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HOW TO: Blog Or Write Yourself Out Of Depression


Writing is a great form of personal therapy. With a diary or journal, you can openly express yourself by putting thoughts and reflections of life on a blank page. The diary, like all other written works, also has its online counterpart: the blog.

However, a blog can’t be hidden away; instead it’s open for the whole world to read. Yet, when battling depression, the transparency of blogging is helpful because you will find that you’re not alone in the fight.

Facing Your Problems

A difficult part of depression is finding the ability to face your problems. By maintaining a blog, you can confront those problems in each post.


Rather than keeping your emotions locked inside, a blog lets you broadcast them to the entire world. Discuss what seems to make you depressed; what causes it; how exactly it makes you feel; and most importantly, what solutions you’re seeking.

Meeting new People

Online browsers are not only looking for articles to read or videos to watch, they are looking for people to interact with; people like you. By publishing your writings on a blog, people can communicate with you through comments and email messages.

You’ll find others that have struggled with depression, and who can share their stories and provide support. Also, you may encounter people that you can help. Imagine, with your blog, people can form their own group therapy.

Discovering new Interests

Blogging is something that needs to be done daily if you want to maintain an audience. Once the posts stop coming, so do the people. While a blog will let you confront your depression, writing about it day in and day out may prove taxing.

So to keep the posts coming you’ll be driven to find new things to write about, which can lead to new interests, from hobbies to the news. And with these new found interests, you’re discovering new paths to help alleviate your depression.

Archiving Your Progress

Blog platforms automatically archive your posts. So after writing one for an extensive period of time, you can backtrack to see how far you’ve come in your struggle with depression. It helps you see what has worked, and how far you may have to go.

With a blog, the battle against depression is no longer a lonely one. However, while you write for a cure to your depression, you just may find a blog is exactly that.

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    • Brian

      It is a very good thing to write down your thoughts and get them out off your head !

    • Jen

      I stumbled upon this post and I totally agree with it. Helping my depression was the reason I started my blog and continue to write about my struggle. It is very theraputic.

    • Just a girl

      It is nice to tell the world how i feel. I have a hard time telling the people close to me. It is nice to let the emotions out

    • Umer

      Blogging can be used to get out of depression thanks for useful suggestion

    • Usman

      Blogging is a medium expressions of one's thoughts and opinions

    • Kavya Hari

      Meeting new people through comment section is one of the great way to avoid depression with the great support. Thanks a lot Wendy for sharing in it 🙂

    • Harry Sehgal

      Good. You need to be Avoid frustration to Be Successful.

    • Satish

      Thats really a cool way to get out of depression. Mostly youth have to do a lot of blogging and share a lot of knowledge with others. Better to blog, instead of sitting and crying for past memories.

    • TrafficColeman

      If you read other blogs then you will always and forever have content to write about..its all about being active..

      "Black Seo Guy "Signing Off"

    • eTipsLibrary

      Difficult to tell that whether one can blog in time of depression or not.

    • Freebiesbuzz

      blogging should be done, even i am in depression because it gives new and creative ideas…

    • Thiru

      Valid points. Definitely those ways will helpful for depressed people to get out of it. Obviously blogging is a depression buster.

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