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3 Backlinking Methods For High Quality Links


high quality backlinksIn very simple terms Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a numbers game. More back links you have more traffic you will get, both referral traffic and search engine traffic. But not all links are created equal. One quality link from an authority source can be more powerful than 100 sub standard links. But getting quality editorial links is not an easy task and in this article I will show you 3 unique ways to get some quality links.

1. Help a Reporter

If not the best then definitely one of the good ways to get high quality back links from leading publications. This is a great way to get back links from industry leading blogs like ReadWriteWeb, Inc, Mashable, InformationWeek etc. A link from a quality resource like that can bring lots of traffic and boost your search engine rankings as well.

The best thing is there are sites dedicated to connect reporters with information sources. My favorite site is Help a Reporter because you can subscribe to categories and also because you get two email everyday summarizing the queries. Most of the time I delete these mails because I can’t contribute to the queries, but if an opportunity comes where I can contribute I do so quickly.

Most bloggers and webmasters ignore this thinking they have nothing to contribute, but they are hugely mistaken. As mentioned in the site, everybody’s an expert on something. Try your luck with them, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

2. Give Testimonials

Another great way to get quality back links and a good constant source of traffic as well. If you use a product and love it then send write a testimonial mentioning how awesome there product is. There is a good chance you will be features in their customer testimonial page or in success stories page. Most product websites acquire high page rank and customer testimonial page is one of the frequently visited pages as well. So naturally you get traffic and a high quality link.

Although it’s good to wax lyrical about the service or the software it’s important to mention how it helped you as well. Customer looking for testimonials and reviews want to know it solves the problem. Website owners are aware of this and they usually include testimonials that mention the problem solving part.

3. Sponsor Competitions

The quality of the link varies according to the contest hosting blog, but it is a good way to get traffic and build your brand. There are hundreds of contests held on websites and obviously you can’t sponsor them all. You need to pick them carefully depending on your objective.

If you’re looking to build links then it’s good to join contests where participants need to create a blog post linking to contest sponsors. If 10 people participated that means you get 10 back links. Again the quality of the back links may vary, so you have to consider your return of investment.

If you want to get notified about the new competitions happening around the web you simple need to create a Google alert for it. You can specify keywords to find the blog contests targeted for your niche.

Mentioned above are some unique ways to build quality links. I have had great success with them and there’s no reason why you can’t have the same success. Any questions? The comments section awaits.


I'm an online strategies that loves working with start-ups and IT companies. Currently I'm with Creately, a diagram software to draw flowcharts, info-graphics, UML diagrams and a whole lot more. Visit my digital marketing blog for some cool diagram tips.

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    • Biswajit Nath

      This post was posted two and half years back, but still these are most creative ways to build quality backlinks. It’s an evergreen post.

    • silaytambayan.com

      As usual it really help me. A newbie blogger like me need to understand this methodology to gain traffic to my blog. SEO tactics are everywhere but only few can help you gain quality backlinks. Thanks for sharing this.

    • RickJohnson

      Nice backlink strategies, I have a friend who does work through craigslist, and one of his forms of payment are testimonials. He also accepts donations and paid jobs as well, but the amazing thing is that he is building ton of credibility through these testimonials, as well as becoming an authority in his niche. Thanks for sharing Nishadha!

    • silaytambayan

      Having a contest is really a good way of getting backlinks. Simple methods but big impacks.

    • Hardy

      Great methods! I will definitely try theses. thanks for the post.

    • BhavukKhan

      hey Nishadha, Nice article but these methods of link building are good for established business and big websites, what about blogs, startups? how do they build effective links for their website, as you know Google is continuously changing their policies and penalizing website. Please share your useful advice

    • Mooki

      Thanks for providing information. No follow links help in S.E.O ?

    • Deepak

      his was the guide which i was looking from last few weeks on Link Builiding. Thanx A Lot Mate !!

    • jon

      These are smashing tips! these will never expire and I like the testimonials Idea.

    • Dan Waggoner

      Best links remain natural links….Good content is where it’s at.

    • sandhubrotherss

      thanks for the useful tips sir but its very tough to get high quality backlinks

    • techpopu

      Thanks for such a useful post, but as Maddy said its tough to get high quality backlinks, great methods

    • Maddy

      This is very difficult to get high quality backlinks. Anyway your methods are great.

    • scott

      I am currently using giveaways on my blog,but I also see the added benefits that giving testimonials
      could create also.I am going to further review my strategies to see what else I can do to create better
      backlink campaigns.

    • Rajkumar Jonnala


      Give Testimonials is the best way to get awesome high quality backlinks.

    • Mas

      Is there any way to increase traffic to classified website without spending much on Google adwords.


    • Elsa

      Great post, it’s really hard to get good backlinking and you gave us really nice ideas how to do so.

    • Christopher Joseph

      giveaways popularize our blog! this is truly a nice post!

    • Atul

      thanks for this nice post
      with the help of this i try to increase my website back links and trying to get more traffic….!!!

    • Ram Karan

      I never tried these backlink methods in my professional career because i am newbie in this field therefore these kinds of things are technical for me. However after read your post and understand these technical points i am quite sure to get benefits from these very important backlinking methods.

    • Michaela

      It’s not easy to have great backlincks but I’m sure these methods are good !!

    • Matt

      I have never heard of Help a Reporter until now, but it sounds like a great site. I will look into it.
      But just on the subject of getting noticed by big publications: Another way to do this is to seek out journalists on Twitter. There are many of them on the site. Connect with them and build a rapport. Eventually one or more of them may ask you for input, since they know your area of expertise. Or you can offer it to them. They’ll be much more receptive to that if they feel they know you.

    • Sai Kumar

      Hi Nishadha, Really an awesome methods to build quality backlinks. I think Testimonials and Sponsor Competitions are the best method among those three. Thanks a lot for sharing this great methods.

    • Lauren Conrad

      This is really wonderful lesson to learn good & quality backlinks. There are many latest trends to build quality link but I prefer guest posting & blog commenting. you did a fabulous job keep it doing.

    • Lakhyajyoti

      It is a interesting post. Learn lots of new things from your post. BTW I like your #2 point most.

    • Disha@hotellasuitedelhi

      Hi… Nishant
      Great discussion for build high quality backlinks. There are lot of SEO strategy to build high quality backlinks but at the current in SEO market. Guest Posting & Blog Commenting are best way to build high quality backlinks! 

    • Gouri

      Cool… All 3 backlink sources you mentioned are great.

    • Yogendra Sharma

      It’s very true that we deleted all such publications email without contributing or even without read. But now i will try to contribute in all such big publication sites as you mentioned. This is nice idea to get quality backlinks. Thanks for sharing this tip with us.

    • Zainil

      I totally agree with the sponsoring competition… I have been organizing giveaways on my blogs & they really help me to get backlinks from various social networks! 🙂

      I have never tried testimonials, but I hope I will soon give this option a try! 🙂  

    • Mike Reeson

      The Help A Reporter website is such a great suggestion! I am going to give this a shot, and hopefully it will result in some additional links. Thank you!!
      Help a Reporter

    • AjayUdayagiri

      I’d like to appreciate for the awesome post.
      The way of helping the reporter may pays with high quality link backs, i consider. Moreover, the way of sponsoring to the giveaways provides us high PR backlinks but, one must be ready to afford. 

      • Nishadha

        You don’t have to break the bank to sponsor a contest. Some contest you can sponsor for as low as 10$. The returns wont be like sponsoring a huge contest, but if you’re are careful with the ones you choose you can make good on this one.

    • Writer

      Awesome tips to build quality backlinks.
      Among them helping a reporter may pay us with high quality backlinks and also the sponsoring competitions like giveaways.  

    • Anand Singh

      A great appreciation for the post mate. Quit unique tips you have mentioned. I have used many products and now wish to send them few testimonials.

      • Nishadha

        Yep, writing testimonials are a great way to build some quality links from high PR pages. Also if you wrote the testimonials for a site that is related to your niche you have a good chance of getting traffic and branding too.

    • Solar Sunrise (Talhaa)

      Now-days I think its the major factor about backlink after penguine updat and relevancy is the most important. Irrelevancy is not support that you true person.

    • Sudipto

      Nice post and I am totally impressed the way you write this post. As I am new to this Blogging world I am totally confused how to make backlinks but the way you write this post I totally like it. After reading this post I know what I have to do now. Thanx for giving such innovatives ideas.

    • Anirban

      Hey Nishadha,
                                   I agree with you that link building is easy but quality link building is not so easy. Your all three points are good for collecting quality links and I think your first point “Help a Reporter” is best for collecting high quality back links. Thanks for share!

    • Kulwinder Singh @TheTechShell

      Wow great article and unique ways to get high quality backilinks thanks for this article bro, as you mentioned above these are unique ways and make high quality backinks, but it takes a little hard work and effort.

      • Nishadha

        These are somewhat difficult than most common methods and might not bring the results always. But getting 1 quality link after replying to 10 HARO queries is still worth it in my mind. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

        • Sandip Bhagat

          It was a good post. And i like the points you mentioned here. Your creative ideas… I think helping a reporter will bring a backlink in a good way.

    • Kenny Fabre


       Hosting competitions are a pretty smart way to get backlinks. It will tons of people to your site if you do it the right way 

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