Best Internet Marketing Forums For Bloggers (Updated)

If you are a Blogger, Internet Marketer or Affiliate Marketer, then ‘Forums’ are something which should be an integral part of your Marketing and Promotional campaigns. Earlier we talked about updated Social Bookmarking websites and how they can help you with traffic generation. Now, we are back on the list of awesome forums for Internet Marketing and Blogging.

It should be noted that you can’t use ‘Forums’ as something like Facebook or Reddit, it’s not a medium to self-promote your articles, but these places are a valuable source of information. If you become an active and informative member there, then you can get enough traffic from your signature and profile itself. Apart from that, you can also share your articles in related threads without spamming them.

Best Internet Marketing Forums


10+ Free And Best Open Source Forums You Should Check Out

1. Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum - Best Internet Marketing Forums

So far, this remains the best choice for Internet & Affiliate Marketers. I have seen plenty of active marketers here and I personally love browsing through various threads. They also have a Marketplace where you can get various offers. If you are a serious business-minded folk, then you should definitely check out their War Room.

Warrior Forum member? You can connect with us here.

2. Digital Point Forums

Digital Point Forums

This is the first forum I joined when I started my Blogging journey, I totally love this. They also have a Marketplace section for domains, templates, ebooks, etc. Apart from this they also have some useful tools. Thanks to Digital Point Advertising, you can now sell Ad Spaces on your website as well.

3. The SitePoint Forums

The SitePoint Forums

SitePoint is yet another popular forum, but apart from that, I really love this forum’s design. This is so clean and directed, just like Stack Exchange. In this forum, you can also talk about designing and programming as well.

The SitePoint Forums member? You can connect with us here.

4. WickedFire


WickedFire is pretty popular amongst Internet and Affiliate Marketers these days. I’m pretty new to this forum, registered few days back only. I guess this platform will give me a comfortable experience like others.

WickedFire member? You can connect with us here.

5. V7N Webmaster Forum

V7N Webmaster Forum

This is a community for web development and I remember using this forum few years back, I dunno why I stopped it, but right now, this is extremely popular.

V7N Webmaster Forum member? You can connect with us here.

Tip: You can also check out V7N Web Directory for adding your website links to their directories.

That’s it. These are some of the best Internet Marketing forums we have been using for our campaigns and resources. I’ll be updating this list with other forums as soon as I experiment with them more and more.


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Hope these forums are useful for you. If you know any other forums which you find useful, do share them in the comments below. We’ll check them and update this article if necessary.

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  1. Hey, Pradeep Kumar.

    It’s nice information. Well, I think you missed some major listings on this like SEO Roundtable, Search Engine Watch & more.. Anyway thanks for sharing the new one wicked fire, I never heard about it.

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  2. hey pradeep , Earlier i was a very active member on these marketing forum, my favorite marketing forum is BHHW & warriour forum. I think wicked fire is a new forum … i will surely register on it …. by the way nice article

    • Yeah Well Said Shashank, I will register now itself on it!, I never heard about WickedFire & one more thing pradeep try to add some other new forum & blogging sites people might didn’t know about thanks for sharing.

  3. Sir what about BBHF, Sitepoint and Search Engine watch forums I think they are also one of the amazing blogging platforms. BTW it was nice read.

  4. Hi Pradeep Kumar,

    Always I use to search information about do follow forums, i got the correct information here..Thanks for differentiating each one..


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