Digibank By DBS

Digibank By DBS: The Answer To The Future Of Mobile Banking? [Sponsored Post]

We all remember the days we used to go out and do ‘shopping’ right? But right now, it’s quite the opposite, we stay inside our house and do that with our smartphone. We are witnessing the same for ‘banking’ now. No more long queues and unwanted waiting time. You can do all your tasks with your smartphone with less time. This is the future of mobile banking and DBS joins the race with their latest Digibank mobile app.

Digibank By DBS

The growth of internet users (thanks to Social Media) has been phenomenal for the past few years, and by this, smartphone users have also been increased. This is exactly the right time to make use of this and simplify our lives. DBS (Development Bank of Singapore) Bank, which is one of the largest banks in Asia, recently unveiled their Digibank mobile app.

Digibank By DBS

We can divide Digibank into two sections: 1) digiExpress 2) digiSavings

Talking about digiExpress, it’s like your expense task manager. You can manage your tasks like paying bills and other online payments. You can open digiExpress account within few seconds. Not just this, you also have digiSavings, where you get reminders to help you make the payment on time without any dues or interests. It acts as your expense guide. Having a dream car or bike? Want to save some bucks for that? You can make use of your smart guide for that.

Key Features Of DBS Digibank

  • You get interactive engagement, thanks to their Virtual Assistant.
  • Friendly UI without any hassle.
  • You can perform most of the tasks within seconds without visiting your bank.
  • Enhances your app’s security with two-factor authentication.

You can download their app on Play store (Android) and Apple store (iOS).

This post has been presented by DBS, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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