. But you, with your continuous hard work, can achieve the impossible. Bon Voyage Bloggers! 🙂

I hope, this post will help you find your motivation factor. Drop a comment as a token of your encouragement. Subscribe to HBB and get lot more motivated through our articles.

Credit: for making Thirukkural available in Internet in Tamil. *-quotes from


I'm a student, daydreamer, wonna be entrepreneur, writer and blogger @ SparkWiz. I love Internet, Computers, Blogging Photography and a lot of stuff. Catch me in my blog! :-) Have a nice day!

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    • Rahul

      Thumbs up, great post (y)

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      its really inspirational……….every blogger should read this once

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      I read one of the best blogging Motivation Factor article here. I want to really thanks to admin and Christopher Joseph for writing in such a manner. I love the last tamil line as well.

    • Christopher Joseph

      I am sorry for my inability to reply to the comments on time. Thank you all the readers for encouraging me and motivating me through the comments. This is such a nice moment for me and your positive energy motivates me. Thank you HBB, readers and commentators. Thank you one and all!

    • Patrick

      Motivation is the only thing that comes for free bloggers. Never lose it because though it is free, it is the most valuable factor of commencing any kind of business or earning money through any source. Self motivation can be the best in such a situation as you can very well trust yourself.

    • Mike Reeson

      This is such great advice! I just started writing my own blog, and it can be a bit discouraging at times…this info will definitely help next time I’m down!

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      Cool post. Motivates a lot. I liked the thirukural part really 😉

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      Thanks Chris.

      Nice,interesting and useful POST.It would really help me.

    • Jack

      Failure is your first step to success and this true. Unless a person fails in his task, he does not understand what mistakes he is making and how to improve himself. Yes you are right, regrets should not follow this failure, accepy your failure with open arms and make it change in to success with your hardwork.

    • James

      Thanks for sharing such a motivational blog post and it was quite interesting reading it.I truly agree that failure is a part of success for a blogger and it gives to learn many many more new things.Also it gives us the courage to become even more stronger and bounce back with more zeal and power.

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      Thanks for sharing this motivational blog with us it will inspire many bloggers to do justice to their blog.

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      This post engaged me.

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      My personal experience in internet marketing shows me that failure is a part of success and there isn’t any successful person in this world who didn’t fail at least one time in his life!!

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      Very inspirational post dude, Keep contributing for HBB.

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      Hey Christopher, nice article mate!

      I keep telling this to myself whenever I lose hope that if you motivate others or you appreciate their work then you will get same response in return. It sounds little bit on selfish tone but yeah, it works and it’s the way to blog purely.

      Today I met a blogger whose blog’s more popular than problogger but yet he’s unknown to people, why? coz he never do any effort in promoting himself. And that’s the biggest mistake he’s doing I think. Anyways, it is a long story and also not on topic.

      That tamil part was heart touching and was unique. Good luck!

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