Increase Website Traffic With WhatsApp [5+ Simple Tips]

Apart from SEO, we also focus on Social Media for getting quality targeted traffic. I dunno if the same applies for WhatsApp, but I’m pretty sure if we utilize it properly we can get plenty of quality traffic. Also, thanks to WhatsApp web, now people can access their WhatsApp messages via Desktop easily. These days people prefer gb whatsapp download as well. If you want to increase website traffic with WhatsApp plus if you are an active user, then we have some easy basic tips to generate decent traffic out of it. Here we go!

“According to the recent update by Mark Zuckerberg, almost 1 billion people use WhatsApp, so I think this is the right time for us to experiment and make the most out of WhatsApp for our blog traffic.”

Increase Website Traffic With WhatsApp

Just you should know, WhatsApp might not give you the same level of traffic Facebook and Twitter gives. But I sternly believe this popular messaging service’s future is huge, the same reason why Facebook acquired it, so let’s give this a try and make the most out of it. WhatsApp replaced SMS, but who knows, something might be on the way to replace WhatsApp also. The tips we mentioned here are applicable to most of the popular messaging services like Hike, Telegram or even Facebook Messenger as well.

1. Your WhatsApp Status

This is not a perfect or workable tip, but it’s good if you are connected with plenty of people on WhatsApp. You can update a status like “Make Money Online Tips ➜”, or you can share a blog post if you have a short URL, saves space.


Set Up Branded Custom Short Domain URL For Your Website Easily

The links/URLs in the status won’t be clickable, it’ll be in a text format only, so you can avoid this if you don’t want to mess it up. Meanwhile, it’s maybe something better than “Hey there! I am using WhatsApp” status.

WhatsApp Status Update

2. Broadcast Articles

Hope you are familiar with the group SMSing feature (yes, all the awesome forward messages) we used years back? This Broadcast is more or less similar, we’ll be creating a list of people and we can broadcast messages. You just need to share a message in that broadcast group and it’ll be reached to all the members of that group. Broadcast list recipients limit is around 256 as of now.

You can ask your readers whether they are interested in getting your blog post articles as messages every day, if they are okay with that, you can add them to your broadcast list and share the updates.

WhatsApp Broadcast Articles

3. Create A Group For Your Blog

This is another easy way for you to brand your blog and share updates. You can create a WhatsApp group (just like a Facebook group) for your blog. Share interesting stuff, discuss with your readers and also share your blog posts. WhatsApp group limit is 256 members as of now (earlier it was 100). So if you have active readers/members you can easily increase your blog traffic through this.

WhatsApp Group For Your Brand

4. Join Related Groups

Apart from creating your own group you can also join other related groups and share your updates (if the admins & members are okay with it). I think by this you can promote your blog with people who are not familiar with your blog, you can increase your audience base.

Join WhatsApp Groups

5. Add WhatsApp Share Button

Just like a Facebook Like/Share button and a Twitter Tweet button we can also have a WhatsApp share button on our blog (preferably on the mobile version). WhatsApp is obviously the most popular messaging service at the moment, it’s simple and fast, I have personally seen plenty of people sharing various content on WhatsApp, so why not ours? By adding this ‘Share’ button, we can engage our readers to share the content as they read.

WhatsApp Share Option

6. Write About WhatsApp

Why this tip? Well, users from Facebook, if they see articles about ‘Facebook’, then it’ll tempt them to know more. The case won’t be the same for Twitter here. Likewise, if users from Twitter, if they see articles about ‘Twitter’, then it’ll tempt them to know more. The case won’t be the same for Facebook here. This is a basic psychology, and it applies for WhatsApp as well. If we share articles related to WhatsApp, it’ll most probably tempt them to open and know more, take an article like ‘5+ Unknown Tips About WhatsApp”.

If I share this article on Facebook and Twitter, people might open and read, but if I do the same on WhatsApp the conversion will be high. Been there, done that. Utilize this tip if you are running a blog which can cover topics about ‘WhatsApp’, if you are running a Food or Fashion blog, then there is no point and I wouldn’t suggest you to.


You Are Working Hard — But Still No Traffic Towards Your BLOG?

That’s it! These are some common tips which you can easily implement and experiment to see if it makes a difference in your blog/website traffic. Do share with us if you know any other tips/tricks regarding WhatsApp in the comments below.

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  1. Would love to give a try to these things. I hope to see some good positive results. and I just heard that whatsapp is banning people who are promoting links via whats app. Is it true ?

  2. It’s Amazing Man!!! you have suggested an extraordinary way to promote blogs and websites. I love to read these kinds of stuffs with innovative ideas. Nice way to make use of trending app effectively for link building. Keep posting more articles!!!!!!

  3. Ok, I will try whatsApp as you have guided. I have a doubt-will they accept a blog in mother tongue Tamil under the same url? or should I write a separate blog? can I link that separate blog with the registered url blog? or should I get another domain name for the other blog?
    kindly clarify this. Thanks

  4. Thank you so much for the tips bro, Now I can chat and side by side promote my blog posts too in Whatsapp. Very creative thinking I must say.

  5. hhaha really too mch attractive and appreciavle admin you expressed your feelings in your article 🙂

  6. These are really out of the box marketing ideas you’ve penned down here. Never thought of whatsapp as a marketing channel, but after having read this, I’ve got some light bulbs glowing in my head. Thanks for this, Pradeep bro!

  7. Very useful post. Informative and interesting indeed. For the past few days I was trying the same things you mentioned here and it worked. Whatsapp definitely has an enormous ability to pour in traffic.

  8. Helpful tips, but skeptical about the 6th point. It won’t be an evergreen article.
    It will only give temporary rise in traffic and won’t be consistent. Agree?

    • Thank you, but the point is to write (quality articles) about WhatsApp only on relevant blogs. I can’t write about WhatsApp on my movies blog ‘MoviesDrop’ or on any other blog. 🙂

  9. This is a very nice and informative post. Social media is a big tool towards driving traffic to any website and whatsapp is something which is not commonly used to increase traffic.
    Every blogger should learn from this and I think adding Whatsapp share button will work best.


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