Convert Your Symbian Phone Into Webcam

Recently there have been an increase in Android users. Most people have forgotten about another operating system named ”Symbain”. This operating system is basically used in Nokia phones. I myself own a symbain based phone.Like androids symbian also supports many cool apps which are fun to use.

In this article I will show you how you can convert your symbian phone into a HD webcam through a simple application named “EpocCam Pro”.


Market Description

EpocCam Pro transforms your phone into High Definition webcam. Experience the best quality HD video. Compatible with Skype, MSN Live Messenger, YouTube and many other applications. Always carry webcam with you while traveling. Save money and environment. Requires PC running Microsoft Windows XP or newer (Support 64-Bit OS). Note: Connect your phone to PC/Laptop in Ovi Suite Mode.

Supported Resolution:

*320×240 *352×288 *640×480 *720×480
*720×576 *HD720p

Transform your phone into High Definition webcam compatible with Skype, Windows Live Messenger, YouTube and many other applications


1. symbian phone

2. PC/laptop

3. Data cable to connect

You can download epoccam pro from the following link =>,

just register  to download

It includes 2 files

1.kinoni epocam prov1.01.sis

2.epoccam windows installer

How to use

First copy the .sis file into your phone.Now install the epoccam windows viewer by using the epoccam windows installer file.Now all u have to do is connect your phone to your Laptop/Pc through a data cable.Connect your phone in ovi suite mode.After that run the epoccam app in your phone.After that u can view yourself in the epoccam windows vierwer that u installed previously on ur computer,and adjust the view of the camera as per your want.After that u can video chat easily and comfortably without any problems.I have been using this app since a long time and it’s quite fun to use.

Please let me know through ur comments about ur experince through this cool app,and my shortcomings as this is my first article. Thanks.

This article is written by Abhishek Dobhal. He is a Staff member of doing engg. from World institute of technology. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

HOW TO: Convert Text To MP3 Audio File

Want to convert some lines of text into MP3 Audio file? Well, you don’t need to spend much time or you don’t need to download any software. CarryoutText makes this task much simpler, they also have a premium version with much more facilities.

Converting Text File to MP3 Audio File

There are three options to do this conversion,

  • #1 – Importing text from a file
  • #2 – Type or copy/paste the text
  • #3 – Import text from a RSS Feed

Here I used the #2 option for doing the conversion.

1. Go to this page and select the option “Type Or Copy/Paste Text”.

2. Now you can type or copy/paste your required text in the given box. Here I took this sentence from 15+ Blogging Tactics I Learned From ‘Porn’.

“As an industry, they are brilliant at what they do; let it be the techniques they use or the method of promotion. I’m not writing this from any personal or practical experience. Search for the term ‘porn’ and you will get 733,000,000 results within seconds. Online porn created new trends and the evolution of online video was very much driven by the world of porn I would say.”

Text to Audio

You will also have the option to select the speed here. After completing everything, click on the button “Submit to Process”.

3. After the conversion is completed, you can download the output as MP3 Audio file. You will also have the option to play it.

text to audio file

The audio conversion is quite good I should say. Below I used Google Audio Player for embedding this MP3 file, do listen to it and share your views on the comments below.

Have you tried this site? Are you comfortable with the voice? Do share your opinions below as comments.

Convert Your Video To 170+ Media Formats

Not every video converter gives you the option to convert your video into 170+ Media formats. Recently I came across this useful software which has that ability, but yes, it comes with a price. is what we are talking about, it is the ultimate solution for all kinds of video and audio conversion needs that enables you to forget about media format incompatibilities and simply enjoy your video or audio any time, any place, on any device.


Movavi is a comprehensive range of products that can be used in many areas of multimedia, with a strong focus on video and audio conversion (coding/encoding). Additionally, Movavi offers video editing software, CD/DVD recording software and online video applications.

With the help of Movavi video converter you can get support for the bleeding-edge portable devices. It will not work as a typical video converter, you can also perform basic editing tasks: crop, rotate, add watermark, automatically enhance video quality by adjusting the brightness/contrast and using artistic effects, apply professional filters. Split files by size and duration into smaller sized files for smooth playing on mobile devices or for burning to DVD.

Movavi Video Converter gives you support for the leading edge portable devices. The predefined settings allow to convert video and audio for 180+ mobile devices with one click: Apple iPod®, iPad®, iPhone™, Sony PSP™, BlackBerry™, Nokia™, HTC™ etc. Import converted media to iTunes right inside the video file converter. Prepare video for burning to DVD and uploading to the Web. With Movavi Converter, you can not only convert video and audio files but also perform basic editing tasks: crop, rotate, add watermark, automatically enhance video quality by adjusting the brightness/contrast and using artistic effects, apply professional filters. Split files by size and duration into smaller sized files for smooth playing on mobile devices or for burning to DVD.

Convert Videos Online Using Movavi

You have another surprise. Movavi also has a free online video convertor, you can check that out here. You don’t have to install anything and you won’t any interrupting advertisements here.

You can add up to 5 files limited to 10 min each and 100 Mb total size supported formats. You also have the option to merge all videos into one large movie. You can convert it into any popular video format. But don’t forget Movavi Video Converter is the easiest way to convert video, DVD and audio. Movavi Video Suite enables you to convert, rip, edit and capture video, burn DVD.

Overall Movavi is a cool service to try out. Do tell us your views about this software and service in the comments below.

5 Tips For Converting Your Blog Into A Social Media Nucleus

The marketing of services and products has been significantly impacted by the connective, conversational and content sharing nature of social media. The way we share, distribute and manage content has improved, saving money, energy and time. This article explains how you can grow your social media campaign by having your blog as the centre of social media marketing. You need to see your blog as the core of your social media efforts with the other components of social media marketing (such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) gathered around it.

Social Media Nucleus

1. Good Blog Theme

First, select a clear theme for your blog. Visitors to the blog should know immediately what your blog is about. Communicate the theme clearly in your blog’s header, in the title or in the ‘about us’ section of the blog. This helps visitors to know what to anticipate in your blog. In addition, a clear theme helps your blog writers focus in what they write about.

The theme of your blog can be repeated across in social media outlets such as Facegroup groups and pages and in your Twitter bio.

2. Link to Re-Tweet Tools, Social Bookmarking Widgets and RSS

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a technology which allows readers to receive your content in real time, either to their email address or to their web reader. Readers can subscribe to RSS via email or via reader, giving them options based their preference.

When a visitor signs up, they automatically receive every new post added. This helps increase visibility and readability. When you have a re-tweet icon in your posts, readers are encouraged to click on the ‘re-tweet’ button, which will send the post to their followers.

3. Linking Social Media Outlets

Make sure your social media widgets are very visible on the blog and link to them. These icons allow your visitors to choose how to engage with you and help enhance your social media connections.

4. Syncing Blog To Social Media Outlets

Your blog will remain as the core of your social media efforts when you sync it with social media outlets. Each time a new blog post is published, it can feed automatically into Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Twitterfeed is a free and easy way of syncing blog posts to your Facebook page and Twitter account. Networked blogs is a Facebook application which allows you to feed the blog into a Facebook page or group. LinkedIn also offers a blog feed option. It is important to share your social media links in your email signature.

5. Linking Other Social Media Within Your Content

When content is shared, your readers are able to know you, trust you and like you. Have links in your posts which link to other social media outlets such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. Embedding or linking any photos or videos from other social media outlets can improve user experience. The more you ‘show’ with images, the better. Your social marketing efforts will succeed if your blog works as the core of social media.

This article is written by Charles Mburugu. In the past few weeks he has been writing for various blogs about the topics he loved.

Top 5 Online Places To Convert PDF To Word

Every business proposal is done using PDF these days but still Word plays it own role. It is a tedious job to convert a PDF file to word if the PDF has images and tables because I have never got them aligned in word. I do loads of conversions then and now but found it really difficult to do it with a help of software. So at last I decided to find some better online places to convert it. Believe me or not, it made my work really easy as I got the conversions done in seconds. There is no need to download and install anything on your PC as everything happens in a single click.

Here are the top 5 online places to convert PDF files to word,

#1 – Convert PDF2Word

PDF Online

This is the place which I visit often if I want to convert any PDF to word. Do you know why? This site does not ask your E-mail ID or ask you to register as few sites do. All that you need to do is to Upload the PDF file and click Upload and Convert. The system will give you the word file with the correct formatting. Sounds interesting aren’t t?

#2 – FreePDFConvert

PDF Converter

This is the second place I visit often as it has some extra features when compared to the previous one. You can convert any Password protected PDF by entering the password in the field given but this option is not available in Convert PDF2Word. Other options available are also pretty interesting as well. It allows you to convert the PDF to Word, Excel and Rich Text Format. You can even demand the image formats in the Output file but Of course the converted file will be sent to your e-mail. I have given my Mail id so many times but have never got spammed or scammed by this site till now.

#3 – PDFtoword


This site looks cool and attracts readers with its design. I have used this two to three times and would say the result is ok. It is also really simple to convert the files, as easy in 3 steps. Upload, select the output file format and enter your E-mail address before clicking the Convert button. The file is mailed to the ID in 3 minutes but be aware that sometimes it takes even 5-7 minutes as it depends on the size of the PDF uploaded.

#4 – FreePDFtoWord

Free PDF To Word

I have never tried this but have heard from friends that it works well. It asks you to complete 6 steps after which the Word file is generated. The first step is about the flow of the output file and the second is about the images present in the document. Third step is about Table detection and the fourth is about the Header/Footer detection. Fifth step will ask you several questions and the sixth step will ask you to upload the file via e-mail.

#5 – Zamzar


I have never tried this nor heard about this so try and let me know. This is a one single place for all the file type conversions as the drop down in the second step is quite big. It has 4 steps to be completed before getting the PDF converted.

Hope you all like it!!

If you would like to add more to this list then feel free to add it through the comments section!!