5 Gadgets to Improve Night Sleep

Sleep is an important part of the rhythm of our life and well being. Many of us are deprived of a good night’s sleep. The reason for it may vary from person to person, but the problem here is that lack of quality sleep can result in a lot of chronic health problems and affect your cognitive abilities and emotional state.

For years, technology has been blamed for the lack of sleep or sleeping disorders in many people. The excess usage of Smartphones, laptops and tablets has made it difficult to achieve sleep. Over the years, scientists have tried to reverse the negative trend by using technology to help people get better sleep. Even though there is no technology out there that can force you to go and sleep, there are technologies that can help you get sound sleep. Let’s look at the top 5 trending gadgets that can improve your sleep at night.

Top 5 Trending Sleep Improving Gadgets

Nuyu Sleep System: How about having an electric blanket for your bedroom? The Nuyu Sleep System is more than an electric blanket. You can keep this device under your bed and it will make sure the temperature on your bed is just above normal so that you and your partner get a good night’s sleep.

The Nuyu Sleep System when connected will slowly warm your mattress slightly so that a natural temperature is maintained that leads you to fall asleep. It then cools down so that you don’t remain restless throughout the night. Just as the sun begins to rise, the Nuyu Sleep System starts increasing the temperature so that you can wake up comfortably from your sleep. The Nuyu Sleep System is ideal for people who are deprived of sleep at night. The Nuyu system is also ideal for those who have temperature related allergies.

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Withings Aura: Withings Aura is for those who feel lethargic and dull when getting up from the bed. Withings Aura is an intelligent alarm clock that energizes your morning with a mix of pleasant light and customized music. Having the look of a beautifully designed lamp, Withings Aura provides a stimulated sunrise that ensures you wake up slowly and comfortably. The customized playlist allows you to set your favorite music to listen to while waking up from your sleep. During the night, Withings Aura produces optimized color schemes that promote sleep hormones in your brain and allow you to sleep peacefully.

Bedjet DualZone: How about an air conditioner system for your mattress? Bedjet DualZone works like an air conditioner that keeps one part of your mattress warm and the other part cold depending upon the preferences of the people lying on it. You can install Bedjet on any mattress and it starts working its magic once it is on. The app that comes with the device allows you to set the temperature according to your liking just like you set the volume of your television set. Bedjet is a perfect solution for those who cannot sleep due to temperature issues.

FitSleep: FitSleep is another device that produces alpha waves that pushes you to sleep well at night. FitSleep has a monitoring device that is small enough to connect near your pillow so that it can efficiently record your heart rate, body movements, respiratory movements and sleeping patterns. FitSleep starts emitting 0-13 Hz waves that ensures you switch from a little sleep to deep sleep quickly. FitSleep is an ideal gadget for those who always have trouble getting deep sleep at night.

Sleep Shepherd: Sleep Shepherd is a sleep device that is similar to the cap that you wear when you go for a shower. Sleep Shepherd makes your brain settle down, slow down and fall asleep. The customized binaural beats guide your brain to sleep in a personalized way. It not only allows you to sleep well but also monitors your sleeping pattern so that you always have a record to analyze.

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