Google Apps Referral Program Review (Earn $15 Per User)

After using it for some months, here is our Google Apps referral program review. Now, let’s see whether it’s worth signing up for or not. I was actually shocked when I came to know Google has a referral program for their product, because like, most of their products are totally free. Then I understood this is for Google Apps (for Work) and it makes perfect sense. I’m a Google Apps user (or customer?) for almost 5+ years, I signed for Google Apps when they had the free version itself. But, later, after knowing the potential of Google Apps, they eliminated the free plan and made it as paid plans, but it’s not too pricey I would say.


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We are using Google Apps custom email address for all our email addresses on Slashsquare blog network, I guess there is only one reason for this – Google (or Gmail?). Let’s get started with the review.

Google Apps Referral Program Review

Google Apps referral program review

You need to remember two things here: 1) It’s a Google product 2) It’s a Popular product

You are not promoting a random company’s random product. This is Google Apps we are talking about and almost every Internet professional knows about this. So you don’t really need to market that much to promote this.

If you are ready to promote Google Apps (for Work), go to this ‘Sign Up’ link and enter all the required details.

Note: There is a small problem in this. Your Google Apps referral (or affiliate) link is not universal. So be careful when you select your country in the ‘sign up’ form. If you are currently registered for the program in India, then you are eligible to refer customers who reside in any country listed under the Asia Pacific region.

After entering all the required details, click on the button ‘Submit’ to get your referral link. Typically your affiliate link looks like a short URL, something like this: (our link)

How Do I Track My Referrals?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a proper way to track the status of your referrals right now. They don’t exactly have a dashboard to log in and check the stats. But don’t worry, to help you stay updated on your referrals, they will send you a monthly email that contains information about your referrals, paid accounts (and suspended), and yes, coupons!

Google Apps Referral Summary

To track the history and analytics of the referral link, we use ThirstyAffiliates plugin. If you have any queries about your referral process or anything related to this program, you can email them:

How Do I Get Paid For My Referrals?

This is another FAQ for Google Apps – “When will I get paid?”

When your referral in trial becomes a paid customer for at least 120 days, then you will be eligible for getting paid. After that, they will send you a form to fill out your payment information. Your payment will be credited or deposited on your bank account maximum by the end of the following month (monthly basis) itself.

The maximum number of users per domain referred is 100. This means that you will receive credit for 100 users maximum from each domain. You can earn $15 (U.S.) per user for every new Google Apps customer you refer.

Get Free Coupons For Your Referrals

When you start to refer customers, Google Apps will provide you 10 exclusive coupon codes to offer new referrals. Using these coupons, they can save 20% off the first year as a customer.

Google Apps Referral Coupons

All the coupon codes are unique and can be redeemed only once. If you have a coupon code for the United States, then you can’t use that code for India.


How To Set Up Google Apps Email (Gmail) Address For Your Domain?

We have been using Google Apps referral program for the past few months and it’s been effective. This is a successful product/service from Google, so the conversions are pretty good as well. This is our Google Apps referral program review, hope you got all the necessary information here. If you have any queries, do let us know in the comments below, we’ll help you out.

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