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Why Does Expedition Play A Vital Role In Your Blogging Career?


There is a very famous quote of John Newton, “Zeal without knowledge is like expedition to a man in the dark.” Expedition plays vital role everywhere Also when it comes to blogging. The expedition is a very important thing you need to be a successful blogger. Because people like an easily accessible and useful blog. So don’t create useless posts or don’t cover old topics. Create an expedition and create posts according to it. Analyze the keywords related to your blog contents and include these popular keyword in your new posts.


What is an Expedition?

The expedition is generally a world related to travel and can be defined as; A journey undertaken by a group of people with a definite objective. But if you are dreaming to be a professional blogger you must have to understand the fact Blogging is not a single bit less than it. Blogging also need to design an expedition. So when it comes to blogging it becomes Blogging Expedition.

It’s a campaign that you can design to achieve a specific goal in your Blogging Career. As a potential reader I would always like to read a blog that is easily accessible and subjected to my query, but if you are running a blog without any plan then you could never build such blog network. Before writing a post to keep in mind you post will be for mass not for individuals and before publishing it over your blog read it as a normal blog reader and try to list the things that you found out of your expedition. That way you can write a post for decades.

Expedition is nothing just a plan or blogging strategy that you have developed for improving the quality of your posts and performance of your blog.

This is all to help you write a post in accordance with the standard that you have drawn on your blogging expedition. If you are dreaming to be a successful blogger then take your blogging job as an expedition same like we do when plan an adventurous journey. It’s not only increase your writing skill but also your blog’s quality as well. Writing an article without any specific goal is just a waste of time, it will not going to return your desirable results.

For instance, If you are going to write an article about WordPress SEO, then you would have to understand if you’re going to write an article in the same way the others already have written then no one is going to notice your writings neither people nor web crawlers. Remember quality matters, and it comes from experience and from having a valuable experience you would have to blog with specific goals, just like an expedition, A Blogging Expedition.


Akshay is a Tech Enthusiast who loves to write about Technology and Gadgets. He is very passionate about blogging and has been blogging since 2009. Currently he writes on Screamable and Tutmaster.

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    • EduSymposium

      I remember a quote “Life spent on doing something and fail is worth lots more than life without trying anything”. I agree with you Everytime we need to expedite and try something new..

      Thanks for sharing this HBB

    • Kaycee Bold

      Blogging with goals allows us to truly embark upon an expedition. Without goals, you just end up on a worthless journey that will cause you to have a blog full of aimless and worthless posts. I will be working this weekend to define my goals for my blog instead of just posting aimlessly!

    • Krishna

      Wow ! This is a fact we never think about until someone come to remember us the facts, good Post,
      I’m struggling for Page Rank please helpme, My Alexa rank is 35K world and 2.5K India but no pagerank pls help…

    • Mike Reeson

      This is such a great reminder to set goals for yourself when blogging!

    • Senorita

      Thanks Akshay for sharing this informative post. Blogging allows us to communicate to our
      clients, the public and our competition. Also it allow us to express ideas, create individualism from the others in our field. And you have wonderfully merged expedition with blogging. Hats off to you !

    • Ram @ On-Page SEO

      Hey Akshay really a very though provoking post. Blending expedition with blogging – great idea!

    • rakesh @ Indiabucket

      Blogging is everything for us. Still yet i am moving alone but in future i hope I won’t be.

    • orangemasala2

      Heyy Akshay..good work…but if u could provide some info related to methods of expedition that would be great…thanks for writing…!!!!

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