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15+ Tips To Become A Successful Domain Flipper


Domain flipping is an excellent way for making money online. You can also turn domain flipping into a full time Business if you think or if you are making some huge bucks.

The idea behind domain flipping is to purchase low cost domains and then sell them at a higher price.

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Domain Flipping

#1 – Don’t be afraid of Risks. Well you may ask whether spending 10$ or below for a domain is risky!? But, here I define ‘Risk’ as maintaining 100s of domains and selling them for a better and profitable price. You expect high profit, don’t you?

#2 – Choose a niche that you are familiar with. You can be aware about the unique names if you are an expert in the subject matter which in results in potential flip.

#3 – Spot the best domains out there. Search dozens of domain names every day. Get an idea which domain name will give you profit. Visit GoDaddy Auction, and see the domains in auction and what price they have.

#4 – Follow this order : .com > .net > .org. Of course, it’s obvious. The best domain name extension for site flipping is .com. You really need to brainstorm to discover unregistered .com! πŸ˜› If .com is not available, move on to .net and .org.

#5 – Register expired domain names. Or I would say buy a domain that already has existing PageRank (PR). If you are lucky, it may have good PageRank!

#6 – Have some content on that domain name. Write some high quality posts and drive some traffic to that domain. If your domain is generic, then find the niches that are selling hot right now and prepare the content related to that niche.

If your domain is niche specific, then obviously you should write content related to that niche.

#7 – Be aware of all the latest tech news. Subscribe to all the popular and official blogs. Find the names of latest software, hardware, games, companies, products and so on.

#8 – Have accounts on all the top domain registrars. Yes! Keep it packed! I would recommend GoDaddy and NameCheap for domain names.

#9 – Be aware of discounts and offers. Want to buy a domain for 1$ and sell it for 1000$ or 10K$? Then you must be aware of such discounts and offers. GoDaddy promo codes are my favorite!!

#10 – Memorize & update about the domain extensions. Tonnes of domain extensions available out there and new extensions are releasing now and then. So keep track of everything and memorize all of them.

#11 – Register in Domain auctions sites & community forums. I recommend you to register in all the sites mentioned in this post — “20 Sites To Sell Your Blogs Or Websites”

#12 – Avoid domain names with hyphens. Google recognizes domain names with lots of dashes. They consider them as lacking the authority of domains without dashes. This affects the search engine optimization capabilities of the domain name dearly.

#13 – Don’t be a ‘typosquatter’. Never buy and sell misspelled domain names. It creates problem and you may sell it to a spammer, who may use it for illegal activities like phishing.

#14 – Find Domain Names With Less Characters. Am sure all of you are aware about this tip. Domain names should be ‘short’ and ‘sweet’ unless you really believe it will kick!

#15 – Optimize and increase the rank. Most of the domain buyers care about Pagerank and Alexa rank. So comment on various blogs using that domain link and follow the simple tips to improve the Alexa rank.

#16 – Market to an end user directly. You can directly seek out people or companies that you think will be interested in buying your domain names. Make them to buy your domains. Use some ethics and impress them with your domains stats and traffic rank.

#17 – Park your domains. If you can’t install and maintain a blog/website. You can park it and make money through Google Adsense or from other Ad networks. You can earn the money you used to buy it! πŸ˜›

#18 – Know the market. Understand the latest and evergreen trends in the market. For example, the video game market never slows down, so a domain name like could be great.

#19 – Please be patient, the ball is in your court. Golden rule for becoming a successful domain flipper. You can’t make money overnight through this. You own the domain names, and you may even renew it for 3 years in a row. But you will sell it for 1000$ or more very soon. So please be patient.

Do you have any other tip for us? Please share it in the comments!


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    • Manish

      Thanks for the helpful blog. Would you happen to know any domain broking sites/ broker specific to India. I have a great short India specific domain that I am interested in selling.

    • Tamal Krishna Chandra

      Hi Pradeep, you have really made a pretty informative post here on domain flipping.

      Just wanted to know if you are already flipping domains online to make money. This is one of the best online methods to make profit. But the problem is you need investment and that’s what most people are afraid of.

      I liked the first point the most here. There are risks. Your domains may not even be sold if you don’t buy the right domains and market them effectively.

    • piat

      Knowledgeable report. It is possible to squeeze 200x the value of every domain you sell.

    • Brandon

      Tip #5 is great. Key think to do if you buy an expired domain with page rank is to make sure the page rank is valid. I have seen too many people get burned by fake page rank. Real nice post!

    • fouzan@WPSubscribers Review

      i kinda disagree…misspelled domains works wonders soemtimes πŸ˜›

    • Harry Sehgal

      What if i follow your 19 Tips and don't follow one which is get traffic to the domain. Then can i be able to sell it out at good amount and also list some sites where we can put it for auctions.

    • Harry Sehgal

      What are the sites where we can put our Domain Name for Auction. Most of the Sites Require a One Time fees to list our Domain Names for Auction.

    • Dotcosecrets

      Thanks for the tips.
      I think if we want to succeed in this field, 2 things are very important:
      1) Be confident and don’t be afraid of risks.
      2) Be patient. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • ajay kumar

      hi nice information.did you tried it practically or just read it some where…

    • ashwin

      only parking will not help. you got to also promote it in the featured list.

      • Rakesh @ Wizard Journal

        I think whenever you get a chance, you must buy domain names with good keywords, since blogger is very nice domain keyword, registering 3-4 of them could be really good. you can optimize it and earn more.

    • Mathew

      Hi Pradeep,
      i found this post very helpful to me, Tip no. #2, #9, #13 very useful to me, this post will help me Choosing right domain for me

    • Karan Labra

      Well these tips were great..
      But sadly read them after flipping 3 domains in a row for a good profit..
      They could go for me if I had read this post.

      Never mind, now I know how to improve.

    • Mike Ramsey

      Promo codes, it’s something that every domain buyer loves. Though, not all people are taking advantage of these promo codes. Selling of website can be considered as the most easiest ways to earn money, only if you know how to improve and to maintain your website to increase its value.

    • Marijan Sivric

      I have 2 great domains, but I can’t sell them, even for $XXX or less! What should I do? Thanks

    • Icechen1 Tech blog

      Godaddy is running a 99 cent sale right now for the next 2 days. Promo code: godaddy99, hope this helps!

    • Ryan

      The #2 tip on here is probably some of the best advice I’ve heard…always stick to what you know best. I can’t tell you how much money I’ve lost trying to do things that I wasn’t experienced enough in.

    • Tej Kohli

      Many times its happen that while I am going to register a single word domain , then its already booked even word is not English or popular . Its difficult to find a keyword Rich Domain

    • Iphone 4 Jailbreak

      i googled and found a site named flippa . Any heard about that , im concerned about domain transfer , selling etc … getting on SERP is not that toucgh though , with baclinks

    • Iphone 4 Jailbreak

      you didnt tell where and how to selll domains ??

    • R4 Card

      Those are few killer tips. But I would prefer .com>.org>.net as I have seen many .org domains go for a higher price when compared to .net.

      Registering expired domains and redirecting them to your main site is killer tip.

    • Satya Prakash

      I think why someone take such a risk in domain selling. with same risk we can earn more in stock market. at least we will get some price any time. What I can do with domain if no one byes it?

    • Arif Nezami

      Getting a sell-able domain is becoming hard and hard day by day… Mostly als of the good names are already registered.. if you can find a good name that is your good luck…

    • Andreas@online advertising

      In my 12-year online career I have only sold 1 blank domain so far, I think I wouldn’t make a living in this industry.

    • Ganesh Babu

      Buying domain names of expected future products of famous companies may increase the chance of selling the domains for high prices…

    • Alok @Find A Freelancer

      Yes Pradeep,
      This is very old and popular business about domain, and i also have some domains that i have plan to public for sell. Thanks a lot.

    • aatif

      really nice tips , will try this tips .

    • Jaydip Parikh

      I am also having few domains with me which I had not purchased for selling them but specific purpose. Due to some reason I am still not work on that projects. Let me think on this way also. Thx for such a nice post.

    • vikash

      good work pradeep

    • Satya Prakash

      If someone interested to buy this domain then please contact me:

      Contact info can be found from my blog.

    • Mike

      Really helpful tips. Thank you so much πŸ™‚

    • Mani Viswanathan

      Domain Flipping on a large scale is just like buy sell trade. You need to know tht u goona experience either profit or loss. Good tips, would be useful in future.

    • Simrandeep Singh

      This is the most required post for me. I was planning to sell a domain name.

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