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5 Sure Ways To Keep Your Blog Active & Consistent


Keep Blog Active

So, you have started blogging and blogging for quite some time. Everything is turning to your favour and you get a complacent attitude. Or you reached a point where you find yourself difficult to think what to write next.

Finding yourself familiar in this situation? Yes, everyone faces this. No matter if you are a newbie blogger or pro, at one point you have to experience this so called ‘Writer’s Block’. There are various posts that can help to you overcome this writer’s block and think of the ways to find ideas for your next article.

But here I share with you few points that you duplicate and follow so that your blog remains consistent.

Stick to Updates: 

I always used to wonder how many blogs keep updating their blog regularly when I am stuck in what-to-write-next syndrome. Then after some analysis, I can find that these people, apart from writing their mind also writes updates in the industry. They never miss any crucial updates as they never get a chance to write about it once again. Updates don’t happen often.

For instance, take HellboundBloggers, you can see any update regarding technology in this blog. It gives you the latest news that happen in the industry. So, on seeing this, I swore myself to stick to updates and to blog about it anytime possible.

Tip: Use Google Alerts for finding newer updates.

Multi-Authoring or Guest Blogging:

Everyone starts with only one author or two for a blog but when you emerge as one of the leading blogs in blogosphere chances are that you get more guest bloggers in your blog and also people will show interest in regularly authoring your blog. Having multiple authors in your blog can help you to increase your blog’s consistency.

Apart from that, new authors means new views. People always don’t think in the same way you do. So for a same news, each author can blog differently thereby you can blog the best of those. Having different views over a same topic can sometime help you to give two or more articles on same topic.

Once again, take HellBound Bloggers for example. I’m following HBB since I started Blogging. In fact, it is the inspirational blog for me. The Alexa rank of the blog when I came to know about it was 35K. Now the rank has moved around 16K I guess. One of the reasons, I can see is that Pradeep encouraged more Guest Blogging in his blog.

Tip: Adsense Revenue sharing plugins can help you to encourage Guest blogging. Find how some of the adsense revenue plugins can help you to get more guest bloggers.

Share your experiences:

So you tried to get some updates from the industry but them are up to the mark to write, or you are less able to attract guest authors in your blog. Now the responsibility lies with you to keep the blog active. But still you are not able to come with a idea for list post or tutorials. In such times you can always rely on your past and your experience.

Experience always helps you at any point of time. You can come up with a article on your past regarding blogging,share your experiences when you experienced something terrible, or some mistakes you committed and how it could have been avoided etc..,For example, you can write a post why you started blogging or why you thought Guest Blogging is better than blog commenting.

People always tend to write more when they write about themselves. But make sure the points you mentioned should be as guidance rather than speaking more of yourself. Keep it balanced and brief.

Broaden your niche:

People always say that niche blogging is very good and working. For those who don’t know what does it actually mean, Niche is a specific industry or domain you are blogging about. If you ask yourselves, what am I blogging about, the answer is the niche. But make sure you shouldn’t blog about various niches. Blogging about Food, Technology, Travel and Photography in a same blog will not work out.

But its not wrong to broaden your niche. Let us say , you blog about giving some tips and guidance to beginners, then you can expand it to something related like theme customizations, hosting. Because anyone who starts blogging should know about these too. Think how you can expand your niche based on what you are blogging about and write some articles on those areas.

Talk to People:

Alright, so you have tried all the above. Shared your experiences as possible as you can and you can find yourselves coming back to the same place of what-to-write-next. What are you supposed to write?

In these scenarios, you can always talk to other people communicate through IM or emails and share your thoughts on these. They must have come across all these and should have a better solution always. Blogging is no secret. Its always showing what you know to others and learning new things. You always fall in any of the category.

So never hesitate to ask people about any things and learn something whenever its possible. I have shared some of my experiences here. Let us know in comments if I have missed something or if you should add more.


Hi I am Senthil Ramesh, who blog at NoviceBloggers. The blog deals with blogging tips, tutorials and other tech updates. You can also learn SEO tips there. If you would like to write guest articles in the blog, find the guidelines here.

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    • jessi

      thanx ramesh, this will help alot to me ,a new blogger like me,,,

      i would request you to write something about autoposting,is it beneficial??

    • Mike

      I have had lots of problems with updating my blog with new posts. And the reason is not lazyness or something like that. The problem is that I chose a pretty small niche so it is really hard to provide new information since the niche is advancing really slow. This is a thing to avoid in future projects.

    • Tej kohli

      Great tips…i hope it helps my blog gain some visibility on google.

    • Jose Tinto

      5 Good tips.. I am very much agree with the broaden the niche part.

    • Abhimanyu

      really informative post for the youngsters

    • Biodun | UK Webmaster Forum

      Good post, a regular update turns readers to “Loyal Readers”

    • Prabhu

      I felt it is very short….still it covers only the valid points…great !

    • Praveen-Techperk

      i love the last point 🙂 nice write up

    • wordgeist

      The Adsense Revenue sharing plugins is a great way to have guest to write a post

    • Rohit | Ipod Touch 4G

      great post…Guest blogging is the best way to keep the blog active..but only applicable wen blog already receives a good amount of traffic…

    • Whiztechy

      Nice points Senthil, every blogger face problem in making blog active at one point of time, staying updated becomes a great help when it comes to consistency and guest blogging is another key to promote your blog as well as make it active.

    • Luis

      This is a great break down on how to keep your blog active.

    • Karan Labra

      Well I keep a track of what is going on in my niche, and create posts according to the latest popular topics.

    • Thiru

      Great ideas, Active blog only can get more visitors and success in blogging industry.

    • Vinayak Nagri

      Really awesome tips, would help me in blogging better.
      Thanks for this post

    • Samuel

      Awesome pos bro! Yeah, i agree with all your points man. Sharing your experience works fine. Keep up the good work.

    • Santel

      Thank for sharing this, I am promoting guest post and find more writers for my blog, I hope this would help to keep my blog more actives,

    • Gabriele Maidecchi

      You can blog just if you have something to say, to share with the world. By reading a lot, you will never run out of content, that’s my personal belief.
      I read an awful lot, and this, mixed with my business experiences, allow me to have something to say and plan around in advance on my own blog.
      So, in addition to your tips, I can suggest to read, read, read. Books, blogs, news websites, anything you can get your hands on, and not just from your niche.

    • Mani Viswanathan

      Guest Blogging is really useful at times when we are out on a holiday or remain busy for a long period of time.

      • Senthil Ramesh

        Of course. But it needs a reader base and good traffic so that you can leave your blog to some good authors while you go for vacation.

    • Kaddu

      Liked the overall article… good depth in 5 points. Only 5, but perfectly covered. They don’t give too much information download for the reader at one go.

      Just one point I would like to add regarding the statement: “Blogging about Food, Technology, Travel and Photography in a same blog will not work out.”

      I don’t agree with this in a generic way. It might not work if you’re targeting to make money from direct advertising on that blog. However, blogging is not limited to just that only. There are many other uses for blogs.

      I wish you guys would stop assuming people blog for this sole reason alone. Or at least mention it in your write-up that this point is applicable for such bloggers.

      • Senthil Ramesh

        But that happens once in a while buddy. And just tell me can u get a steady audience base if you blog about everything?

        • Kaddu

          As a matter of fact, yes. Check out https://www.google.com/accounts/ServiceLogin?service=blogger&continue=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.blogger.com%2Floginz%3Fd%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fwww.blogger.com%252Fblogin.g%253FblogspotURL%253Dhttp%25253A%25252F%25252Flounge.kadzilla.com%25252F%2526zx%253D1twe9qof600b8&passive=true&alinsu=1&aplinsu=1&alwf=true&skipvpage=true&rm=false&showra=1&fpui=2&naui=8
          Just 3 months old, and a steadily growing reader base, even though I do practically nil publicity — like adding new frnds on FB regularly, using twitter, organizing contests, etc… haven't done any of these so far.

    • www.ThePankajGupta.Com

      Yes, First we should write one article atleast daily and then once you have start getting good traffic then you can open guest blogging and it will surely help. Thanks for sharing it.

      • Senthil Ramesh

        Of course buddy. May be the point #1 can help you in the technique of "Writing one post daily"

        P.S: Thank you Pradeep for publishing my article.

      • Iphone 4 Jailbreak

        when you ask me about my solution for what to write syndrome , i usually draft posts , ideas , so that i can write them later

        • Senthil Ramesh

          That looks like a good one buddy. I always research for things and start writing. may be this can help.

          Thanks Sourish.

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