How a Tech Obsessed Society Can Actually Use the Internet to Stay Healthy

In today’s world, a large portion of the population spend the majority of their day connected to the internet. Whether the reasons are for work, school, or something else, there are over 4 billion active worldwide users, a number that is steadily rising each year. Since its clear that these statistics are not changing anytime soon, how can a world obsessed with technology use it to their advantage to stay mentally and physically healthy? You may be surprised at these three surefire ways to do so.

How A Tech Obsessed Society Can Actually Use The Internet To Stay Healthy

Sharpening the mind through strategy games

For hard-working professionals who are constantly inundated with hundreds of unanswered emails and countless meetings to attend, the office computer can sometimes represent a beacon of stress and ongoing pressure. It can be hard to concentrate for long hours at the desk with breaks that are normally few and far between. However, you may be surprised to learn that people who work from a PC or laptop have advantageous opportunities for rest and leisure, using the internet to aid in the process.

If you’re not able to leave the office for a break but desperately need one, you can start by taking some personal time and engaging in strategy games online like poker, chess, or sudoku. These types of activities are not only relaxing and entertaining but have also been proven to strengthen the brain and its cognitive functioning over time. In fact, playing poker can even create new neurological pathways, helping the brain to process information more quickly and efficiently.

In addition to this, professional gamers often develop patience, discipline, focus, and concentration following regular gameplay. Similarly, solving puzzles like sudoku has also proven to be highly beneficial for one’s mental health. With many options to play online, taking a ten-minute break that keeps your brain active while promoting relaxation could be the best thing you do for yourself all day.

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The world’s personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts of today often have a strong online presence

Exercising with guided online video workouts

The internet has given society the opportunity to access a world of information at any time and place, so why not use that gift towards strengthening our physical well-being? Nowadays, you don’t even have to leave your office space to get an efficient workout in. Simply prop up your computer on a nearby chair or stool and millions of professional trainers will be happy to guide you in various routines which include free tutorials and step-by-step guides.

There are many advantages to having a digital personal trainer as you control the pace and do not have to rely upon traveling to a gym. What’s more is that you can find inspiration from others through countless blogs that are doing the same thing. Prioritizing daily movement has never been easier and even the busiest of businessmen and women can use the convenience of the internet to give it a try.

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Taking breaks at work to write or read can be another great way to relieve stress

Blog and journal writing

Anyone who uses the internet on a regular basis is aware that the digital environment is full of people utilizing blogs. The web has given people a platform to express their thoughts and opinions on a large scale, and many users have even benefited financially from it. The truth is that expressive writing has actually been linked to improving stress levels, depressive symptoms, and overall mood among others.

Since prioritizing mental health is so important, especially these days, using the internet to start a personal blog that can be a safe haven for self-expression is a great idea. The best part of all is that it requires zero travel, and you don’t have to have a degree in web design as many blog platforms provide free templates. However, as with everything, it’s important to do everything in moderation as cases of “extreme blogging” have been known to cause health problems.

Even if you’ve never thought of yourself as a talented writer, you may find that a daily dose of blogging could light a creative fire within you.

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