How To Link Your Facebook Profile Picture & Cover Picture Together

How To Link Your Facebook Profile Picture & Cover Picture Together

One of the coolest things that people are doing with their Facebook timeline cover photos is integrating them together with their profile picture, which is partially inset into the cover photo. There are a lot of cool ways to do this, some of them a lot more creative than others. Depending upon the feel that you are going for, this can be a really cool trick to use to draw some attention toward your timeline and keep users on your page.

The time that it takes to properly design an integrated Facebook timeline cover photo and profile photo is worth the effort. Below are some tips on how to match them up the most effectively.


Proper Size

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you are making images of the proper size. The cover photo should be 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels high. The profile photo should be 120 pixels by 120 pixels. From there, you need to line them up properly which is going to take some trial and error. It’s a good idea to start with an image that is about 911 pixels high, which should give you enough extra space to play with in order to integrate the profile picture. You can then cut out a 120 by 120 pixel space in the proper location and upload it separately from the matching 851 by 315 pixel image.

How To Link Your Facebook Profile Picture & Cover Picture Together

It is going to take some trial and error to get them to line up properly, but once you do you will have a really powerful integration of your images on Facebook. This should keep visitors coming back and draw their attention toward the information on your Facebook timeline for a few extra seconds. Sometimes that is all it takes to hook them in.


Make Sure the Colors and Lighting Match

If you are creating an image and combining it, it is important to make sure that all of the colors and lighting match. This is a bit easier when you are creating it from scratch, as you can simply use your design software to pick all of the same colors. If you are taking two separate photographs and combining them, you will either need to do some color matching or make sure that they are taken in the same place and in the same lighting. If not, you might have your work cut out for you in adjusting the color saturation, brightness, lighting and contrast

If they are off by a little bit, then the image and combination could lose its impact since the fact that they were taken separately will be too obvious to hide.


Take Advantage of Tools

There are actually tools available online that will help you crop images down to the perfect size, so they can make the process a lot easier for those who are not particularly inclined to use Photoshop or similar software for extensive design work.

Taking advantage of these types of software, apps and tools can just make your life a lot easier while helping you to get a professional looking cover photo set up when it is all said and done.


Use Online Tools to Create Covers

You can also use online tools such as to create your own facebook timeline covers. 


If Nothing Else, Match

If you can’t integrate two photos, at least make sure that the ones that you do use take advantage of the same colors and styling. This will at least make them match and help the design to look a little bit more cohesive. That will give you a professional feel on your timeline page.

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  2. I always wanted to make my facebook profile looks unique to my visitors by giving it a look like profile picture and timeline cover are linked togeather, will do it very soon, thanks for your tips.

  3. When you talk about professional usage of social media sites like, facebook, twitter and google plus. There are lot of things to keep in mind, in facebook first of all the most important thing is facebook cover, it should be very creative, informative and well designed. Then you profile picture is very important if you are using it for personal usage then it should be your company logo or name. To get good response from social media sites it is very important to make a perfect social media campaign.

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