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The Complete Guide To Implement Full Page-Level AdSense Ads On WordPress


Google recently launched the “Full Page-Level Ads” on the Google AdSense Platform. If you are a Google AdSense publisher, then you might have got the option to enable Full Page-Level ads. If you haven’t got the Full Page-level ads on AdSense, then there is no other option than waiting for them to arrive.

Full Page-Level AdSense Ads

On asking a lot of Bloggers, I found out that most of the Bloggers from all over the world got the option of Full Page-Level ads and some of the Bloggers have got them enabled, and those ads seem to work buttery smooth.

What are Full Page-Level Ads on Google AdSense?

These are new ad formats which are quite different than the traditional banner and link ads which directly appear on the page. I mean to say that the banners will be there, but instead of seeing them directly the user will be able to see that when they are on smartphones (high-end).

Google has got two new types of full page-level ads, one mode enables the user to see an AdSense advertisement stuck to the bottom of the site, so even if the user scrolls down to the content, this ad will stick to the bottom of the screen and would be seen by user, However, if the user wants to avoid seeing such banners then he will be having the authority to close that ad for the time being.

Google AdSense New Ad Formats

The Anchor/Overlay ads are visible at the bottom of the content, so even if the user scrolls through the site while using a Mobile phone, then he will be able to see that ad, as it will be fixed to the bottom of the screen. The Vignette ads is a different advertisement, In this mode, Google selects some links on the page and on clicking those links, a Full Page advertisement will appear, and it will clearly show the ad as well as the close button (in case the user isn’t interested in that ad).

Since these ads are available only on smartphones with good Internet connection and Good specs, in case you are a publisher who doesn’t own a high-end smartphone, then it is going to be tough for you to test and setup “Full Page-Level Ads” on Google AdSense.

How To Setup Full Page-Level AdSense Ads On WordPress Blogs?

We got the Full Page-Level Ads on one of our WordPress sites, although, it isn’t getting a good CTR, but we have noticed an increase in the CPC after implementing those ads. If you are a WordPress site owner who uses AdSense to monetize your site, then you would surely love to implement the Full Page-Level Ads on your WordPress site.
So before beginning with the steps, I’d love to tell you that it is a very easy process and won’t require much of your time, However, if you must have an AdSense account which has the Full Page Level Ads enabled and go to that Account and enable the ads.


  • WordPress Site (Self-Hosted WordPress Site)
  • AdSense account (Page-Level Ads Enabled)

Step 1: Enable The Page-Level Ads

Log in to your AdSense account, you will be able to see the “Full Page-Level Ad” notification on the top of your screen, In case you don’t see that, Go to My Ads, click on content and you will see the Full Page-Level ad, option over there.

Enable Page Level AdSense Ads

Enable that and select the type of Full Page-Level ad you want to implement on your site. I selected both, as I was testing out the best one for my site.

Step 2: Copy The Full Page-Level Ad Code

Copy Full Page Level AdSense Ads Code

Now, a lot of users were confused with this step, since these ads are only available on the mobile phone and won’t be counted in the three ads limit, you will have to add the Full Page-Level advertisement’s code in between the head tag of your site.

Full Page Level AdSense Ads WordPress Theme Edit

A lot of users weren’t able to find the head tag, so if you are on Self-Hosted WordPress site, then go to “Editor” option in Appearance and click on it. Now you will see a lot of lines written, move to the right most corner of the page and you will find a lot of hyperlinks (these are nothing but your theme and WordPress code).

Full Page Level AdSense Ads WordPress Paste

Now, look for header.php in those links, you will surely find one, click on it and you will see a lot of lines with codes in front of you, use the find function of browser by using control + f and search for </head> and once you find that place the advertisement code just above that, and see to it that you don’t delete other lines of the code.
Once done with this step, save the file and clear the cache (if you have the cache plugin installed). Now follow the next step to check whether the Full Page-Level ads are working or not.

Step 3: Testing Full Page-Level Ads On Your Smartphone

Once you are done with the above steps, you may open your site on the mobile browser and edit the URL by adding #googleads behind the URL of the page where you want to add the advertisement, if you’ve followed the guide then you will be able to test it by adding.

Implement Full Page Level AdSense Ads On WordPress

The URL would look similar to this,, and to test it on the pages or posts of your site you may navigate to one of your posts and add #googleads, you will be able to see the preview tool showing the types of ads.

After following the above-mentioned steps you will successfully be able to setup the Full Page-Level Ads on your WordPress site, that too without depending on any plugin, However, you are directly adding the code to the theme file, in case you delete something from that part then, that could cause some problems in functioning of the site. Do let us know in case, you face any problems while setting the Full Page-Level ads on your site?


Subham Bapna is the Founder & Editor-in-Chief at Droidmen. He calls himself as a 'Learner' and is interested in writing, He currently writes about Android at Droidmen.

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    • K Bharath

      awesome feature by adsense and i have implemented it on my blog using your step by step process.

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      Initially, I thought that full page add would hamper the user browsing experience. But after using them not only my revenue is increased but user experience has also grown positively.
      Thank for such useful piece of information.

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