Encouraging and Increasing Donations – a Brief Guide

Non-profits experience constant challenges. Often, these relate to fundraising strategies. Non-profits need to find ways of encouraging donors to gift larger amounts of money and to donate more frequently if they wish to succeed. While, in theory, this is relatively straightforward, it is often easier said than done. 

Encouraging And Increasing Donations – A Brief Guide

Thankfully, there are several strategies your organization can employ to increase donation efficiency. Maximizing donations doesn’t have to be a stressful and convoluted procedure. So, read on for some tips to help your non-profit succeed in an ever-changing, digital landscape. 

Optimize for Mobile

Roughly half of the global web traffic comes from mobile sources. We are constantly browsing the web on smartphones and tablets, so a high proportion of the people visiting your non-profit’s website will be doing so on a mobile device. Therefore, you must optimize your website and donation pages for mobile users if you haven’t already.

Optimizing your website for mobile use means it will adjust to any screen size and is easy to view and navigate regardless of what device someone uses. Ultimately, ensuring your website is responsive for mobile users will ensure their experience is positive when they are researching your non-profit. More satisfied users are less likely to abandon the donation process midway through. 

Non-profits should focus on a few main factors when optimizing their websites. Firstly, consider integrating donate buttons clearly on each page so they can be found without needing to scroll. Donors should easily be able to give money without searching through your entire website. 

Next, focus on the speed of the site. Web pages should load quickly on mobile. Otherwise, you risk frustrating users and losing potential donors. When doing this, pay particular attention to images. These can often slow loading times, so you should ensure they are mobile-friendly and compressed properly. 

You should also ensure that users can donate from the minute they click on your landing page. Donors must be able to contribute from wherever they are on the website, and the entire process should be streamlined for mobile use.  

Paying close attention to mobile users is no longer optional in the modern world. Many people will use your website from such devices, so you risk losing a significant portion of donations if you fail to cater to them. 

Branding Must Be Consistent

Encouraging donations from supporters hinges on establishing trust with your target audience. One of the simplest yet most effective ways of doing this is to maintain consistent and recognizable branding across your website and content. When people instinctively recognize your branding, they will feel more comfortable contributing their money to the cause. 

A good way to establish consistent branding throughout your website is to use customizable templates. A content management system is often an excellent way to achieve consistency throughout your content. You can set fonts and colors that match your brand for the pages on your website using such a system. 

You should also ensure that your logo is clearly displayed on all of your online materials. Your logo should be at the forefront of all of the pages on your website. This way, users can immediately tell that they are in a trustworthy place wherever they navigate on your site. Also, consider linking your logo back to the landing page for the website to facilitate easier navigation. 

Another great way of building trust in your brand is to implement security features throughout your website. You can use a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate to demonstrate the security of your network to users. This is especially important considering the nature of donating money to non-profits. When someone wants to contribute, they need to enter personal details, including sensitive financial information. Therefore, including security protocols and displaying these to users will build trust in your brand and encourage people to donate money. 

Tell a Story

Inspiring people to donate to a cause is about more than relaying cold hard facts about the state of affairs. Instead, it is highly dependent on your organization’s ability to tell a story to its supporters. As such, you should focus on telling the story of your non-profit, its goals, and how donors can help to further the cause. You can do this through an “about us” page on your website and through regular blog posts, social media communications, and email marketing campaigns. This is an excellent way to tug on the heartstrings of readers and encourage donations. 

Regardless of the focus and mission of your non-profit, you should showcase exactly what your organization does. Informing people about what your organization does and how they can help in an engaging manner is essential for encouraging donations. 

Using imagery in your content is a great way of giving credence to the story you tell in your communications. Captivating imagery and videos demonstrate the actions of your organization. You can also use these as an opportunity to include testimonials from volunteers and campaigners in your content to hammer home your message. Check out Givebutter’s guide to engagement marketing for more tips on how to increase donations through compelling content.

CMS software is also valuable for storytelling in your content. If you choose a program with drag and drop functionality, you can customize the layout of your site and communications to present your content in the best way possible.

You should also include a call to action in the content you produce. When you are detailing your organization’s impact and how individuals can help it achieve its goals, make sure you guide the reader to a place they can donate. Offering a compelling reason for supporters to contribute in this way will encourage them to give more freely. 

Provide Multiple Ways to Donate

If you are looking to maximize the income your non-profit receives from donations, one of the main things you should consider is convenience. You must focus on understanding and meeting the preferences of your supporters to boost contributions and enhance the experience they have on your website. 

There are various things you should focus on to provide a more convenient experience to your users. One thing that can benefit both supporters and your organization is providing the option for recurring donations. These allow users to contribute repeatedly, providing a steady income stream to your non-profit. Ultimately, this will make donations easier for supporters while ensuring the financial stability of your organization. 

Another thing you could incorporate in your donation process is to include suggested contribution amounts. Detailing suggested giving amounts will give users a frame of reference when they are unsure about how much to donate. You could pair this with some information about the difference each amount can make to the cause and boost the amounts you receive from supporters. 

Other things to consider include hosting fundraising events to allow supporters to get directly involved in the money-raising process or adding an eCommerce store to your webpage.  


Overall, the internet has changed how non-profits raise money and campaign to further their goals. As such, new approaches are necessary to encourage donations from supporters. Ensuring that content is optimized correctly, is consistently branded, and tells a compelling story with calls to action is essential to stimulate altruistic giving in the digital world. By following the steps detailed above, you can give your organization the best chances of success.   

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