Guest Authors Of HellBound Bloggers – May 2011

May 2011 was yet another marvellous month for HBB, with new faces in the community indicating the improvement. We are pleased to announce the Guest Authors of HellBound Bloggers (HBB) who have been contributing for the month May 2011, here is the list. Before that, you can make use of these posts to know what is “Guest Blogging” and how it benefits both the parties.

Guest Authors May 2011 - HBB

#1 – Guest Blogging: So Why Should You Care?

#2 – You Blog. Should You Guest Blog?

This month we had good number of Guest Authors, and I’m damn sure you would have enjoyed all their lovely articles. Some authors even contributed 2-3 articles, which I really appreciate.

Some of them are new to HBB Community, hope they enjoyed their stay! This article is also to ensure all the HBB readers are aware about our precious guest authors. 🙂

#1 – Sarvesh : Sarvesh is a part time blogger and he loves to write on topics like webhosting and tech niches.

Article : True Requirements Of Bandwidth And Storage Space

#2 – Jasmine : Jasmine is an experienced web developer and web consultant. She is also the chief editor at Best Web Host – a web hosting review and resources website.

Article : 5 Reasons Why E-books Are Better Than Printed Books

#3 – Kirsty LaVier : Kirsty LaVier is editor for Shopping Cart Reviews, the leading shopping cart information website.

Article : Outsourcing Your Social Media Efforts – 3 Reasons Why It’s A Bad Idea

#4 – Paul : Paul is a blogger and Internet Marketer, who works and writes posts relevant to Broadband services, tips and tricks.

Article : What You Must Know Before Choosing Mobile High Speed Internet Connection

#5 – Wendy Bailey :Wendy Bailey is a blogger and Internet Marketer who works for various services, and writes posts related to blogging and writing tips.

Article : HOW TO: Channel Your Emotions Into Your Writing

#6 – Crystal J. Briscoe : He is Professional Writer and also technical guru, overloaded with a wealth of experience, and even more degrees, at present learning Microsoft Certifications.

Article : 5 Useful Money Making Tips You Should Know

#7 – Gagan : Gagan is an Indian blogger / Web Designer, Developer and founder of CreativeBloggingIdeas.

Article : 5 WordPress Plugins That Are Worth Removing

#8 – Aditya Ujjual : Aditya Ujjual is a blogger and he is the guy behind

Articles : Create Welcome Tab For Facebook Fan Page Within 2 Minutes and How Infosys Is Contributing To India’s Growth Story?

#9 – Praveen Sivaraman : Praveen Sivaraman is the Editor-in-Chief and CEO of Techperk. An Engineering Graduate with a passion for technology, a knack for writing and most importantly addicted to Blogging

Article : 6 Simple Ways To Reduce Your PDF File Size and 8 Top Apps From Nokia Ovi Store You Should Try

#10 – Loretta F. Austin : Loretta F. Austin writes also for the site that offering articles about how to speed up slow computer and repair slow computer.

Article : Securing WiFi Connection – Basic Things

#11 – Jess Spate : Jess Spate is an SEO professional, a mathematician, and an online entrepreneur.

Article : Search Rankings Go Down As Well As Up [ANALYSIS]

#12 – Steven Smith : Steven Smith, is an Editor of, a business blog that shares tips and information about various business related topics.

Article : Top 5 Web-Based Apps That Web Developers Must Give a Try to Boost Their Business

#13 – Amandeep Singh : Aman is a Mechanical Engineer by education, Software Engineer by profession and a tech blogger by interest and passion.

Article : Top 5 Free iPhone Games To Kill Your Boredom

#14 – svizion : He is the guy behind a small firm based in sunny Myrtle Beach. SC. Shawn Crigger writes articles on Web Development and Linux.

Article : 6 Google Search Tricks To Find What You Are Looking For

#15 – Cristian Stanciu : He is a blogging enthusiast living in Romania. Blogging is the hobby that pays for his mortgage and that keeps him connected with people all over the world.

Articles : How Many Visitors Do I Need To Make Money?, The “Blog About Something You Love” Statement and 4 Steps To Prepare Your Blog Before Guest Posting

#16 – Sulakshan : Sulakshan is running a price comparison engine for books and mobile phones –

Article : 9 Things You Should Do After Buying A Smartphone

#17 – Joe Linford : Joe Linford writes on behalf of consumer advice websites Broadband Genie and Office Genie.

Article : 5 Important Factors To Consider When Selecting A Mobile Broadband Deal

#18 – Charles Mburugu : Charles Mburugu is a professional content developer and an entrepreneur. He often writes about real estate, finance, business start-ups and internet marketing.

Article : 5 Tips For Converting Your Blog Into A Social Media Nucleus

#19 – Jane Sheeba : Jane is the founder and author of Find All Answers which is a multi-niche blog on Blogging Tips, Relationships and Self Improvement.

Article : Optimizing Your Blog To Get Organic Traffic

#20 – Warner Carter : Warner is a guy who likes the net and tech stuff, especially SEO. He works at an SEO Reseller company Endless Rise.

Article : The Uniqueness Of EzineArticles – Special Review

#21 – Nimit : Nimit is a project manager at PageOne. He is a great fan of photography, social media and wordpress.

Article : Social Media And Its Impact On Branding

#22 – Sandeep Singh : Sandeep is a hard working Proffesional Engineering student and he thrives to get the best out of himself.

Article : 5 Essential Ways To Build Links For Your Blog

If you wish to be a part of HBB, you can become a guest author by contributing Guest Posts. Do check ‘Join HBB’ and Guest Blogging Rules. Cheers.

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