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HOW TO: Convert Text To MP3 Audio File


Want to convert some lines of text into MP3 Audio file? Well, you don’t need to spend much time or you don’t need to download any software. CarryoutText makes this task much simpler, they also have a premium version with much more facilities.

Converting Text File to MP3 Audio File

There are three options to do this conversion,

  • #1 – Importing text from a file
  • #2 – Type or copy/paste the text
  • #3 – Import text from a RSS Feed

Here I used the #2 option for doing the conversion.

1. Go to this page and select the option “Type Or Copy/Paste Text”.

2. Now you can type or copy/paste your required text in the given box. Here I took this sentence from 15+ Blogging Tactics I Learned From ‘Porn’.

“As an industry, they are brilliant at what they do; let it be the techniques they use or the method of promotion. I’m not writing this from any personal or practical experience. Search for the term ‘porn’ and you will get 733,000,000 results within seconds. Online porn created new trends and the evolution of online video was very much driven by the world of porn I would say.”

Text to Audio

You will also have the option to select the speed here. After completing everything, click on the button “Submit to Process”.

3. After the conversion is completed, you can download the output as MP3 Audio file. You will also have the option to play it.

text to audio file

The audio conversion is quite good I should say. Below I used Google Audio Player for embedding this MP3 file, do listen to it and share your views on the comments below.

Have you tried this site? Are you comfortable with the voice? Do share your opinions below as comments.


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    • Tim

      Thanks for sharing, I will take a look at the web site. Currently I use Panopreter Basic which is a free and simple-to-use text to speech program. With just a few mouse button clicks, It can convert any text or text-based file into MP3 files too. It runs on your computer, so you no need to wait online.

    • shan ali

      nice sharing buddy……i have win7 gadgets for winxp and in those i have the converter which converts text to mp3………..and everything can be done on desktop without any internet need.

    • Rijans @ Technology Gainer

      WOW carryouttext is an nice tool. I had an old mini application for it. But this impressed me much.

    • The Insane Asylum (Mr. Chap)

      That was frickin' awesome!

    • Satish

      this is really a cool tip man 🙂 I love this site 😀 how did u get this idea of converting text to mp3 lol 😀

    • Kavya Hari

      This is one of the simpler task with lot of facilities in it. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

    • Shailendra Singh Bais

      Hi, Pradeep. You daily come up with something interesting. Dude, what are the Copyright Issues for using the downloaded file anywhere?? Nothing mentioned there, also not in their Blog.

      • S.Pradeep Kumar

        Thanks mate, I don't think there will be any copyright issue for this as long as you use your own text. 🙂

        • Shailendra Singh Bais

          Good. I still remember of Talk-It that tiny windows Tool. They bought that kind of tool to Web, great. I will be surely useful no doubt. One needs to use his brain to take the best advantage of this… One thing, I noticed is starting words with Capital Letters gives a very good pronunciation..

    • Ray

      This is kind of interesting and different. Not sure how much I would use something like this, but it might come in handy for a few things. Any idea if there is a character limit or file size limit? Not that I would ever need to convert that much text, but just wondering. I'll play around with it more when I get a chance.

    • admin

      hey, this seems to be some great tool. I was just wondering few days back if such a tool exist and thanks I found it here. I needed for one of my projects.

    • Jack

      This is very useful information about convert the text into audio. I need to say I love reading this article lots . It can help me to become better grasp about the subject. It is all well and good written. I’ll definitely find this specific content incredibly intriguing. Thanks.

    • TechGlint

      I didn't know about existence of such tool. Converting text file to MP3 audio file is a pretty cool idea.

    • Anish K.S

      cool tip dude. will try this. i like the new theme of hbb.

    • sina

      good,i really like it

    • Nitesh Patel

      very nice tip.. gonna write it on my blog also … thanks a lot for sharing !!

    • Zain

      Nice sharing. The speech engine is pretty flawless, without any glitches in voice!

    • Shawn

      Wow buddy its a great thing….Thnx a lot for the share !!

    • Aman Arora

      Pretty nice tool, it wasn't that easy before now. thanks

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