Opera 11 Is Now Available For Download [Alpha]

Opera 11 Alpha VerOpera launched the first alpha version of Opera 11 quite recently. Opera 11 [Alpha] is the company’s first version of its desktop browser with support for extensions. The company released Opera 11 alpha for Windows, Mac, and Linux to the public. Earlier Opera 10.53 Beta was available for download.

Opera 11 Alpha uses new version of Opera’s layout engine. With the help of extensions, now Opera users will be able to customize their browser functionality by adding several features directly into the browser. They don’t need to try standalone Opera Widgets or Opera Unite applications.

Developers can now create extensions using open standards such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and supported APIs. Opera issued a warning to its users before downloading the alpha version. As the browser is not feature complete, Opera recommended users to backup their systems before installing the new browser.

  • Download Opera 11 Alpha [here]

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