Make More Money From Your Site With Infolinks

Did you ever think about how to better monetize your site? Whether you have a business website or a fun blog, you can easily earn much more from your content. How? It’s pretty simple actually. Enter Infolinks.

Making Money From Your Site With Infolinks

Infolinks is an online advertising platform aiming to give value to all three ends of the advertising chain: the publisher, the advertiser and the user. Our smart algorithm scans your website’s content and delivers ads that match what you’ve written about. Think about it – a relevant ad, perfectly placed and timed.

Our Network

With more than 125,000 websites in 128 different countries around the world, Infolinks is the third largest publisher network in the world. Our publishers come in all shapes and sizes; from large scale news sites and publishing groups to viral video blogs and personal hobby sites. The beauty is, that Infolinks has no minimum traffic threshold!

Make Money With Infolinks

Why Choose Infolinks?

360 degree solution: Monetize all of your global traffic on any platform with our wide range of advanced ad units. Mix and match our different products to create your own tailored made 360 degree monetization solution.

Intent triggered: Our smart algorithm determines user intent based on search terms, content, and user behavior in real time. This technology helps us serve the most relevant ads to what users are looking for at that exact moment.

New revenue stream: Utilizing your website’s unused ad space, our non-traditional ad units create a new revenue stream that works seamlessly with all of your current standard display advertising solutions.

Our Products

InText: scans through your content in order to match the most relevant ads to the most valuable keywords, reaching users when they’re most engaged.

InTag: Takes the context of your posts and places the most relevant and high paying keywords an ad unit that’s highly customizable.

InFold: Takes advantage of the power of search and display, delivering ads on a wider scale of traffic.

InFold not only predicts user intent, it delivers the right ads in a unique location right above the fold.

InFrame: Provides a solution by monetizing the margins of unused real estate with static ad units. These attractive display banners present relevant and perfectly timed ads.

So what do you say? Signing up is free, there’s nothing to lose! Go ahead and sign up to Infolinks and start earning more money from your site in no time.

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  1. thanks for the information. can we add infolinks and adsense at same website? i mean 1 website with two monetizing platforms


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