5 Magical Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block Which You Will Love

Are you in a situation on which you can’t write a single article or blog post? Or is it that the surrounding which is not allowing you to think of a topic to write about? If yes, I’m really sad to let you know that you are now in the Writer’s Block. It’s that awful situation when a writer is being blocked from writing a descent or unique content and when he/she can’t produce content in quantity.

It’s really a damn situation which you don’t want to be. I just burst through the wall of this block 5 minutes ago and I was being haunted by Writer’s Block for the past 30 days. But thanks to Ryan Biddulph who is a blogger, content developer and awesome writer, I was able to recover from the paralyzed situation. He is an author on my blog  where I write about Blogging Tips and Internet marketing and he really helped me with his precious time and an article he published on my blog about it.

So, now let’s dive in and fix your problems. Shall we?

Blocked Writer
That Epic moment when you got nothing to write about

Take a Rest and Relax

Well, it’s something you should always do when you are exhausted and tired of doing something over and over. Writer’s Block might have hit you because of your continues writing without a rest. So have some.

Try to relax, take a deep breath and try making your bind blank for sometime. Just looking at the blank screen without any thoughts may help you sometimes.

Brainstorming is also worth doing. It’s a powerful process of ex your brain and getting ready for some action. Just Google up for the term “Brainstorming” to learn more about it.
Going out for a walk or hanging out a bit with your friends might help too. Tell me about it at the commenting section.

Hear Good Songs

Music? What does it got to do with writing. Yes it does helps you to boost up your mind to do more and do well. If you are lost or feeling blank, hearing some strong songs might be the answer to bring up the mood.

Always select songs that inspired you or remember your favorite songs. I think you must go for songs from Owl City. Have you heard the song “Fireflies” by them? If you haven’t, you must!!

Read more and more

Lack of knowledge to write about is some other obstacle which blocks you from writing. How can you write when you are not having information about something?

So make up a habit of reading more great articles to improve your knowledge and writing skills. Try to make a list of blogs which can give you some awesome and informative content to read. Read more often from them..

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Get Inspired

This is one sure thing that works each and every time. When you want to have success and you are being blocked, why don’t you think get inspired by some of those who touched the line of success?
Try to think about their hard work, way of fighting obstacles and the position they are in now. Think of all those good things you can gain when you kick away your laziness and act smart.
Reading inspirational stories and interviews of great people who admires you is the best way to get inspired. This will give you an extra charge to your battery. Trust me on this one 🙂

Read the Interview of Atul Shedage from Defencely.com to get a bit inspired.

Now Take the Leap of Faith.

If you are good to go by getting your brain recharged, it’s time to reveal and a top secret to you. Even the FBI don’t know about it 😀 .

If you just have an idea on what to write ( no problem if you don’t have the whole content ), you can actually complete the article without compromising the quality with this little but great secret.

Leap of Faith
Change Requires a leap of Faith

Try writing the Title/Headline of the article and start with 1 or 2 sentence. After you have took the leap by starting this bit, you can now successfully start writing. You will owe me once you try it. So go for the kill now. Good luck 🙂

Are You Tired Of Writing? 7 Tips To Overcome That!

write when you're tiredThere are many people around the web who makes their living by writing and I’m another proud one among them. Sometimes I feel writing has been torturing me and I don’t feel like writing at all. I’m also a busy human like others, I do have my personal life and when I come home ending up a busy day, nothing concerns me more than a good sleep.

I heard people often saying, “When you’re tired, you must have rest. Don’t write until you start feeling better”. Everyone is ready to give a useless advice when others are struggling with something. They don’t understand how pressure a writer feel when he has some work to do and he don’t feel like doing.

I feel being tired is no less than a writers’ block. All the time, I’ve been working for my paid writings, personal writings and managing my personal life (home, family, friends, bla-bla…) and it’s quite difficult for me to get back into my shorts and sit in front of my computers for few more hours. Whenever I feel so, I turn complicated things into simple ones.

1. Save Heavy Parts for the next day

Writing for web isn’t just a bunch of words, clients expect an SEO friendly, optimized, keyword rich in my article and I must satisfy theirs’. So to make your writing easier at such odd times, flag those parts which you feel difficult as To Do’s for the next day.

2. Dig out the project of fun

Some of technical writings are serious by nature and work, while some others are fun to do. Suppose if you are going to publish an e-book or tutorial, you can work with the multimedia tools rather than editing your copyright and disclaimer.

3. Complete all the simple stuff

This part is followed by the previous one. When you’ve saved all the tough tasks for the next day, you’re directly meant to complete the remaining simple parts on that very day.

4. Watch Your Intakes

I often see people, who feel & put themselves in a writers’ block condition. Even they change their food habits at such conditions. But I suggest you to take a small lunch and please don’t take too much coffee. The carbohydrates and caffeine in that can definitely affect your energy levels. Also drinking water regularly will help you to blog better.

5. Take a Walk

When you don’t feel like writing at all, take a walk and have some fresh air to get your blood flowing and clear your brain.

6.Grab Your Headphones

Most of the people motivate themselves with music and so I. Put on your headphones and listen to your favorite numbers. You can also do this while writing. Personally, I am a great fan of Taylor Swift and I usually write hearing to her latest albums. If you have a Dropbox account, you can upload your favorite files there and play music from your Dropbox account or you can download some awesome MP3 Songs from Grooveshark.

7. Still Can’t Work? Take a leave

If none of these works for you, then you should better take a leave or a short-term vacation. If you don’t have enough time to go out for a vacation, you can at least do refreshing things of your type like I go for bike riding, golf course or watch a movie.

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This article is written by Koundeenya Dhulipalla. He is the owner of Ink Drops. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.