Do You Know The 3 P’s To Achieve Blogging Success?

Blogging Success 3 P'sBlogging is the interest and vogue of current days. Successful blogs will get you enormous profit. But how to become a successful blogger and make your blog your efficacious? It isn’t much of a secret. A few things will make lots of difference. You need to know the 3Ps of Blogging. These secrets help you reach the fruits easier and your efforts are well paid. Blogging may sound easier and hassle free, on the contrary, it is a task that consume lots of efforts and considerable amount of time. Commitment is the key to become a successful blogger. Getting the idea about the 3Ps and sticking to them actually makes you a successful blogger.


Planning is the key to success in every field and certainly when it comes to blogging. You need to know the destination, and when you fail to recognize it, then it is apparently a hazardous journey. You would never know what is in store for you, unless you plan for the goal. Expectation without planning your goals and the routes to attain it is nearly a crime. Hence planning is most important and if you want to be a successful individual in any industry, the last thing you would do is to avoid planning. So, plan what do you expect from your blog. If it is Business, then plan how much you expect from it for a month. Determine how much you need to earn every week and every day to reach the goal for a month.

Have goals that are long termed and short termed. When you have planned move to the next step. Try the PDCA rule.

  • P – Planning
  • D – Do
  • C – Check
  • A – Act

Once you have planned, do it without any flaws. Do not stop there and do a check if you have adhered to your plan and then also see if the plan is right. Yes, chances are there your plans need reforming. Then act accordingly. Why is a reform needed? Your blueprint of the work when put in actual business differs a lot. More importantly when other humans are involved changes are to be made. So, you need to adapt to the environment and your plan may need a reform. For instance, you would have planned to write on jobs in IT industry and if there is a recession going on all of a sudden, you cannot stick on writing how profitable is the workplace of IT environment.


Passion drives you, whether you are conscious about it or not. Your passion is your strength. Do not overrule this, whatever your passion may be. Even if you love oranges, never mind, let your blog be on oranges. Do not run behind existing ideas. A unique content on any ordinary concept will fetch great audience all over the world. There are loads of things you can write on oranges and still make them unique and innovative. It is not only the writing style, but content also matters. You can fill your blog with medicinal properties of this fruit and can even write what are the adverse effects involved in taking this fruit.

Still sounds incredible, then do you think Lavenders a fit blogging content? Nay, right? Then its high time to mention Patricia, who writes, the blog Lavender Uses. How many comments do you expect for this blog? It is approximately 100 every time. There is nothing amazing. Your passion takes you to heights. Do not let down yourself, even if you passion is eating and sleeping, you would be the right person to write on it.

Writing on your passion surely lets you make the money you intend to by writing blogs. All you need to ensure is that you write it in an outstanding style.


This is a real virtue to acquire if you want to be successful. It needs time to get you results and you should give the time some time to work. When you are let down so easily, you would not learn from your mistakes. Allow some time for success to come to you. Meanwhile be prepared to face the success or the contrary.

Remember, success hugs in private, failure slaps in public. You should know to take both with diplomacy. When you follow the 3PS there is now way you fail. But if you are prepared for success, then it again leads to failure. Why? Because success means more effort again.

This article is written by Pankaj. He is a freelance writer who writes about Gadgets, Tutorials Windows at his Technology blog, Teech World.

7 thoughts on “Do You Know The 3 P’s To Achieve Blogging Success?”

  1. hey Pankaj , I feel Passion is the main ingredient to a successful blog.Passion drives you asa blog owner to write articles of your interest which should be followed by the other 2 P’s.Very Nice Article.Keep up the good work

  2. Planning plays a very important role on your decision making because it foretell the outcome and the hindrances your business will go through along the way. You have to plan in order to keep you organize and self-discipline.

  3. Planning is the vital part of any business. We have to stop procrastination, looking two miles ahead for obstacles and tackle them.


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