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5 Headline Tips That Will Blow Your Reader’s Mind


No matter how decent your content is, if your headline is not catchy then you are losing decent amount of traffic under the table. Only few people know how to write great headlines. But at the same time it is not so hard, even a 14 year old boy can do that. Today I am going to share some “Tried and Tested” Headline tips that will surely go viral in a few minutes. Whether you run a Content writing service or a Logo Designing company, you just need to write great headline to attract clients. Well what if your headline attracts a user on SERP among the top 10 Results. I am pretty sure that you will increase your Business in no time.

Headline tips Photo credit @jjpacres

Ok let me start my tips on writing or making headlines.

1. “Shocking” Headlines

What if you go through a headline that forces you to click, then that should be something incredible right? Shocking Headlines works incredible. People more likely to read some shocking information. Whether it is good or bad, but should be something shocking.


  • Shocking truth of [Any Name]
  • 10 Most shocking truth of Google you won’t believe
  • 101 Shocking ways to get clients

These Headlines will surely grab attention of your readers as soon as they see the title.

2. 11 “Secrets” [Name] Won’t tell You

This is another great catchy headline sample. This type of headline attract visitors who need some secret of any famous people or company. You can make use of any famous personality secrets for this.


  • 9 Marketing Secrets Coca-cola won’t tell you
  • 16 Windows 8 Hacks Microsoft won’t tell you
  • 101 Money making tips Gurus won’t tell you

3. “Get Rid of” headlines

This is again the best headline type which always worked for me, because people really want to get rid of something that they really want to get rid of.


  • How to get rid of Advertisement Pop-up
  • How to get rid of writers block
  • How to get rid of Facebook notifications

4. Give me [Number] “Minutes”

I already written a post on HellBound Bloggers (HBB) using this headline which is Give Me 5 Minutes, Iโ€™ll Tell You The Adsense Secret and the post went viral as it attracted attention very easily. It also gives an idea that they need to spend only few minutes for this.


  • Give me 3 Minutes, Let me clear your Junk Emails
  • Give me 10 Minutes, Let me give you number of clients
  • Give me 5 Minutes, I will tell you the adsense Secret

5. “Top 10”  Headlines

People love to read top listing posts, and such articles get 100+ comments. The best thing is you can easily attract readers on such post.


  • Top 10 Blogging mistakes you may doing
  • Top 20 Writing secrets no one tells you
  • 15 Top Content Writing services you may missing

So these are the 5 Catchy ways to write extra catchy headlines. Hope you like my tips. I know there are lots of other tricks to write catchy headlines. Do share with us if you know some tips.

Wait, what? Do you have any other Headline Tips?

Oh! Yes I have some more, let me share something more.

You can also make use of those headlines which promises personal experience, because people come to read your personal experience and if they find that you are success in something, then they surely follow your tips. And as a result you will get more and more followers. Here are some of the examples.

#1. How I made $600 from a single Post (I am sure those who read my blog, know about this)

#2. How I got My first client from Twitter

#3. How I made millions by selling my Ebook “How to make Millions”

What are the uses of writing catchy headlines?

There are lots of uses writing catchy headlines. The very first thing is, you will enjoy your own writing and thus make you feel proud of your writings. Apart from this, you will get lots of readers, because people like to read something interesting not the old style tips. The more you write catchy headlines the better is your bounce rate, look Ok, let us take an example here. Below are the two headlines, can you please tell me, on which headline you will click?

  1. 5 Adsense tips and tricks
  2. Give me 5 minutes I will give you the adsense tricks

I am sure you will click on second headline, I am right? The reason is our brain is more likely to read those things which looks/feels something odd. Usually these types of headlines give an extraordinary message to our brain, and we can’t keep our self to read such topics.

Is there any resource from where I get headlines tips?

The best resource I got is, they have some of the best and catchy headlines. You can read/research on their headlines and make use. Ok so I just finished writing 5 Headlines tips that will blow your Readers Mind, hope you like it. Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚


Hello This is Ifham khan, a Logo designer from Mumbai India.Currently I am working with MashinMedia, a company which provides Guest Posting services , also I share my designing tips on MashDesigning

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    • Jimson Paul

      headlines does carry more weight so one must have a good headline in order to attract the traffic

    • Mike Reeson

      These are great tips for headlines, and quick and easy to reference. Thanks!

    • Neil Walrath

      headlines are as it is the most important part of any article and with the above one you can understand that it adds so much value to it.

    • Christopher Joseph

      Headlines makes the posts catchy and increases the traffic! Headlines should be concentrated! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing the basics

    • Istiak Rayhan

      Great tips Ifham. I use ‘call to action’ type headlines as post titles and ‘solutive’ type headlines as meta tags.

    • abhishek

      Really Nice Tips Buddy.Headlines do attract readers to the blog.Unique and creative headlines are the best way to get direct traffic to your blog.

    • Joven Agno

      First impression really last, great tips from you Ifham khan. These are the tips that I am looking, to shock my readers and arouse their curiosity to read my post.

    • Jeff@travel mug factory

      Good point, an eye catching headline is very important, looking forward to your next wonderfull post.

    • Debarshi

      nice share, but I doubt 101 shocking ways to get client will work :p, anyway great post.

      • Ifham khan

        Hey Debarshi, there are lots of ways to get clients, the only things is to take action and yes it works ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Avi Jit

          Great post Ifham. I liked all the tips. Shocking titles work great and numbered ones as well.

          I always try to make a attractive headline, will try your tips now.

    • Kulwinder Singh @TheTechShell

      Very useful post bro, thanks for this. Using these type of headlines make more impression on readers.

    • Amit Shaw

      Great Tips Ifham. Yeah You have listed some really useful tips for making catchy headline.
      I will recommend everyone to read “HeadLine Hacks” by Jon Morrow. . .

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