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HOW TO: Block Websites Without Using Any Software


This is only for parents (Ha ha..!) who want to protect their children from accessing unwanted websites. It is simple to block. You don’t need any software for this. You can ask me “why I need this trick?” since many browsers provide you option for blocking websites. Yes that is true. But if by any chance your child is tech-savvy minded, he/she can easily install another browser and access those sites. But this trick is done in the system so it automatically prompts all the browsers to block that site. Here is the trick. You may get worry for accessing these sections in your system, if you do these steps carefully, it really works fine and no issues will rise. Windows uses a Hosts file to maintain a personal list of web addresses. The Hosts file will be checked when any URL request is made. First go to C:WindowsSystem32DriversEtc folder.

You can block the sites by adding entries to Windows “Hosts” file and it is editable file, so open it with notepad. At the bottom you can a line like this, localhost Now type a line similar to it below, with the URL of the site which you are going to block.

Open the hosts file with a word processor like NotePad

Open the hosts file with a word processor like NotePad

You can block the sites by adding entries to Windows “Hosts” file and it is editable file, so open it with notepad.

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At the bottom you can a line like this,Inside Hosts file localhost

Now type a line similar to it below, with the URL of the site which you are going to block.

The number is the “loop back” IP address of your own computer, so Windows skips the link to that site and moves on.

So thus that website is blocked permanently in your system because the DNS for the website has been changed to instead of the real DNS. You can also do this for preventing ads and spyware.



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    • Avatar


      Whatever blocking is in question – be it inbound or outbound, it's better to do it on a separate physical device if possible. If self-hosted I would definitely get one of the advanced routers and do all the access rules there.

    • Avatar

      Yasser Khan

      Neat trick actually! Quite helpful for non-techie types!

    • Avatar


      dude!! i don’t want to block any site.. is there any possible solution to unblock a blocked site??

      BTW thanks for sharing this post..

    • Avatar


      The host file is a fabulous file that access the local DNS server on our computer..

    • Avatar


      One thing you can do to help stop those tech kids is to lock down the computer. Give each user a login with user rights only. Ensure you are the one with admin rights only. Then they cannot edit the hosts file. Or hey also you could block access to all the search sites like google, bing and yahoo so they cannot research. Just an idea. It would definitely slow them down.

      Anyway for those having trouble following the “how to” I’ve created a point and click instructional video on how to block access to websites. Here is the link

      Remember too when blocking you need to add the site as as well as to the host file.

      Last note when testing after you edited the file you must close and then reopen the browser for the changes to take effect.

    • Avatar


      Thankz for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Avatar


      Thanks for sharing this one. I agree its greatness is in its simplicity.
      But as you said in the start of your blog. If a Kid is tech savvy he would beat this layer of protection as well.

      All he has to do is post a question on a forum. People like us will love to spoil other kids. LOL.

      I would suggest ISP level blocking requests. If available. A normal home does not have routers.

    • Avatar


      Most routers allow you to block sites too. I have a netgear router which has this function ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Avatar

      Sunny with screen shots…………..

    • Avatar

      Link exchange SEO

      good info….i tried and got success

    • Avatar


      And what of those savy kids who surf the net and find websites like this who then know where to go to delete all those blocked sites from that directory? you just gave them the key to unlock those doors once again.

      • Avatar

        S.Pradeep Kumar

        I know I will get comments like this mate ! ๐Ÿ˜€
        This is a temporary solution only …
        Consider like this, the kids are not that much tech savy to change those stuffs ! Because the terms are different here…”Hosts”, “System 32” and many more…

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