5 Magical Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block Which You Will Love

Are you in a situation on which you can’t write a single article or blog post? Or is it that the surrounding which is not allowing you to think of a topic to write about? If yes, I’m really sad to let you know that you are now in the Writer’s Block. It’s that awful situation when a writer is being blocked from writing a descent or unique content and when he/she can’t produce content in quantity.

It’s really a damn situation which you don’t want to be. I just burst through the wall of this block 5 minutes ago and I was being haunted by Writer’s Block for the past 30 days. But thanks to Ryan Biddulph who is a blogger, content developer and awesome writer, I was able to recover from the paralyzed situation. He is an author on my blog  where I write about Blogging Tips and Internet marketing and he really helped me with his precious time and an article he published on my blog about it.

So, now let’s dive in and fix your problems. Shall we?

Blocked Writer
That Epic moment when you got nothing to write about

Take a Rest and Relax

Well, it’s something you should always do when you are exhausted and tired of doing something over and over. Writer’s Block might have hit you because of your continues writing without a rest. So have some.

Try to relax, take a deep breath and try making your bind blank for sometime. Just looking at the blank screen without any thoughts may help you sometimes.

Brainstorming is also worth doing. It’s a powerful process of ex your brain and getting ready for some action. Just Google up for the term “Brainstorming” to learn more about it.
Going out for a walk or hanging out a bit with your friends might help too. Tell me about it at the commenting section.

Hear Good Songs

Music? What does it got to do with writing. Yes it does helps you to boost up your mind to do more and do well. If you are lost or feeling blank, hearing some strong songs might be the answer to bring up the mood.

Always select songs that inspired you or remember your favorite songs. I think you must go for songs from Owl City. Have you heard the song “Fireflies” by them? If you haven’t, you must!!

Read more and more

Lack of knowledge to write about is some other obstacle which blocks you from writing. How can you write when you are not having information about something?

So make up a habit of reading more great articles to improve your knowledge and writing skills. Try to make a list of blogs which can give you some awesome and informative content to read. Read more often from them..

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Get Inspired

This is one sure thing that works each and every time. When you want to have success and you are being blocked, why don’t you think get inspired by some of those who touched the line of success?
Try to think about their hard work, way of fighting obstacles and the position they are in now. Think of all those good things you can gain when you kick away your laziness and act smart.
Reading inspirational stories and interviews of great people who admires you is the best way to get inspired. This will give you an extra charge to your battery. Trust me on this one 🙂

Read the Interview of Atul Shedage from Defencely.com to get a bit inspired.

Now Take the Leap of Faith.

If you are good to go by getting your brain recharged, it’s time to reveal and a top secret to you. Even the FBI don’t know about it 😀 .

If you just have an idea on what to write ( no problem if you don’t have the whole content ), you can actually complete the article without compromising the quality with this little but great secret.

Leap of Faith
Change Requires a leap of Faith

Try writing the Title/Headline of the article and start with 1 or 2 sentence. After you have took the leap by starting this bit, you can now successfully start writing. You will owe me once you try it. So go for the kill now. Good luck 🙂

26 thoughts on “5 Magical Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block Which You Will Love”

  1. Good point, very simple tips but in fact they really work. You can add some creativity to your everyday routine.

  2. Hey Amal,

    From all the tips that you just gave above, I think the most import is that to take a rest. It’s better that way than driving your attention by doing something like listening music and stuff. I usually sleep so that my mind will be relax and feel fresh again. I just need to set up an alarm to wake up and continue to write though. In that way, I won’t feel any headache or writers block though.

  3. As you mentioned Alam, writers block is very much a common phenomenon. And this too is true that you need to think from different angles to get back to the writing mood. Taking a break is the most helpful way to get out of writers block.

  4. I find just reading blog posts and then following others blogs via the comments on those blogs can have you reading and buzzing with information, fairly quickly. I also have a lot of RSS feeds I subscribe to, which make it super easy to find ideas.

    Beth 🙂

    • Hey Beth,
      That’s a fair Idea. Following so much feeds. Thanks for adding up. And Yep, reading helps. 🙂

  5. Seriously, it is the most terrible phase. I remember when the first time I experienced writer’s block, I thought I couldn’t write anymore.
    The leap of faith tip is great, never heard of it before! Thanks.

    • It’s really an exhausting moment. Right? 🙂
      Hope you go for the leap with these tips next time 🙂 Good luck.

  6. wow!, Amal Rafeeq really nice to read your article. I really like the tips you had given. listening music is really help us to fresh up our mind and helps to come up with new idea’s. great job man….I enjoyed reading your post.

  7. I liked the way you explained about solutions buddy, Hearing to music is most successful way to overcome from writers block.

  8. The early morning writing has worked for me. I’m afraid the last one, drinking half glass of water, would wake me up.

  9. I believe in taking a pause and taking on to the riter’s block head on. I gues even writer’s block has a potential break down, once crossed, the writer can go on writing again. After all its the creativity that should win at the end.

  10. No one is exempt from writers block. Taking time out to relax and not force the flow is a good way to solve it. I usually take a small trip somewhere to get out from my comfort zone and freshen up.

    • Saying yourself that “No one” makes you No One Denzil 🙂 You gotta understand it. If you give it a try, you can burst through the wall.
      After all, these are magical tricks 😀 ! Just kidding. Good luck 🙂

  11. I hit this block most of the time and I overcome it by hearing some of my favorite songs. Also your last tip “Try writing the Title/Headline of the article and start with 1 or 2 sentence” is actually good and works well for me. Great share @Amal Rafeeq

    • Hearing fav songs does not ALWAYS work I think 🙂 Because Writer’s Block usually happens a long way through like 1 to 2 months and no one doesn’t wanna hear 5 or 10 songs again and again. It might get your block little bit harder 😀 ! Just saying 🙂

      And if you take the Leap of Faith and start with the Title and first sentences, you will definitely write the rest of the content. That’s how it works I think. You’re welcome bro. Good luck and thanks a lot for diving in.

  12. Amal Bro,

    Am happy to see you here, it’s good 🙂

    I should say it is an exceptional post and every blogger should read to write better.

    Agreeing all your points and even I too experienced the same. Hope it a helpful article for me, if I meet the same writing problem in the future.

    Get inspired is the great thing which would let you to write more. Also lack of knowledge is a big problem which makes the bloggers to stop writing. Continuous reading is the best solution to evade this.

    I used to read more and never write unknown stuffs 🙂

    Thanks for presenting a good post for your readers and am pleased with Pradeep for accepting this.

    • Hi Nirmala mam,
      Ow Boy! I’m glad to see you commenting here too. Yeps , this is the formula. Reading = 2 * Productivity.

      But continues reading can sometimes get your bored. Do something that boost your mind like hanging out with friends, watching movies also work. After all, Taking the Leap of Faith is the best way to burst through the Block.

    • You are right Samantha. Reading more helps, but you also gotta be fully charged to take the Leap of Faith.


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