Junglee Rummy – India’s Most Trusted Rummy Site

With cheap internet data and affordable mobile devices available in the market, people are spending a lot of time playing online games for productive entertainment. 

Junglee Rummy – India’s Most Trusted Rummy Site

Statistics show that in terms of the numbers of users, India has been one of the five largest mobile gaming markets worldwide since 2019. In FY 2019, India’s online gaming industry was valued at 6,200 crores with about 300 million players. That’s an astounding number of people who trust online games to provide them with healthy entertainment. 

It is interesting that in India the cost of mobile internet data per GB is currently approximately Rs. 3 only. That is one of the reasons that skill games such as rummy have been witnessing a high growth rate over the past few years.

Junglee Games: Its Inception and Growth

One skill games company that has had enormous success in India’s gaming market is Junglee Games, the developer of Junglee Rummy. 

Junglee Rummy was founded in San Francisco in 2012 by Ankush Gera. Gera also founded a multimedia advertisement company called Monsoon back in 2001 before plunging into the world of online gaming. Junglee Games launched Junglee Rummy as its first major title in 2012, at a time when online mobile games were only starting to emerge and skill games had little or no presence in the market. Junglee Rummy became a huge hit right from its start.

Junglee Games arrived at a time when things were still unclear in the Indian online gaming space. There is still a ban on gambling in the country, but playing skill games such as rummy for both cash and free is legal and permitted as the Supreme Court of India has stated in its ruling that playing skill games like rummy is business activity and it is perfectly legal. The government also levies income tax on big cash winnings in skill games like online rummy. 

The Present State of Affairs

Junglee Games has released four games so far: Junglee Rummy, Teen Patti, Eatme.io, and Howzat. However, 90% of the company’s overall revenue comes from its skill game Junglee Rummy, which has over 10 million registered users. The revenue is generated through the large number of cash games and tournaments held on the site/app every day, with users playing at an incredibly low service charge (only charged on winnings) and winning huge cash prizes.

Gera says the best game model depends on the game’s circumstances. It depends on whether it is played as a skill game, social game,  freemium, or microtransaction game, and whether it shows advertisements. 

How Junglee Rummy Enhances Your Gaming Experience

To provide gamers with the most enjoyable gaming experience, Junglee Rummy has many great features like the certified RNG for absolutely fair gaming, several rummy variants, smooth game controls, 3D game tables, royal player avatars, appealing graphics, seamless gameplay, and the fastest withdrawal service in the industry.   

That is why millions of players play on the platform regularly, and the retention rate is very high as players have a great experience on the platform. A large number of new players join Junglee Rummy every day. 

Junglee Rummy provides rummy lovers with an opportunity to win big real cash prizes while having healthy entertainment. Players deposit tiny amounts of money to play cash games and take home big money as winnings. You can easily withdraw your winnings to your bank account anytime. What is interesting about this skill game is that your chances of winning do not depend on your luck or chance, but mainly on your skill. This not only puts users in a healthy gaming environment but also empowers and encourages them to improve their game.


Junglee Rummy constantly enhances its game further and keeps coming up with innovative features to take the players’ experience to the next level. It ensures that players’ personal information and money remain 100% safe on the platform. All online transactions on the platform are absolutely safe and secure and your user information is kept fully confidential. Only you have control over your account. 

So what are you waiting for? Download the Junglee Rummy app right now and start playing thrilling rummy games and winning cash prizes. Happy gaming! 

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