How To Lookup An Unknown Phone Number

Tracing a phone call used to mean hanging on the phone long enough to trace the call. Fast forward to today and tracing a call is easier than ever if you know what to do. You don’t need to be a private detective or a Rocket Scientist to figure this out; all you need is to do is continue reading this informative article, and you’ll know how to trace any phone number in no time.

Let’s begin with the basics…

If someone calls from an unknown number the first thing you should do is obvious…don’t’ answer the phone. Next; write down the phone number for your records. Lastly; use Reverse Phone Lookup to find the callers name. You can also do a background check if you wish to find out more regarding the person on the other end of the line. Information such as location, history, social media profiles, and criminal backgrounds can be revealed once you know the person’s name and/or phone number.

Unknown Phone Callers

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Answer Unidentified Phone Calls

It happens all the time-those unwanted phone calls we receive from unknown callers. Sometimes were curious and end up answering the call anyway; even if we don’t know who is calling us. Most of the time it’s simply a wrong number and ends up being no big deal. So…why should you be hesitant about picking up the phone in the first place?

The truth is that scam calls today are more frequent as scam artists try to take advantage of innocent victims every day.

Once you pick up the phone; if there’s’ a telemarketer or salesperson on the other end; your line will become open target tor these pesky callers, and they will keep calling you.

It’s a sick world out there, and this means anyone is open game for predators as well. If they know your phone number; chances are they know your name…leaving you as an open target to become their next victim.

For those who have become victims of abuse; many times their partner refuses to leave them be. Stalking is quite common when the partner refuses to leave the relationship. For this reason, if you’re experiencing this type of difficulty in your life, it may not be a good idea to pick up the phone if it’s an unrecognized phone number.

Now…this isn’t to say that the unrecognized phone number is coming from someone wishing to harass you or cause harm. However; you need to realize that you live in a day and age where more and more people are figuring out how to find you. With this said; if these people don’t have good intentions and mean you harm; this also means they can locate you at any given moment.

Spam Callers And Harassers Have Tricks Up Their Sleeves

It may be a situation where an EX partner is experiencing a huge dose of obsession; therefore living in a total fantasy world and thus…blowing up your phone to the point where you want to change your phone number. On the other hand; perhaps you’re going through a difficult time and want to keep those pesky creditors at bay. When has the line been drawn from a few pesky calls to outright harassment?

When you receive calls several times a day every day of the week from the same company.
When the person on the other of the phone is calling you all hours into the wee hours of the morning; thus…waking you up!

What’s even more disturbing is that you just looked up up the unknown phone number and the next day that same company calls AGAIN…with a totally different phone number. This is what is happening with spam callers and telemarketers today. They quickly change their numbers, only to keep calling and harassing you.

Another trick that robocallers use is to dupe US area codes so they can trick you into thinking they are calling from the US. Be on the look-out for area codes that don’t look familiar. Watch out for toll-free area codes such as 800, 866, 877, 888, and 855. These area codes can usually be traced to sales calls and telemarketers.

How to Look-up An Unidentified Caller…

If the unidentified caller is a mystery, there are ways you can find out who the other person is on the other end of the phone line. One easy method is through social media. Facebook is one way you can find out by looking through all the numbers under your contacts. The only thing that may stand in the way is that some people have disabled this feature in their privacy settings.

The next method for searching for the unidentified caller is by using a Reverse Phone Lookup. There are many Reverse phone Lookup sites on the internet, and most are free. Just enter the number, and in no time the identity of the caller will be revealed. You’ll also find out more information regarding the individual, such as their cellular network, location, social media profiles, and even criminal history.

How Can using Reverse Phone Lookup Help You?

Your search results may prove to be successful as their location can be revealed. Other details you may not know about the individual may also be uncovered. You may even find out they are on the sex offenders registry or committed a violent act.

Using Reverse Phone Lookup can also reveal if the caller is legit. This will protect you from becoming a victim of fraud. If you are suspicious, always report fraudulent phone calls for your protection. Scammers are always on the prowl looking for new ways to make you the next victim of their fraudulent activities.

Let’s take a look at social media; Facebook in particular. If you decide to look someone up on Facebook, they will keep a record of that and may suggest they add you as a friend. This could set the whole ball rolling for unwanted predators who have nothing better to do but harass you.

Now that you’ve acquired a name behind the call, you can find out just about anything you need to about the person who made the call. Perhaps it was just an old pal wanting to touch base with you. It’s best to find out who is calling you because many scammers and predators are looking for their next victim, and that could be YOU!

If you are using your android…

There are apps you can download directly onto your phone so that you can identify unwanted callers. Your cell phone carrier may also provide a caller ID service for a minimal fee or FREE. Most androids have an option to block any unwanted calls. The best advice is not to answer any calls from unknown callers, to begin with. This will save you headaches in the long run.

Its best to be safe and your privacy should be the most important factor when receiving phone calls from unidentified sources. More and more telemarketers and scammers are learning new tricks to convince you to make a purchase, or fall prey to their next new scam. Numbers can be changed at the drop of the hat so won’t recognize the same phone number that dialed you the previous day.

For the love of telemarketers…or NOT!

How To Lookup An Unknown Phone Number

Lastly…here’s one good reason for tracing a phone number. Pesky telemarketers are relentless! IF YOU PICK UP THE PHONE, they will continue to call you. Even worse; if you say hello, they will never give up at trying to sell you whatever it is they’re selling. Also; be careful what you sign up for online or those attractive free trials. Any information you enter (especially your phone number) means you will receive phone calls on the regular. Who needs to be harassed from salespeople and telemarketers? You have better things to do with your time than to try and keep these nettlesome individuals from annoying you. Take the time to protect yourself and know your rights. You have the right to privacy and certainly, don’t need to waste your time with vexing phone calls.

So…don’t answer calls if you don’t recognize the phone number. If you’re curious; try the suggestions previously mentioned to find out who the culprit is on the other end of the line. If you are fortunate enough, it may just be a blast from the past trying to catch up with you. The unknown caller could also be a friend who recently had their number changed. However; if this is the case, they will usually text to inform you their number has changed.

Technology is changing every day as scammers, and phone predators are finding new ways to make you the next victim. They are becoming more creative and clever at their attempts to reach you via the phone. Stay on top of things and be aware, so you don’t fall prey to their unscrupulous schemes.

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