Create Privacy And Terms Of Service Policy For Your Site

Most web users used to not pay attention to the privacy policy, terms of service or other online documents filled with legal jargon because they’re lengthy and hard to understand. But the web landscape has sure changed a lot in recent years. Privacy and security have become some of the most sensitive topics on the web.

Create Privacy And Terms Of Service Policy

Create Privacy And Terms Of Service Policy

If you’re a webmaster running any number of sites, you must not neglect the importance of having a valid privacy policy on your site. Ignoring it doesn’t simply result in lower page rank and lower traffic, but can even result in you being slapped with some serious civil fines. Whether you’re requesting personal information, processing payments or displaying ads, you’ll need to inform your users about the kind of data you’re collecting (email addresses, cookies, etc.ensures) and how you’ll use and share said data. And if you offer any kind of services, sell products or have a membership based site, you should also have a comprehensive terms of service and refund policies available to protect yourself or your company from possible liability and give you customers a peace of mind.
Does the above make your head spin? Relax, there’s an easy way to create these essential legal policies without having to go to law school or hiring an expensive lawyer – it’s called

The service lets you create essential legal policies for your websites such as privacy policy, terms of service and refund policy. Their online wizard walks you through 5 quick steps each with a few simple questions about your site and how you operate it. Make sure to answer them truthfully and in just a few minutes you will have a custom tailored document generated for you based on your provided answers. They do this by combining modular blocks of lawyer-approved text ensure compliance and validity of the statements.


All policies can be created free of charge however you need to link back to their site if you choose the free option. It is hard to complain about a link back on a policy page in exchange for creating the document for you that would normally cost hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars if you were to choose a lawyer. Of course, you may go for a premium option which not only does not require you to display a link, but also gives you a larger selection of questions and clauses applicable to commercially run sites to cover additional topics in your policy.

And last but not least their bundle and save offer allows you to purchase multiple premium policies and save money. does a great job of simplifying a task that can potentially cause a lot of headache and if left untended may even cost you money. This application truly takes a painfully difficult process and makes it a breeze. So if your or your clients’ sites are missing these documents, don’t wait, give this service a try.

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