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7 Best Google Adsense Alternatives You Can Try


Google Adsense, as we all know, is one of the largest advertising group and currently the market leader in Online Advertising Industry. Getting Google Adsense approval is like a dream for all the bloggers. But what really dishearten one is the fact that getting this approval is quite difficult as Google follows some seriously strict guidelines which its users must abide by to activate or to continue with the Google Adsense program.

Google Adsense Alternatives

So, for all those who have been denied Approval of a Google Adsense account or has been banned due to some reasons, it’s not the end of the World, Guys! Though the alternatives won’t help you earn the same revenue as that from Google Adsense, but for those who are looking for an alternative to the Google Adsense, following is a list of Top 6 Alternatives to Google Adsense :

1. Luminate

Luminate Inc. (previously known as Pixazza Inc.), founded in 2008, is an online advertising program and currently the market leader in making the images more interactive, offering World’s first platform for image application. It currently serves more than 150 million users per month and 30 billion page views per year. This ‘first-of-its-kind’ platform gets operational when a user mouse-over’s an image, displaying the related products and information to that user.  It takes into account the keywords that have been tagged with an image and then display the relevant ads accordingly.

The minimum payout is $10 which can be received on a PayPal account or via Standard Cheque.

2. adBrite

adBrite Inc., is an online advertising network which serves ads on 112,009 sites and is the 10th largest ad network on the Internet, according to Media Metrix. Attributor survey ranked adBrite as the 6th largest ad server in 2008 with a 2% share of the market. adBrite now reaches 300 million unique visitors per month with more than 150 million in the U.S. itself. adBrite runs many different services such as adBrite Intelligence™  and adBrite Audience Manager™.

The minimum payout is $100 which can be received via Standard Cheque.

3. Chitika

Chitika Inc., founded in 2003, is a search-targeted advertising network and research firm. The name Chitika means “in a snap” in the South Indian language of Telugu. It offers 3 different products or kinds of ads to the users :

(i) Chitika | Premium : Chitika | Premium displays ads to visitors that reach a page directly from a major search engine.

(ii) Chitika Local Ad Exchange : Chitika launched Local Ad Exchange (LAX) with the intent of bringing together search-targeting and local advertising.

(iii) Chitika Mobile :  Chitika Mobile is a feature that allows standard Chitika | Premium ads to change dynamically into mobile-designed ads based on a user’s user agent.

The minimum payout is $10 which can be received on a PayPal account or via Standard Cheque.

4. Kontera

Kontera Technologies Inc., founded in 2003, is an advertising network, providing in-text advertising and information services.It is a leading provider of In Text advertising for your website, delivering state of the art contextual ads. There are over 140 million monthly unique users on the Kontera network.Kontera ads are used in over 1% of the top 10,000 websites ranked by traffic.

The minimum payout is $50 which can be received on a PayPal account or via Standard Cheque.

5. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is a PPC based program offering fully customizable, content based advertisements. Bidvertiser offers website owners with the ability to sell their ad space, automatically, to the highest bidder. Advertisers can place ads directly on sites of their choice and pay only when a visitor clicks-through their site. Bidvertiser serves text ads in all types of standard ad units, including banners, buttons, skyscrapers and inline ads. They also offer an affiliate program which is optional, but can help you earn extra cash.

The minimum payout is $10 which can be received on a PayPal account or $25 which can be received via Standard Cheque.

6. Infolinks

Infolinks Inc. is a leading provider of pay per click In-Text advertising services, working with online content publishers worldwide. It delivers highest click-through-rate in the industry, and lead the market with innovative technologies that bring the advertisers the highest ROI and the publishers the highest earnings. It provide engaged website audiences with advertisements that truly match their interests as they read. Advertisers reach global markets with local precision, via 300 million unique views across 50,000+ premium sites that work exclusively with Infolinks.

The minimum payout is $50 which can be received on a PayPal account or $400 which can be received via BankWire / ACH payments.

These are some of the best alternatives you can use to monetize your blog and to earn money. Please feel free to post your comments or doubts in the comments section below for any queries.

7. Technorati Media

They operate the largest social media advertising network. With our deep agency and client relationships, we ‘ll deliver targeted campaigns from top brands at high CPMs. We’ve built a national sales team with a record of success from top tier media companies including Google, MSN, Yahoo!, IGN, Hearst, CNET, Tribal Fusion, Washington Post, and Time Inc. So you can take part in campaigns from top brand advertisers and fill whatever’s left at the highest possible rates.

Their minimum payment amount is $50.00. Technorati Media can pay you via PayPal or check.


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    • Mathews

      Thanks for the very informative post Akhil. Can we use more than one Ad service in one blog? If yes what will be its impact on AdSense (Both pre & post approval)?

    • Savithri

      Thank you and with your blog guide I am able to get links to various advertising groups in addition to Google AdSense. Hope I get through.

    • Tim Martine

      I had tried using , but their RPM is low but good customer support. Adsense is the best one . and Chitika also good , I had received payments from them.

    • Sam Jackson

      Nice post, but I personally feel that has now emerged as one of the best google adsense alternative because their RPM is good and mostly importantly their ads are mostly CPM ads which means you don’t require any one to click on ads to make money you just have to show the impression of ad and you are going to make the money which is not the case with google adsense

    • Ron Bray

      I had experience with Adversal, Its a good company , CPC is also good with correct payments . i think they paying good amount for US Traffic . This is my experience in placing ads on my site for months . They also had referral program few of my friends are earning hundreds of dollars from that monthly .

    • anees715

      Tnx for this great list…
      I’ve just started my blog and adsense demands a six month old domain for approval. So, till then, I’ll use some other network listed here.

    • jiwan tamang

      Really i am inspire from alternative solution and i get paid …….

    • Alvi

      Great list of GA alternatives, Akhil!
      i think Chitika is better than others

    • Anchit Shethia

      I have had pretty bad experience with AdBrite. They did not pay me an amount of $220. And they do not reply to my mail for pending money. I highly recommend Chitika and ads as an alternative to Adsense

    • Vannie

      Thanks! I like the fact you posted the minimum payouts too! This is great information. I appreciate it.

    • arpanjain0123

      Great List Akhil! Among these alternatives i would love to go for the Chitika ads because of their high ppc rate and low pay out of $10 only.

    • fussedblogger1

      Among these Google Adsense alternatives, i consider the chitaka ads the best besides Google. Moreover, using Infolinks ads in the site irritates visitors and readers.

    • tech2fetch

      will you recommend xtendedmedia as Google adsense alternative ?

    • Animal Safaris

      Thanks a lot Akhil Gupta for putting up this important information about alternatives to Google Adsense.  The most important factor is just by abiding by the rules.  No wonder Google is still highly paying than any other ad network.  These Google Adsense alternatives come in although their performance is 10 times less.  A combination of any Chitika, Kontera and Infolinks  technorati media are just as good to supplement your income. Remember stay within their rules and you will keep on smiling.

    • Fred Sheller

      Hey there, it’s a jungle out there. As a fellow Adsense-reject I did a lot of blog-browsing on the topic of Adsense alternatives. And I’m thankful for articles like this, helped me a lot. Finally I settled for an alternative that’s not so familiar – Komoona ( I must say I’m happy with how it’s worked out so far.

    • swen

      gud post among this which is the best affliate program any thing beyound adsenese?

    • Guppu Boss @ InternetDreamz

      I have tried luminate and it the best alternative. i am also using infolinks with adsense

    • Yusuf Panjri

      Nice post…By the way any idea about adclickmedia??


      Chitikia is one of the best alternative to Google Adsense as it pays higher or as compared price as Adsense do, but its known fact that Chitika doesn’t provide good ads for blog, (negative point) btw nice post

    • annie barwick

      surely google adsense is best but its terms and conditions are sometimes to hectic for a newbie if your blog have plenty of traffic then infolinks and kontera are recommended by most of the blogger.Here i appreciate your fruitful post to the newbies for adsense alternatives.

    • white

      hey pradeep,I have tried all the adsense alternatives,when my adsense account was banned,but none could earn me a fraction of what adsense would do!!

    • Avi

      currently with adsense i'm having infolinks on my blog. but have to try the rest all.. good post.

    • Ashutosh

      is there any of them for below 18 ?

    • Vishnudath

      Akhil There may be many alternatives for adsense. But Adsense is king

    • Navin Kunwar

      I want to try luminate, what are the requirement ?

      • S.Pradeep Kumar

        I don't think you'll have much requirements mate, you can refer this link :

        • Navin Kunwar

          Luminate is not showing any ads after the approval, most bloggers says its worst.

          • Arun Kumar

            Nah. It is nice in two ways: other than ads, you can also add notes to your images to explain things that are not directly related to your article/post. Plus you need to tag your images for better ad placements (of course, you need good traffic for any type of Sense (AD or BAD) to work) :D. Hope you got my point here.

    • Yuri

      I was using contextweb for the past 6 months, for some odd reason, its been performing poorly. Is there a good CPM progam?

    • Vignat Vora

      This is one of the most useful list of Adsense alternatives.

    • Christopher |

      is Buysell ads as good as those in the list???

    • Samrat kafle @ Blogging Talks

      Yeah adsense is the best of best one other system can be even compared.All others are alternative we have adsense then why we need others 🙂 isn't it?

    • DJ

      i m using Chitika and infolinks ! seen some +ve results !!

      good post!

    • Isha Singh

      well, for a high traffic site the best alternative of Google adsense is Technorati media as it deliver high quality ads as compare to other alternatives.

    • Aman Arora @ Tech HowTo's Blog

      I have tried adbrite and bidvertiser. Didn't really liked bidvertiser they don't even have ads and payment per click is very very low. Adbrite is ok have received one check from them of 6$ hehehe

    • Mr.Bhavesh

      Hey Akhil,
      I had tried Chitika and infolinks but I found there is good revenue we can earn from Adsense.However one can go for those alternatives if he is banned from his adsense account.

    • My IP check

      Don't you think that AdBrite and Bidvertiser got low inventory?

    • cricketbash

      How about

    • Jerrick @ Singapore Web Hosting

      Lot of blogger looking for this answer while lot of people getting banned by Google Adsense.
      I will help you share this link to others for the answers.

      For me personal, Google Adsense is the best choice for me, try not to get banned and stay clean. It a good earning tool as a blogger .

    • shallu

      I do not know why, but Adsense has disabled my account many times, Now i m using this … its good ecpm thnxs frds to suggest me

    • PrIyAnGsHu @ MoneyEarningSecrets.Com

      Great post Akhil ! Among these alternatives , I would only like to go with Chitika , as it the highest paying PPC network after Adsense !

    • NetJiyo

      infolinks is really nice,specially when we use high paying keywords in our blogs.

    • Dheeraj

      Thanks for sharing this information. Kontera as adsense alternative was not known to me. But I will try to have kontera ads on my blog very soon.

    • Ryan @ Vicky B Online

      Great post, I will definitely look into a few of these you mentioned here. In regards, to everyone's "hype" on adsense. I am not convinced. Infolinks and luminate have already proved to be more profitable in just there first month running. Perhaps I am doing something wrong? Also, I don't have much experience with it as of yet. But i just got approved by blogads today, a lot high-page-ranking sites use them. Hopefully it turns out to be a lucrative venture.

    • Shoaib

      frankly speaking I dont think so there is anything like adsense it pays for the impression also.

    • Saket Jajodia

      Recently many publishers (some of my friends also) lost there AdSense a/c and it is the 2nd most worst nightmare for any blogger or developer (1st is SEO fail or Panda effect) and none are like AdSense but nothing can be done as AdSense support team are like Facebook support team (never reply). So they need to find alternative but I think direct advertisements are best and by that we can even earn a lot more and even don't even need to pay any share of it with anyone. And from this list I have used 4 of thm and found AdBrite best of them.

    • Itender

      Awesome post dude……..Infolinks is the best program

    • Kavya Hari

      Google ad sense is one of the best one as compare to other part on here. Its really working well. Thank you so much for given up here 🙂

    • rajat

      Nice post akhil..Looking for some more good posts ahead from you..:)

    • VISHAL

      Kontera is the best alternative I can say… Many bloggers earning lot from Kontera, I have seen the earning report..

      • Rohit Batra

        Yeah Vishal Kontera is better in earnings from Infolinks.. but from my point of view any alternative to adsense is not that much good and also you can add tribalfusion media in the list..

    • David

      Hello Akhil

      This is David from Kontera.

      I enjoyed reading this article, it has a lot of great information. Allow me to share a little more about Kontera and what makes us a great AdSense alternative.

      Kontera is the exclusive In-Content platform reaches over 170 million unique users per month through more than 15,000 web publisher using Kontera.

      The reason that Kontera is so effective for so many different people is thanks to our Synapse platform, an algorithm that rather than just scanning for keywords like other in-content companies do, can read your text for actual meaning. This added understanding allows us deliver relevant information and ads directly related to user intent, leading to higher CTR and better CPC.

      Another advantage of Kontera is our exclusive ad inventory from some of the biggest brand names in the world including Toyota, UPS, Verizon, American Express, Dell, L’Oreal, McDonald's and many more. These premium, often Rich-Media ads are the most attractive to users, offer the best possible CPC, and are only available to Kontera Publishers.

      We offer the highest revenue share around at 70%.If you’d like to apply to become a Kontera Publisher, we’re currently offering new publishers a $50 Bonus if you get at least 25,000 U.S. page views during your first 30 days on the network. Kontera also offers a low $50 minimum threshold, good across all of our payout methods.

      David Stein
      Kontera Community Manager

      • Akhil Gupta

        Thanks for this great informative comment, David. As far as the Kontera Affiliation goes, i already have my account activated over there but as my blog is still in its early stages, i'm using bitvertiser and infolinks as an alternate to Adsense. May be some time later i would integrate the Kontera script as well for better Revenue.

    • Zain

      Nice list. but frankly speaking, chitika and adbrite both suck!!
      I have been trying chitika for more than 25 days now. I get only 100-200 impressions per day, because it shows ads to only those visitors which are coming from search engines and searching something.

      I would highly recommend Luminate and then infolinks as the best two alternatives of adsense. Infact earnings from these two ad networks surpassed my adsense earnings last month! 😀

    • Mahendra Choudhary

      Great but I dont know if many people are making money with Chitka, but my experience with chitka is very bad they pay very very less for search engine traffic to

    • Madhav Tripathi

      Beleive it or not but I think at this time there is no alternative for Google Adsense. It is still high paying than any other ad network. I tried many of other ad networks their performance are 10 times less. Chitika, Kontera and Infolinks are totally different and can be run with Adsense. And some other networks are good for extra income as technorati media, bidvertiser, adbright and tribal fusion etc.

    • Phanindra

      Great article Akhil.

      I have tried google adsense and infolinks on my blogs and ultimately I felt that adsense is best and disabled infolinks as it is very low when compared to adsense.

    • Zenil Shroff

      Very nice post, specially for those who believe its end of the world after denial from adsense. But i should make a point here that no one even comes close to Adsense in terms of ease and earnings, may be they are good alternatives but not good rivals.

    • Alan Tay

      I had tried bidvertiser and adbrite, they are no where near adsense. I'm still using infolinks until today and it worked together with adsense. If you have adsense with you, probably the alternative should not be considered as i still think adsense is the best around.

      • Akhil Gupta

        All the advertising programs other than Google Adsense serve just as an alternative or maybe can be used to boost up the revenue. Apart from that Google Adsense is surely the most Revenue friendly program to any blogger.


    • Suresh Khanal@SEO MMO Tips

      Thanks Akhil. Some of the programs are new to me and some others I'm using. Whatever, I found none equals Adsense. If you don't have any serious problem with Adsense, I still recommend it.

    • Manish Surana

      I have bookmarked this page for advertising a blog or website other than Google Adsense

      Though, I like adsense most as it pays much better than other.

    • Rajesh @ Make Money Blogging

      of all these things my love goes for Technorati Media & Luminate.. direct advertising should also be considered as one of the good sources for revenues..

      • Akhil Gupta

        Absolutely. Direct advertising is one of the options which can be used to monetize our blog as direct advertising not only provides a wide range of ads that you can feature on your blog but it also provides better revenue to the publisher as it cuts out the share of 3rd party networks.

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