Why You Should Have Images On Your Blog Posts

Blog ImagesThe headline of your blog post is extremely important because it is the first thing that a reader looks at in your post. This reason why blogs like Copyblogger have written complete courses on topics like How To Write Magnetic Headlines.

In this way your post’s image is the second most important aspect of your blog post as a reader usually looks at it after reading your headline.

The main job of a good headline and a good image is to delve the reader further in. They both supplement each other. If one remains somehow weak the other one can counter-balance it and can keep the reader interested. Stay up to date with stock image community to find newest stock photos.

Below I have discussed some reasons how important images are in your blog posts.

1. Images can arouse curiosity and hence make people read your posts

The headline didn’t interest me at all but the image did. I’m not saying I like pornography, but I was very much curious to know that what on earth is a naked woman doing on a decent blog like Copyblogger? To find the answer I had to read the entire blog post.

Personally speaking I don’t like such tricks. But it serves as a good example to explain how images can arouse curiosity and convert the browser into a reader. You can think of something better.

2. They can help you create a theme

Some bloggers use only certain special types of images or only certain special types of colours in their images to match the theme of their blog.

One great example of this is ViperChill.com. The blog owner, Glen Allsopp, has used only certain types of white men throughout his blog. This creates a nice theme and makes his blog stand out of the crowd.

The idea is successfully striking a chord with his readers because he has listed the question:
“Where do you get the little white men?” in the list of Frequently Asked Questions.

3. Images help people remember your posts

How many times has it happened to you that you can remember the logo of a particular company but cannot remember its name? Many times. Right? The same is true for me. The human mind tends to remember and recognize images more easily than text material. The said incident is a fitting example of this phenomenon.

Therefore using images in your blog posts will make your posts memorable.

4. Images make the posts user friendly

Sitting before a computer and reading for hours can be very tedious and can cause your eyes and head painful. People who have tried to read a 300 paged book as a PDF know how painful it can be. This is the reason why Kindle uses a special eye friendly technology to enable easy book readability. Reading a lot of text on computer will cause problems. Images will not completely eliminate these problems but will certainly reduce them. Remember images can also help you to generate some traffic if they are optimized.

If you are writing a very long blog post (more than 1500 words or so) then you must use images to save your reader from boredom. Also check these websites for Copyright And Royalty Free Photos for your blog posts.


17 thoughts on “Why You Should Have Images On Your Blog Posts”

  1. In addition to these, large images can also contribute to your organic traffic when end-users tries to search for Images from Google. Google Images results shows large images first for any requests.

  2. yes, totally agree with it.. i am concentrate on potential images of my every post.. cause of that only kick the visitors to read each post, also makes users to unforget our blog.

  3. You are right Pradeep, Images are a great source of inspiration as well as they can help you to grow our blog. A relevant image add value to our article and a bad image even can destroy the whole effort.

  4. Images are very important. Incase I am writing the review of product or writing the specs of product . The single image is worth explaining the fact that how the product is…

  5. I also agree about the "alt" tag value in images. Its keyword Gold. I come across so may images with no alt tags. its a missed opportunity

  6. Yes, images certainly do help people remember posts. And for most bloggers that use the guest blogging strategy, this is crucial and will get you links.

    Also, I'd add that the ALT Text functionality gives bloggers a way to "Sneak a Link" back to their site WITH anchor text. It's a favorite SEO trick.

    Awesome blog, Pradeep. Keep 'em coming 🙂

  7. Another important reason for using images is social sharing. LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and Facebook all pull in images from posts to use as thumbnails. Thumbnails help your link stand out more on those services and can draw people to click.

  8. Images certainly will spice up a blog post, they not only can help to illustrate the content, but can also attract users attention to read further. Good post.

  9. I totally agree with you on this one Kumar. An image is worth a 1000 words. When I just start blogging, I would just write and write. All text, no image or youtube video. When I start to embed images and video into my blogs I see that users were actually reading or watching my video from the comments they post and not just spam.

    It is amazing how an image can draw a person into your blog.

  10. That was a good post indeed, Pradeep. Very insightful and informative. I knew that Images would certainly help in peping up the overall interest on a post in a reader, but didn't know it could work out so well, to this extend. Thanks mate!

  11. Hello Pradeep! Yes indeed images are very useful in a post! They give an advance look on your pages and if the images are with good quality and bright colors the visitors will definitely remember and share the article! Thanks for sharing these great information with us.
    John Mak


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