Can You Blog? A Litmus Test For You Then

This post goes out for the people who want to start Blogging or are in the transitional period where they are not sure about their future in Blogging. I feel many people take things very seriously and take years to decide whether they should blog or not.

You will find them asking questions on Yahoo answers and other platforms that whether they should even blog in the first place or not. You are the best judge for yourself. We should be clear about that. A person living thousands of miles away can’t judge whether you should blog or not.

Blog Litmus Test

If you are reading this article, that shows you passed the first litmus test. You are definitely interested in blogging. Then why not to give it a try. Like, I always wanted to own a “Website” since I was in grade 5. And I was clear that I had to do it in my life. I didn’t know where I would end up with my website.

So if you feel even a small voice that pushes you towards the word “blogging” then you are already into it. Once you start, you will feel more comfortable in communicating through words. Believe me, blogging is extremely addictive. Especially when you start getting some response.

Answer these questions that would help you decide about your future in blogging. Be sincere to your self.

Why do you want to blog?

Blogging inspires me and I want to set up my own readership. Its a good time pass and I can even build it as my strong side hobby. This is personally what i believe about “blogging for me”. Ask yourself why you want to blog.

Note what ever the reason is, it shows that you’re in fact into blogging, and so you must do it!

Will You be able to give time?

Now that you know that blogging is for you, you must sit and think that will you be able to give its rightful time. Blogging is very time consuming. It would be hard to post an article daily. If you think that you have time apart from your other family stuff, friends etc than you must go for it.

Personally I pass this test, as I have set blogging in my priority list. If you are really eager for blogging then you should do the same.

Do you aim for instant money?

I know you got my point already. I don’t believe in “instant” money phrase in any aspect of life. You can’t be successful until you do hard work and make your own luck. If you believe you like blogs just because you can put ads on it, then I am afraid either you need to change your approach or you take a U-turn right from here.

So blogging equals not an “instant money program”.

Are you lazy?

Do you keep yawning through out the day? Do you have some kind of out door activity?

A blogger needs to have a healthy mind. If you believe you that you can carry out your plans on time and are a healthy community person, then i must congratulate you on passing this test too!

Once you answer these questions and pass through them, i strongly believe you can start blogging without any fears! Take blogging as a hobby and stick to it for at least an year for getting some fruitful results. Once you manage around one thousand page views daily, you will start getting money from Adsense automatically. So for now, just start focusing on your blog content and make a healthy community through comments.

I would like to know whether you are a fit person for blogging or not. Share you views through your kind comments. Peace out!y

This article is written by Hassam Ahmad Awan. He is the author and editor of BloggingeHow. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

12 thoughts on “Can You Blog? A Litmus Test For You Then”

  1. Neat test! These are very important questions to ask yourself. But it's important to note NOT to be afraid if you 'fail' to answer some of these questions.

    Blogging, just like anything in life, is difficult. It takes time to get into a routine that will eventually lead to more long term and easier results.

    It takes a schedule, routine and passion. 🙂

    • I am personally a very impatient guy. I always want to see results fast for every thing that i do. But blogging has turned my personality upside down. 🙂 Blogging FTW!

  2. You got really good points up here. And i agree with all that writing articles daily is a very difficult task especially when you have many other commitments.

  3. Truly inspiring for all levels of bloggers – aspiring or seasoned. Good work Hassam.

  4. Very well said Hassam..i will pass all these test but only place i fail is "regular posting" as i don't get enough time because of my studies…

  5. I particularly like the "Do you aim for instant money?" part. Bloggers should understand that blogging does not give results over a night or days. In fact patience should be the key to success in their work. Thanks for the share!

    • 🙂 nice article! I have patience but if lets say 2 years have passed and things do not go as good as I have expected than maybe I should give up.

      • It may be that you are missing on some thing, may be an exact niche or proper SEO. If you don't see good results from your blog over 5-6 months time, its time to accept that things will not work in future if they are not working at that time. You may have to re-start blogging from step one, with a better domain, niche, SEO, and regularity.
        Happy Blogging!

  6. I have trouble keeping up with blogging. You seem to have it down pat, though. I once had a blog that was related to a diet I was working on. I did really well for a while and then I updated it less and less.

  7. Hi Hassam Ahmed, I appreciate your productive whre you considered the judge about “who should blog”. I can pass as many litmas test as you give me. And your words are such whic I always tell my friends.

  8. Nice test put on by you… I passed some .. I failed in some 😉

    Writing an article daily is a real challenge for me so I sometimes make use of the weekends to schedule some posts for the weekdays as I am into a full time job and do get a bit lazy for blogging 🙂


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