Is Your Password Hackable? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ask any expert a security tip, I bet the first tip would be ‘keep strong password’. Nothing replaces strong password. You can check this infographic to avoid the most common and dangerous passwords. You can also check Higher Resolution of this infographic.

Passwords Info

If you are using a weak password, I request you to make it strong, check the tips for creating a strong password.

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11 thoughts on “Is Your Password Hackable? [INFOGRAPHIC]”

  1. It's funny looking at how people can be so open to hacks because of the passwords that they have chosen. Some just put their name in their password or maybe their birthdays, which can easily be compromised by others with a little research. We really should put more importance to these things because we can never know when we will get unlucky.

  2. Hello Pradeep

    thanks for sharing nice and useful infographic about the password. Its very useful and hackers who are going to cry.

  3. Many days ago one of my friend told me that there is a Software dictionary exist which is called "Password dictionary". In recent times I learned that this dictionaries are used to crack website accounts.

  4. Nice infographic. Sometimes if we use too complex passwords, we might forget them ourselves later. Haha! So, just keep it simple, something like "abc123" ? 🙂

    • Sure……..we are also worried and instantly adopted these effective tips to set our password strong.of my sites. Thanks mate.


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