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6 Effective Ways To Increase Your RSS Subscribers


Getting the icon for RSS feeds on websites and blogs is no big deal as the user-friendly interface of your blogging platform will aid you in adding RSS icons easily. The task is to keep your readers and regular visitors of your blog under the control so that, they will be able to know the updates on your website and visit it when needed. This is such a useful technique that lends its hand to even a million-dollar business but what is much more difficult is that making the visitors of your blogs to hit the RSS button to make him/her a regular reader, which is equivalent of signing up for your website.

RSS Subscribers

I would not say this as that much hard even as there are certain ways which can help you to increase the subscribers count. Here are some of the main ways to increase the subscribers and of course it will help for your blogging as well.

1. Have Good Enough Sized RSS Icon

Well there is something that you can do to display that your blog or website has the RSS subscription enabled, make the RSS icon (using the HTML) size to a bigger size. This way you will find yourself capturing the visibility of the readers of your website and check on the icon to get into their daily reading board, as and when you update your website. Check this 70+ Resources to get perfect RSS Icon to match your blog’s theme.

2. Place Them Right

It is not good enough that you get a size alone for the RSS subscribe feed icon, but is also necessary that you get the icon placed in the right hand side top position of the web page so that the reader will find it easy to click to subscribe. Some of the positions in the website or blog will include the topmost corner on the right hand side of the page, or in the lowermost region at the end of the article giving the readers the opportunities to subscribe for reading your blog posts regularly.

3. Place them all over the website

When you are placing the RSS icon, see that this icon for subscribing readers to place them all over the website, that is in every page of your website. By this way you will have the readers subscribing in any of your page (he/she may land in any of your page) and once subscribed they will be intimated automatically on any new posts in your blog.

4. Tell your readers

RSS is not a new concept but still you will find many non-tech savvy people visiting your blog so let them know about RSS. By this way it is easy to attract a number of RSS subscribers by introducing them to RSS subscription. You can have a string of text near the icon to explain what is this being kept for and how does it works.

6. Comment with your RSS Feed URL

This is a clever way, I would say. Bloggers do leave comment on other blogs when they come across a good post but they will use their blog URL in the comment details. Let us do a simple tweak here, use your RSS Feed URL when you leave a comment on other blogs. This will be beneficial in 2 ways, the blog owner will subscribe to your feed and the people who leaves comments to the same post that you left will also subscribe to your RSS feed.

6. Subscribe to get more subscribers

Gaining more subscribers to your feeds is like collecting donation for a cause, and you will find that subscribing to read others blogs of similar interests will encourage them to read your blogs. This is one of the best ways to get quality and targeted readers to your blogs. This will definitely bring a number of subscribers so do not miss to try this out.

Definitely these simple ways will teach you the nuances of RSS subscribers!! Comments are really appreciated!!

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This article is written by Rahul. He is a Technology lover and a fitness advocate who is associated with weightlosstriumph.


Rahul is Technology lover and a fitness advocate who is associated with weightlosstriumph. Check out his weight loss blog where he features Medifast savings and nutrisystem discount deals

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    • Udegbunam Chukwudi

      I’ve kinda quit worrying about RSS subscribers as I now want to focus on increasing my facebook traffic thus I now offer free ebooks via my facebook page to those who are my fans and ONLY my fans ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Mark

      I've been wondering, is it every time we (or feed reader) requested the rss, then only we get the latest entry OR as soon as the entry publish, it will broadcast to subscribers and appear on our feed reader?

    • Karan | Wordpress SEO

      Basic but effective tactics.

    • Mani Viswanathan @ DailyBlogging

      I always manually add a link to my RSS Feeds & Email Updates at the end of the post.

    • shyam jos

      for me “we will send you more related article on this topic” working great

    • Lucian Apostol

      I think content is also very important for people to subscribe. If you provide quality info and you stick to the topic you choosed they will subscribed more. They won’t subscribe to read only 1 article they like and 9 off topic articles.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Recently I installled a pop up plugin to show Feedburner Email subscription box and guess what : My subscription has increased by 400%.. Though popup’s are annoying but if used with right settings it can yield great result.

    • Kavya Hari

      First of all, i want to say thanks for Rahul who written this valuable article on here and it would be brilliant path to raising your RSS subscribers on here. Actually, its one of the accurate path to get the quality readers into the blog.

    • Jason@Make Beats

      I like the tip on commenting with your RSS feed URL. I never thought about using my RSS feed URL when I leave a comment on another blog, but I see how this could benefit me.

      Another thing you could do is add your RSS subscribe feed icon at the end of each post on your blog. I have found a lot of success doing this.

      Thanks for the tips Rahul, I will definitely use some of the tips you have shared here.

    • Icechen1

      I don’t know about the use of RSS icons, it’s so overused on websites that readers are desensitized to it now, at least to me.

    • Whiztechy

      If any blogger want to increase subscribers its really important that blog have easily accessible subscribing options that is at proper place and especially at the end of the post. I agree with your tips, nice share.

    • Shiva @ Premiumpress Coupon

      I think you can use Popup plugins like many blogs use to gain more subscribers. For example, Maxblogpress Subscribers Magnet, Popup Domination etc. Never the less some great tips mentioned specially that placing RSS URL in the comment field, wicked eh!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Lynda

      RSS feed is also a good source to call back users on our site in concern of huge traffic. Thanks for putting light on this important issue in a simple way.

    • Pranav | Gadget Lover

      I was searching for a way to increase genuine RSS subscriber to my blog.
      This post will really help me in acomplshing this task ๐Ÿ™‚

    • TanyaLelaki

      Thanks.. I need this tips.. awesome sharing

    • Deepak Eapen

      Really informative post Rahul. I have shared it with my Twitter followers and Facebook fans. Expecting more like this from you.

    • Jane | Find All Answers

      Good post Rahul. RSS is still important though most bloggers overlook its importance and think that email subscriptions only work. Emails are more personal that’s true. But still there are a very good number of people who use RSS.

      Nice that you brought up the important topic.


    • daus

      thanks for sharing bro ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Isha Singh

      great points… i am using some points and is benefited.. will sure use the others tips..

    • aswin

      5th point is excellent
      I laughed like any thing Good one…

      I am dong experiments on this topic … but what I feel is more traffic = more number of RSS subscribers :-).

      • Rohit Batra @ IpodTouch4G

        yes surely more traffic gets you more Subscribers if the user likes your Blog.. but traffic can also be increased without targeted readers so then there is no point of more traffic their… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jasir Javaz T

      this is nice.. i think ur fb fan page is Pass 2000 fans..tats grt.. cngrtsss

    • Pankaj Gupta

      4rth point is really important. Most of the readers don’t know that they can subscribe via RSS so it will help to everyone.

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