How To Easily Track Employee Time And Attendance

In this ever growing corporate world it’s very hard to manage the relationships between employees and managers. It’s a wall which is hard to break. But Advance Systems understood this barrier and developed a software to overcome all the difficulties people face in this particular world. Yes, we are talking about the Mitrefinch Software and we’ll explain their key features below:

Track Employee Time And Attendance

Advance Systems

Time and Attendance

This software feature enables employees to take care of their own schedules. They can view their schedules, their work hours history, and most importantly, if they want to take a vacation next month, they can check their remaining vacation time as well. Though employees have full control over some features, we do have special priorities to managers, who can approve/deny the requests without directly speaking or meeting the employees. This helps to reduce the time spent on the payroll. This can save a lot of time and we can easily monitor the attendance as well.

Absence Management

Let it be a school, a college or even your office, we do encounter sudden decrease in the numbers. Employees take leave whenever they need it, sometimes they badly need it, sometimes they need it to relax themselves, but whatever it is, managing these absences are quite hectic. But thanks to Absence Management software, we can easily track and manage absences with just a few mouse clicks. They can view the records and data in real time so that they can act accordingly.

Employee Scheduling

Managing shifts and creating schedules are way too hectic in a corporate world. Mitrefinch tries to solve this problem by providing collected information to convert complex schedules into easy ones. Both employees and managers can do this task easily with their handheld devices like a tablet or a smartphone. This helps you to avoid manual system and saves lot of time.

Employee Self-Service

This tool is basically to increase employee engagement. Let it be managing attendances, processing payrolls, communication works, or any administrative tasks this “Employee Self-Service” option helps to do these processes smoothly. This can save some precious time for your organization.

HR Management

This takes care of the HR process. You can easily track job applications and you can even compare job applicants. You can analyze the reports and pick the applicants accordingly. This also helps you to take care of appraisals and contract details. We can also store the reports of these appraisals in a single location for us to easily see and update back.

I’m sure this is something your company needs to smoothly handle employees and managers, do check it out and let us know your views in the comments below.

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