3 Reasons Local Business Should Use LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn has for a long time had the reputation of being professional networking platform. However, until recently, it in many ...
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3 Simple Tips To Boost Local Business Email Subscriptions

email subscriptions local business
Providing sales related content via email can be a significant piece of a Local Business’ marketing plan, and if it ...
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5 Steps To Create A Video Marketing Strategy For Local Business

Video Marketing Strategy
Based on the recent 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report written by Michael Stelzner and sponsored by Social Media Examiner, ...
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11 Great Resources Every Local Business Should Know About

As a local business owner in California running california llc, it’s critical to have some go-to resources to help you ...
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Defining Hashtags for Local Business

For most local business owners, the term ‘hashtag’ isn’t new to them by any means; yet if you asked many ...
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