100+ Resources To Download Excellent Free Fonts

In this article I mentioned 100+ resources where everyone can download excellent free fonts. Fonts plays a major part in day to day life, it is the key element in the process of web and poster designing. Different types of fonts gives a true different life to the text we type. You can use these excellent collection of fonts for web or print design. Interestingly, even the web is full of amazing and creative fonts.


Optical size

  • Poster (usually larger than 72 point)
  • Display (typically 19-72 point)
  • Subhead (typically about 14-18 point)
  • Regular is usually left unnamed (typically about 10-13 point)
  • Small text (typically about 8-10 point)
  • Caption (typically about 6-8 point)

  • 1. 1001 Free Fonts : 1001 Free Fonts offers a huge selection of free fonts. Download free fonts for Windows and Macintosh.
  • 2. Urban Fonts : UrbanFonts is a well-designed free font website with over 8000 freeware fonts for download.
  • 3. PC Fonts : Assortment of free fonts arranged alphabetically for desktop computers.
  • 4. Download Free Fonts : Download free fonts offers a huge collection of free true type fonts for pc and mac.
  • 5. Free PC Fonts: This is a unique website which allows visitors to search a huge database of fonts.
  • 6. Abstract Fonts : Download free fonts for Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. All fonts on this site are either freeware or shareware and in the TrueType or OpenType format.
  • 7. Simply The Best : In this site you can find a collection of the best free fonts.
  • 8. Font Stock : Downloadable true type font libraries. Comprehensive list of free fonts for Windows and Mac.
  • 9. Font Cubes : Download free fonts and dingbats. Over 9500+ fonts for Windows and Macintosh available in this site.
  • 10. Fonts 101 : Download free fonts (TTF) for Windows and Apple, All fonts on this site are either freeware or shareware.
  • 11. Search Free Fonts : This site has largest free fonts selection on the web. Over 13000 free fonts for Windows and Mac available to download.
  • 12. Free Mac Fonts : This site opened its doors in December 2002 and has since grown to become the most popular pure free mac fonts archive online.
  • 13. Daily Free Fonts : This is a download archive for free fonts inclusive charmaps, font previews and much more.
  • 14. Show Font : Cool PC fonts and Mac fonts and dingbats. All fonts are in truetype format. Font editors and font managers available.
  • 15. Get Free Fonts : On this website you can download many free fonts. Choose category and have fun downloading fonts.
  • 16. Font Space : Download 12439 free truetype and open type fonts for Windows and Mac.
  • 17. Font Fox : All types of fonts are available for download.  Free calligraphy fonts, hand writing (script) fonts, unicode fonts (international fonts), monospaced fonts, and others.
  • 18. Wonder Fonts : Download free fonts, holiday fonts, asian fonts, cartoon fonts for windows.
  • 19. Fontation : Featuring 250+ free font downloads for Windows and Mac, with visual preview.
  • 20. Font Reactor : Fonts, gothic font, graffiti, microsoft, adobe font, frutiger, eurostyle.
  • 21. Fonts 500 : The web’s top 500 free fonts, calculated based on download counts from some of the biggest free font archives.
  • 22. Show Font : 10000 Free Fonts offers a large selection of freeware and shareware true type fonts for Windows and Macintosh.
  • 23. Fontex : This site have hand-picked the very best free fonts to download.
  • 24. Better Fonts : Download thousands of free true type fonts. User-friendly and easy to use with a font preview tool allowing you to enter your own text.
  • 25. High Fonts : High Fonts offers a large roundup of free and commercial fonts. Browse fonts by letter or search for the font you want.
  • 26. Font Garden : Download free fonts, unique handwriting fonts, make your font – updated daily with new free fonts to download.
  • 27. Font Shop : This site contains lots of fonts for Windows & Mac systems.
  • 28. My Fonts : Find, try, buy and download fonts from the world’s largest collection of fonts online.
  • 29. Fawnt : One of the largest free fonts archives. Contains 9348 fonts, all with large previews.
  • 30. Letter Head Fonts : Specializes in rare and unique old typefaces from the turn of the century.
  • 31. Designer In Action : Free Fonts, Schriften, Pixelfonts, Screenfonts, Graffiti, Handwriting & Script.
  • 32. Font Leech : A blog collecting the best free fonts on the web for download.
  • 33. Gestaten: Contains complete character sets including Standard Western Latin, Central European, Greek and Cyrillic in all 5 styles (TLF, PLF, OSF, SC and ORN) separated into Regular and Italic weights.
  • 34. Show Font : 10000 Free Fonts offers a large selection of freeware and shareware true type fonts for Windows and Macintosh.
  • 35. Font Finder : Tools and Resources for identifying and locating fonts.
  • 36. Font Pool : With 55749 categorised fonts, with customisable previews, for Windows and Macintosh, the Font Pool is the font site to be reckoned with.
  • 37. Typenow : The Web’s BIGGEST Typography Resource. Over 6000 free fonts for you to download.
  • 38. Graffiti Fonts: Features the worlds largest collection of free graffiti style. Over 230 fonts online now.
  • 39. Font Files :Download thousands of free fonts, wingdings, and symbols in archive format.
  • 40. Font Paradise : Choose from thousands of free fonts for windows to download to your computer.
  • 41. Free Premium Fonts: High quality hand-picked premium free fonts. Sort by alphabetical listing, popularity or category.
  • 42. Font File : The most extensive collection of dingbats and fonts on the Internet.
  • 43. Free Font Library: This free fonts library offers free fonts organized by style or look.
  • 44. Mythical Ireland : An exploration of the Irish Stone Age sites of Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth, Loughcrew, Hill of Tara, Fourknocks and others.
  • 45. Font Download a to z : Download A to Z font at UrbanFonts. We have over 8000 free fonts and dingbats for both PC and MAC.
  • 46. Nickshanks : Free font site where you can even get telugu fonts.
  • 47. Fortune City : Fortune City is a free TrueType text sans serif font.
  • 48. The Free Site : The Free Site offers the Web’s largest collection of freebies and freeware. We offer free stuff including free samples, fonts, games & graphics.
  • 49. Font Face : Font-face allows authors to specify online fonts to display text on their web pages.
  • 50. Cream UndoA Charming Font Expanded TTF. A Charming Font Expanded. A Charming Font Italic ttf. A Charming Font Italic.
  • 51. Clipart : Huge free vault of 1000+ clipart images, 950+ fonts, 4000+ icons, hundreds of animations, buttons, bullets, arrows, bars, html and photoshop tips.
  • 52. Font Menu : Download fonts and browse free this exclusive collection for Windows XP, Windows Vista and more recent.
  • 53. High Fonts : High Fonts offers a large roundup of free and commercial fonts. Browse fonts by letter or search for the font you want. Download from over 3000 free fonts.
  • 54. Acid Fonts : Download free fonts and dingbats for windows and macintosh at Acid Fonts.
  • 55. Font Files : Download thousands of free fonts, wingdings, and symbols in archive format.
  • 56. Font Squirrel : Font Squirrel scours the internet in search of FREE, highest-quality, designer-friendly, commercial-use fonts and presents them for easy downloading.
  • 57. Freeware Fonts : Free fonts and dingbats for the PC platform, font conversion for the MAC user. The fonts are sorted alphabetically and include Sci-fi, Horror, Halloween.
  • 58. Pimp My Fonts : Download Free Fonts. Any Free Font Download free graffiti fonts, handwriting font etc’ at PimpMyFonts.
  • 59. Witty Sparks : As you all aware there are some thousands of fonts freely available for download, it will be very tough to find the professional.
  • 60. Da Font : Archive of freely downloadable fonts. Browse by alphabetical listing, by style, by author or by popularity.
  • 61. Action Fonts : ActionFonts is a font archive of more than 10000 free fonts and free dingbats for you to download. Site includes a Font Forum.
  • 62. Better Fonts : Download thousands of free truetype fonts. User-friendly and easy to use with a font preview tool allowing you to enter your own text.
  • 63. Chank : Chank offers cool fonts for smart designers and free fonts for instant download.
  • 64. All – 4 – Free : A huge archive of freeware fonts and dingbats. Currently contains more than 500 free fonts to download, for both Mac and PC users.
  • 65. Fontex : We have hand-picked the very best Free Fonts to Download. Download amazing Free Fonts Resources today.
  • 66. Free – Fonts : Free Fonts search and download. free-fonts.com offers a searchable database of 55.000 OpenType, TrueType and PostScript Type.
  • 67. Identifont : Find a font by name or identify a font by answering questions about its appearance.
  • 68. Fontsy : Here you can download many fonts for free. More than 4000 free fonts ordered in categories.
  • 69. Fontso : Download free fonts in high quality for Windows starting with A.
  • 70. Discover Fonts : This site contain more then 12500 free fonts available for download.
  • 71. F Fonts : This site has largest collection of font arranged in alphabetical order.
  • 72. Schriftarten : This site has more than 1000 free fonts.
  • 73. Font Shack : This site contains font which is of freeware & shareware.
  • 74. Cool Fonts : Cool Fonts has the coolest collection of original fonts on the web. Now with secure ordering and online delivery.
  • 75. Font Struct : Cool site ehere you can download free fonts.
  • 76. Font River : Looking for high-quality free fonts, dingbats and font tools. Download it at font river.
  • 77. EKNP : This site contains free and cool fonts for everyone.
  • 78. 2200 Free Fonts : Database collection of free Windows and Mac fonts, the free fonts you can download.
  • 79. Beautiful Fonts : A selection of beautiful free fonts to download for your PC.
  • 80. GR Sites : In this site, you can get some attracting free font.
  • 81. Eternal Fonts : Thousands of free PC and Mac fonts with custom previews.
  • 82. DSG 4 : This site contains a large number of attracting fonts. You can easily download it.
  • 83. Manfred Klein Fonteria : Free fonts and dingbats to download. Decorative fonts, historical fonts, picture fonts, text fonts.
  • 84. Blambot : Comic Book Fonts and Custom Design by Blambot.
  • 85. Dave Bastian : Download free fonts for Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. All fonts on this site are either freeware or shareware and in the true type or open type format.
  • 86. Divide By Zero Fonts : Lots of free, original Truetype Fonts for download.
  • 87. GMK Free Fonts : Shareware and free fonts download.
  • 88. Free Mac Fonts : Get instant and unlimited access to 10000 fonts plus a free font manager and font catalog.
  • 89. Daily Free Fonts : Daily Free Fonts is a download archive for free fonts inclusive charmaps, font previews and much more.
  • 90. Pick Fonts : Download free fonts, download fonts, calligraphic fonts, 3d fonts, holiday fonts, asian fonts, cartoon fonts for windows.
  • 91. Language Geek : Language geek provides, free of charge, a number of quality fonts for Native languages across North America and the world.
  • 92. Liquid Fonts : Liquid Fonts is a free online type resource with a large selection of freeware, shareware and commercial true type fonts for Windows and Macintosh.
  • 93. Font Center : Font Center has thousands of free pc and mac fonts to download. The site is easy to navigate and there are no annoying pop-ups or doorway pages here.
  • 94. a-z Fonts : A – Z fonts collection is about 100000 fonts files available for downloads.
  • 95. Only Free Fonts : OnlyFreeFonts.com TTF. Free true-type fonts. Thousands of fonts to download for free.
  • 96. Fonts 500 : The web’s top 500 free fonts, calculated based on download counts from some of the biggest free font archives.
  • 97. Fontennium : This site contains Alchemy, Art Nouveau, Black Letters heavy, Black Letters lite, Celtic, Egypta, Magic, Modern, Roman, Science & Technology.
  • 98. Typeart : Original, Type 1  & True Type fonts shown in design context.
  • 99. Font Font : Searchable catalog with fonts created by different designers, covering a wide range of styles and functions.
  • 100. Filecart : The largest collection of free software and font downloads on the Web.
  • 101. Neat Fonts : This is a free font downloading site, contains large number of attracting fonts.
  • I think this article will be useful for everyone. If you know any other sites to download free fonts, please share it in the comments! 😉

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