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Basic Affiliate Marketing Tips For ClickBank


If you are into affiliate marketing then you would surely be knowing about ClickBank, but if you are not aware, it is an affiliate network. It is the best place for Internet Marketer as they can earn fast cash from it just by promotiing the products in there directory. It has great Tools and resources to enhance your marketing experience. All newbie bloggers who are thinking of trying affliate marketing can check this out.

Click Bank Affliates

ClickBank only deals with digital products which are downloadable online only. There is no such requirement of any physical delivery. To start promoting clickbank products all you need to do is just register with them, after you have register you can then promote tens of thousands of products that suits your category. The sales commission offered by the merchants on ClickBank is usually very high and affiliates can make up to 75% per sale.

There are millions of affiliates who have joined them and earn on regular basis, so you should not hesitate to try ClickBank if you are serious about your business!

Now I will give you some tips on how to promote your ClickBank affiliate ID using various methods!

Promote Your Products in Forums

Forums promoting is the best promotion method for ClickBank products because you can add your affiliate IDs in your signature (if forum permits) and see your sales coming through. But make sure that you add links in your signature which is relevant to the thread or question asked so that people will really be interested in buying your product. Some forums won’t permit you to add signature immediately when you sign up, for that you can ask 3-4 questions in a week or so and build trust in the admins eye so that he allows you to add your signature.

Promote Your Products in E-mails

In this day and age, almost everybody uses email to communicate, to chat etc. Your email may be personal, study related, business oriented or anything that you can think of but unlike Forums you can add up your affiliate ID below your email without any restriction. You can also add up your affiliate ID in signature. Never neglect this signature because if you send 50 mails daily then you might well add your affiliate ID below your name in email and eventually you would be mailing the link to 50 persons daily and you never know someone might be looking for products actually which you are promoting.

Though adding affliate Link manually can be a cumbersome job, so to speed up the process you can add WiseStamp to your browser. What this WiseStamp does is that it automatically adds your signature below every mail that you send.


Promote Your Products on a Website

Though this is the best tried and tested method but since many starters or newbie don’t have a blog or website to promote, that’s why I have listed it at last. Almost 60% of affiliates earn through website promotion only. You can add up your affiliate ID in your post or you can promote it using banners, text ads etc. But make sure that you are promoting product relevent to  your website only, example if you website is about Best antivirus software then you should consider promotiing Anti Virus products only.

Make sure that your website looks clean even after you have added your affiliate IDs.


ClickBank being the most popular affiliate network providing upto 75% affiliate commission. You should start your bussiness with ClickBank products and earn some hard cash amd start building your own empire with that.

This article is written by Sumit. He is an SEO consultant. His area of interests include Windows 8, WordPress, SMO, and SEO.


i m wordpress geek who loves blogging about Seo,Mobile,Make Money Online,Social Network..etc...and Blog at Home For Geeks.

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    • fussedblogger

      Promoting the product in a website and driving organic traffic to the site lets the visitors reach their desired place and it makes them to buy the product.

    • Ali

      Pretty good tutorial for the newbies like me. Thank you:)

    • Vijayraj Reddy

      ClickBank has huge potential, you need to research and create an amazing product… If u market it well then you income will be huge…

    • white

      hey sumit,good suggestions to increase our affliate earnings,i had,after reading this article,promoted an item in email,and got 2 commisions,,,thanks!!!

    • Andrii Rabiniuk

      minimal payment – 100$, 3 first payment(300$) receive by check on a mail. not good!

    • sai@dailyblogtools

      do you think forum posting method is work ? so many forums was not allow affiliate links then how we will post ?

    • Rahul

      Great article Sumit, I was looking for some Clickbank tips and indeed your article solved some of my problems

    • Ashok

      No doubt, ClickBank is one of best alternatives for affiliate marketing. But, you should be careful while selecting the products that you promote on your website, since some of the products may not be genuine and useful as they make out to be. This is just to ensure that your visitors don't get cheated by some useless "digital" products.

    • payday loans

      A good strategy to earn money from Clickbank is to

      Choose a series of Clickbank products in the same niche to promote
      Create a free eBook about the niche to give away
      Create a squeeze page offering the free ebook
      Send traffic to the squeeze page
      Capture the lead coming to the squeeze page
      Deploy email auto responders with the Clickbank products
      Watch the money rack up in your Clickbank account

    • Andy

      Forums are the best place to advertise your products. thanks for the tips.

    • Eapen

      Nice lill' article Sumit ! Keep writing !

      If you are an Affiliate Marketer, Clickbank is THE place to start, I am surprised that many commentators haven't even heard of it. But beware there are a lot of junk in there, not all digital products are worth promoting in Clickbank.

      But I think most of the forums don't allow aff. links, it's very risky to promote aff. products on a forum, there is a good chance you might get banned for good. So be careful. I would only recommend our own website for aff. link promotion, one must drive traffic to the website first !

    • Adeline

      I still haven't given Click bank a try. This post might be a push in that direction. Thanks Sumit.

    • James@CCTV

      All the tips in your post for Affiliate are effective. Promoting products in forums, websites, Emails are guaranteed to gain popularity for the product. But it sometimes get hectic to promote through emails. But the tip which you have posted is easy. Was not aware of this. This would be very helpful.

    • Elvin@flamenco guitar

      Most of internet marketers do business just to earn fast cash. Affiliate marketing is the best mean to do such internet marketing. But promoting products online is the tough job! One needs to understand the right approach for doing so. ClickBank is the easiest way to achieve this. Your suggestions are perfect!

    • Manish

      Hey Sumoni thanks for sharing a nice stuff. I have heard a lot about ClickBank, but never tried it. After reading this post, I am inspired and I will try this affiliate network in order to earn good cash from it.

    • Robin

      Pretty simple steps for beginners in affiliate marketing 🙂 will help for sure.



    • Chiranjeev

      Want to go with affiliate I think go for clickbank is good.

    • manoj

      i have to start looking outside of adsense,,i think will give click bank a try

    • Jasmine

      ClickBank is one of the best affiliate network where you can find a lot of products to promote. Good article, Sumoni Gupta. Do write more for HBB.

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