How To Brand Your Small Business: 4 Top Tips 

Everybody needs to have a brand these days. From individuals looking to break into a particular field to small businesses. It isn’t just for the likes of Nike and Apple.

Developing a brand is important for a few reasons.

Think of your brand as your reputation. It isn’t just about a logo being identifiable. It’s about using your brand to build up a story of what you’re about. A brand is a quick way to portray what you want others to think about when they see your logo or catchphrase.

How To Brand Your Small Business Top Tips 1

Even by not branding your business, you are branding. The lack of a brand says a lot about you and your business, too.

In this article, I will go over some ways you can get your brand out there and recognized.

1 – Use plenty of swag

People love free stuff. That makes it easy to get your branding into the right hands. You’re not asking anybody to do anything by giving them something for free.

Custom business shirts are one of the best ways to do this as you will have people be walking billboards for your brand and business. 

Don’t just put your business name and info on a shirt. Instead, try to give them something to remember. Using inspirational quotes is a great way to give people a good reason to wear shirts with your business and logo on it. 

On social media, people love to post inspirational quotes to make themselves look good. You can use quotes that resonate with people and also put your brand in a good light.

2 – Define your brand

Understand your market audience. By doing so, you can then tailor your brand around what your customers or clients need to hear and see. 

Your logo, colors, and all other brandings should be consistent with that need. Don’t use comic fonts to portray your business in a serious light, unless your business is a party favor store or something lighthearted. If it is that, then don’t use fonts that look too serious. Everything should give an immediate impression of what your business is all about.

You can only do that by identifying what you want your brand to say about your business and what your clients expect.

3 – Be unique

You can definitely look at big brands to try to understand what it is that makes their brand work so well. But, don’t try to copy what they are doing.

You will be bringing your branding down by copying instead of building it. It’s important for people to associate your brand with your business. If you copy then they will think of another instead.

4 – Use social to solidify the brand

Now you have your brand and understand what your audience expects. Now, find where they like to hang out online and use that platform to reach them. Experts say that it takes seven times for somebody to see your brand to make the association permanent. It’s called the Rule of Seven

Make sure you are getting the brand in front of the right eyes with the right frequency.

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