Connecting Advertisers With Top Notch Publishers

linkvehicle logoAsk me a best platform to connect advertisers with top notch publishers, I would list only a few, and LinkVehicle is one among them. Now we are going to show how useful that site could be to you, let you be a publisher or advertiser.

LinkVehicle is an SEO advertising company that connects advertisers with good publishers. They are seasoned SEO experts and have worked/consulted with many of the top SEO companies worldwide. So publishers will get good deals from them frequently.

For Bloggers (aka Publishers)

Most of the bloggers don’t realize the potential of making money with their blogs. Adsense is not the only soul of making money online. You can count on good reviews from advertisers via LinkVehicle. You can also make money from your website by placing text-based ads. They have tons of advertisers in need of links and this list grows daily.

You can earn money by reviewing and promoting the advertisers’ products. Since their continually growing list of advertisers needs reviews you’ll be getting tonnes of reviews frequently. Whenever Advertisers select your blog you’ll get notification via mail and you can proceed according to the information specified.


– You can accept/reject any offer you get.

– Easy way to make money with your blog

– You’ll get both blog reviews and text advertisements.

For Advertisers

If you are an advertiser you can improve your natural search engine rankings by receiving Text-Links and Blog Reviews from prominent bloggers. Those blogs will be reviewed by top SEO professionals so that you can utilize it fully.

You’ll also have a marketplace to choose the most relevant publisher website(s) for blog reviews and text advertisements.


– Increase traffic to your website.

– Increase Search Engine Rankings.

– Increase Link Popularity.

Other FAQs

When will I get paid?

  • You will receive payments on the 1st of each month via PayPal.

What is the minimum payment?

  • The minimum payment is $10.00.

Can I submit more than one website?

  • There is no limit to the number of websites you can submit; But the websites submitted must meet their requirements before being accepted.

I think this is a great opportunity for you to monetize the website. Signup for LinkVehicle and see the increase in your monthly revenue.

Bitrix24’s Kindle Fire Giveaway [EXCLUSIVE]

kindle fire giveaway bitrix24Now here is an exclusive chance for you to own Amazon’s Kindle Fire ebook reader. The Kindle Fire is a mini tablet computer version of’s Kindle e-book reader. Bitrix24, a new SaaS (software as a service) cloud based social intranet platform, is hosting a giveaway on this and you could be the lucky winner.

How You Can Participate In It?

The rules for this giveaway/contest is really very simple. You can find them below.

1. Register at Bitrix24.

2. Send the following information to

  • Your Bitrix24 ID.
  • The feature you liked or used the most.
  • What you found difficult/disliked the most. However if you liked everything, don’t feel forced to come up with the problem.

3. Use ‘Bitrix24 Kindle Fire Giveway’ as your subject line.

Special Second Prize

A person who used his or her Bitrix24 account in the most unorthodox way will be receiving a special second prize Kindle Touch. Now how cool is that?

Exclusive Offer for Startups

If you are a Startup and willing to use one of Bitrix24 paid plans for free, you can send an e-mail to with ‘Bitrix24 Startup Initiative’ as the subject line.

You should include information about your startup and how you are planning to use Bitrix24 for your Business.

Remember, the contest ends on September 1, 2012.

So participate right now, and wait eagerly to win one. 🙂

Find New Advertisers By Looking At Your Competitors’ Advertisers

AdClarityThe title is quite apt right? If you are looking out for new advertisers then it is better to start looking for your competitors’ advertisers. They are looking for the same piece of audience, so they’ll be obviously interested in your site or business. To simplify this work we got an exclusive service called AdClarity. What this service actually does is simple, it reveals your competitors’ advertisers and their campaigns, including their banner designs. You’ll be analyzing this using a clean and easy-to-use interface. Using this tool you can understand how the online advertising and display media works. You can stay ahead of your competitors.

Key Features of AdClarity

Below I have mentioned some of the key features of AdClarity as Media Competitive Intelligence.

  • You can analyze your networks and advertisers. You can find their partners.
  • Get new advertisers by analyzing your competitors’ advertisers.
  • Discover your advertisers’ top clients and traffic sources.
  • You can save manual research time.
  • Get updates about current information about your competitors, advertisers, mediators, and chosen campaigns.

AdClarity can break down the advertising activities to geotargeted locations like US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, and more.

AdClarity – How To Sign Up?

You can sign up as a publisher in order to analyze. You can get a free trial account, it will last for 5 days. You’ll get a confirmation mail from them with your login credentials. You can use this and log into your account.

To see how this works, we used the popular technology blog – You can also use your desired website or blog for analyzing. You can even use your competitor’s website name. These details are based on the publisher, location, and date range selections.

Mashable - AdClarity

You can see the insights of the publishers with individual category name and statistical share. This section provides detailed analysis of the site, which also includes:

  • Breakdown of verticals of the display campaigns run on the site.
  • The site’s most visited and popular pages.
  • Advertisers who display their offering on this site.
  • Existing Advertisers for this site.
  • Other similar websites in this category.

The best thing is, you can find out if your existing advertisers advertised with your competitor and explore their campaigns to improve your offering. Now how cool this is?

Overall AdClarity is a great Online Media Monitoring service you should try if you want to be ahead of your competitors.

Monitor Your Websites & Servers From 15 Locations Worldwide [FREE]

If you own a website or blog, then the term ‘uptime’ and ‘downtime’ are quite familiar to you. The bigger your site is, the more problems it’ll cause. Remember what happens when your customer or client wants to make a purchase on your site but to their disappointment finds your site down or not functioning properly. Guess what happens next? You’ll lose potential customers.

It is not quite easy to check your website’s uptime every time and getting notified you when your site is unreachable. I came across several website monitoring services, but they lack features like real time notification email or SMS alert. But Monitor Scout is a revolution in website monitoring, providing all the required features.

Key Features of Monitor Scount – Why You Should Try it

  • Top class external website & server monitoring.
  • Threshold notifications for CPU, RAM, HDD, NIC and processes.
  • Global monitoring network.
  • Instant notifications via Email and SMS.
  • Supports several applications and protocols.
  • Dedicated and high knowledge technical support.

Manage Your Server Health

Server Health

Exclusive Reports & Analysis

Monitor Scout has exclusive analysis tools to store your monitoring and server health data. They provide in-depth reports for more productivity and reduce downtime. They provide data in several manners.

1. Uptime graphs monitors, devices and average account uptime.

2. Latency graphs for all monitors and locations.

3. Usage and performance graphs for Memory, CPU, Network interfaces, Hard disks, and processes.

4. Alerts with detailed information of location, monitor, device, downtime in time and recovery.

You can analyze this information to improve proactive efforts to reduce down time and in the end improve uptime even more.

Server Monitoring

Being a free uptime monitoring service, they are not restricted to few services. They let you monitor your site’s uptime on different protocols. They provide monitoring checks like Ping Monitor, HTTP Monitor, FTP Monitor, IMAP Monitor and many more monitoring checks. You can check other different ways they monitor in Monitor Scout Monitoring page.

Monitor Scout will be essential for blogs having huge user base and traffic. It alerts you whenever there is an increase in server usage and you can take the required steps for preventing downtime.

Intuitive interface

monitor scount interface

This is one of the best interfaces I have seen. They have something called “Device Tree”, which makes your monitoring easy and gives you a clear overview of all devices and sub groups that you have set up. They also have straightforward graphs using which you can easily understand uptime statistics and alert timetables effortless.

Overall this is a great service for which you should give a try. If you care about your site’s uptime, then this is must for you.

qmpeople – Meeting & Chatting With New Friends!

Facebook, the most popular social network in the world, is dominant in the social networking field, but yet still everyday we come across several new social network sites. The thing I liked about them is they try to bring up new concepts to impress their users. Earlier we saw about Zurker, a social network site with transparency. Now we are going to show another interesting Social Networking site called qmpeople. They didn’t restrict their concept to social networking alone.

qmpeople was born on 2004 and now counts several hundreds of thousands of registered users from any part of the globe. They are also available in the most common languages such as English, French and Spanish in more than hundred countries.

If you ask me the difference between other sites and this one, their main concept is to create a safe and fun environment for people to meet and interact without sharing any personal information. Right now the current platform version is Beta 3.0. Below we have mentioned some of the interesting features of qmpeople which you’ll love.

Play Exclusive Games & Have Fun

They are not restricted to Social Networking alone, they have also got some interesting games to play while you network with others. I came across 50+ interesting games like War Ships, Number Balls, Path Memory, Sandwich Shop and so on.

qmpeople homepage

They allow you to challenge your friends for more fun. You can also choose to play both multiplayer or single player games. In the Multiplayer games you can add up to four concurrent players and also it depends on the kind of game you are interested in playing.

Share Gifts With Your Buddies

qmpeople Gifts

This is a pretty good feature I loved. This will actually allow you to give real gifts without the recipient’s address. Here is how it works, whenever a friend accepts to receive a gift, they’ll be requested to mention their full address to deliver your special gift. As of now they allow to make floreal or musical gifts only.

Exclusive Groups to discuss the things you love

qmpeople groups

You can also join groups to hangout with people having similar interests. You can share your interests and other multimedia content. All these posts will also be published automatically on respective author’s blog by this.

Chat and Meet New Friends

qmpeople chat

This is a new kind of chatting which no other social network will think about doing. Their chat system will allow you to create classic textual chats or audio and video chats. Using your cellphones you can do audio chats and this is free of cost. You can also invite a person for video chatting even if he is not currently chatting but surfing the site.

Talk and Share about your Favorite Places

qmpeople places

This is a pretty cool application from qmpeople. It allows you to talk about your favourite places, share opinions, talk about your travels and explore new places from around the world. Each place’s page will have a short description, a picture and a geolocalized map.

Do checkout qmpeople and learn some interesting things about this cool social network.

6 Entrepreneurial Lessons From Shabda Raaj Of Agiliq

Shabda RaajToday we are talking to Shabda Raaj, one of the founders of Agiliq who started in 2009 after working at Oracle for a few years. Shabda loves technology and he loves taking part in making the Internet better everyday by building amazing apps. Here he shares some tidbits about what he has learnt.

1. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Google started as a graduate research project. Yahoo! was just a list of sites which Jerry Yang maintained. Facebook was something Zuckerberg did to connect with his fellow students. Don’t start with grandiose plans. Just start.

He started Agiliq with just two people in 2009 and about $10K. He hopes to make it a billion Dollar company by the time he done with it. 🙂

2. You have to keep the faith

As Steve Jobs (Apple) said,

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.”

Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster ride. You are on top of the world, making all the money you are gonna need, then your key clients leave you, the key people leave. You feel like your company going to gutters. You have to keep the head down and continue moving. As they say, “if you are going through hell keep going”.

3. Keep your focus

As a small company, you will have many distractions, many ideas which will seem to be good. You have to keep your focus in spite of temptations. He sees so many companies which do everything and the kitchen sink. They do “Web Design, Web Development, SEO, video, and everything”. But Agiliq does just two things Django Web App development and Mobile web development Using Sencha. Their clients love that they are so focussed.

4. It takes time

They started Agiliq in 2009. They have been growing slowly but steadily. You have to give time for the business to grow. If you look at Instagram and want to make a billion dollars in 18 months, lottery may be a better path than Entrepreneurship. It’s said “It takes 20 years to become an overnight success.”

5. Business is about people

You might think that software business is about computers, and you would be completely wrong. Your relationship and reputation are your biggest assets. You need people skills to work with clients, colleagues and contractors. Among everything they do at Agiliq, the thing he is most proud of is the team they have built at Agiliq.

6. Expertise pays

People skills will help you make the initial sale but ultimately its expertise which brings home the money. They have always been very focussed on making sure their team is skilled with the best skills and knowledge, and has the best expertise available in their technologies, Django and Sencha programming.

Some More Information About Agiliq Solutions

Agiliq SolutionsThey are a Pvt Ltd company based in Hyderabad, and their legal name is Agiliq Info Solutions India Pvt Ltd. They have clients based all over the world. Their site is and they maintain a blog at You can also find them on Twitter, github and Facebook.

5 Things You Can Learn From “Entrepreneur” Ritesh Sarvaiya

Ritesh SarvaiyaToday the Internet is crowded with billions of folks online and more so, the IT Business Space and yet one man set his footprint here and left an indelible imprint on that space for all to see, read and learn.

Mr Ritesh Sarvaiya, Founder & CMD of Rikhav Infotech Private Limited, is a great visionary, with an extremely humble beginning. When he could not make up for in initial funds, he made up with tremendous focus and determination, that enabled him to achieve his dreams and goals, in an incredibly short span of time.

1. Never Hesitate To Start From Small Jobs

While he was still studying in college, Ritesh served with a pharmadistributor and sold glucose bottles to doctors. Later in 2002 immediately after graduation, he was a door to door salesman for the newly launched Sunday Express subscriptions. On every subscription that he sold, he earned Rs 5. He was given a target of selling 20 subscriptions a day. The job he did was tiring however he said that, it only helped him to become more tolerant towards others and their nature. And above all, the satisfaction he got when he received Rs 100 or more after a hard day’s work was priceless.

2. Believe In Your Passion; Don’t Worry About Other Things

Then, his stint at Reliance Infocomm, where he worked as an associate executive in Reliance Handsets made him dream and achieve all that he is today. There, he saw the bigger picture of how a small idea could become huge and create a lot of wealth for the country. He then shifted to Wipro and 2 years there, with a mentor who was tough but caring, taught him all about leadership skills and enabled him to see the potential in every human being. This is where he sensed that if “you have the passion and believe in whatever you do, you can achieve anything in life.” He knew that if he continued to work under somebody, he would be fulfilling their dreams and not his and that’s what got him dreaming big and that has never stopped even today.

3. From a Blueprint to a Big Building

Rikhav InfotechEarly 2006, Rikhav InfoTech was conceptualized as a website development company, with a workforce of just 8, but highly committed young professionals. Over the years, with the abiding support of its clients and associates, along with the growing needs of internet-related services, Rikhav InfoTech now offers comprehensive web-based solutions under one roof.

Rikhav InfoTech today offers complete web-based communication solutions like: Corporate Identity, Web Design & Content, E-commerce and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It also provides with cutting-edge technology and competitive web strategies that not only enhances your brand but also places you way ahead of competition.

The Internet has gained a tremendous thrust over the last few years in India; businesses have still not made optimum use of this medium and so many still believe that the Internet is an expense. Rikhav InfoTech is working towards convincing such folks that the Internet is an investment, by sharing possibilities online and how it could take their business to the next level. He feels that business’s today have just reached a small portion of its potential and merely scratched the tip of the iceberg. By showing how one can empower their business with the power of the World Wide Web, they’ve helped many businesses to see the bigger picture and explore it to the fullest. In the coming years, Ritesh is confident that they will be one of the few key players in the Industry offering comprehensive Web-solutions under one roof.

Further, their Online Reputation Management solutions include Social Media Optimization which is a huge phenomenon that has swept the Internet space. Today, most players are offering these services separately.

Their outsourcing network has over 900 clients who are reaping the benefits of integrated and cost-effective Web-solutions.

4. Targeting International Audience

His next goal is to capture the International Automotive Niche, and he has already begun this with the launch of Trucking Port. On this website, Truck Dealers can upload their used trucks and take their business across the country, at very reasonable costs; Truck Dealers, who would like to come on Board & park their Trucking Inventory with He now has the vision to expand this to other countries like Australia, UK, and New Zealand.

Like any other entrepreneur even he had road blocks to his progress, with the constitution of any company funds play a very important role and even they had to struggle for over 10 months, but his perseverance finally paid off. Finally, one of their clients Mr. Hitesh Lakhani, who was hugely impressed by their dedication, execution and vision, offered to give wings to their dreams. And they’ve never looked back since then.

Ritesh Sarvaiya says, “it is the satisfaction you get knowing that you are adding tremendous value to businesses worldwide and also creating wealth for your own country. Not to mention creating employment for so many people”.

5. Dominate a field in India

His other aim is to launch the biggest B2B Portal of India, in the coming years, with his visionary domain – which he is confident will be launched very soon. He is also clear that he will continue to expand his horizons in India by providing world-class Web-solutions and create more wealth for our country and grow to a family of 600 people, all working under one roof.

After catering to more than 900 foreign clients through his outsourcing business, they are now aggressively planning to make a positive difference to the online presence of businesses in India.

A person who always set his goals higher, and knows the importance of processes even when they were small, has made life much simpler, seamless and transparent. I would like to wish him my the very best and all due success in all his future endeavors.

Ritesh is a brilliant Entrepreneur, you can get in touch with him through email, he would love to answer your mails & would love to help you if you have any concerns in your start up.

Download And Extract Audio From YouTube Videos

There have been more than enough times that I’ve caught a song in the background of a YouTube video and wondered, “Now, why isn’t that on my iPod, yet? Oh, right, because Best Buy doesn’t carry the album because it’s not in the Top 40. Foolish me.” There’s always a way of downloading from torrents, but for those of us a little leery of deciding for ourselves whether torrents are trustworthy or not, here are two interesting programs. Even youtube vanced apk are getting popular these days.

MP3 Converter, VidtoMP3 or ListenToYouTube will download the audio from YouTube video (in either standard or high quality) and convert it to MP3 file. A few clicks of the mouse later, you can save the file and drag it to your iTunes or MP3 device. (For those of us who get a little squeamish around legalities, yes, the process is considered absolutely legal if a video is not pirated.)

If you want a recorder software check out NotMP3.

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter is the most powerful tool.

You can convert entire YouTube playlists and channels.

First of all, you need to download Free YouTube to MP3 Converter app.

Then use your common sense (it’s intuitive and very simple) and get all the videos you need or check an official how to guide on playlist download.

Free YouTube To MP3 Converter

For VidtoMP3 or ListenToYouTube use this steps


  1. Choose one of the programs (I’ve found that ListenToYouTube often works a little faster) and click on its link below.
  2. Go to You can also try VidToMP3.
  3. Find a video on YouTube you’d like in audio form on your computer, MP3 device, iPod, whatever.
  4. Copy and paste it into the URL box in the middle of each screen. Proceed.
  5. It may take a moment or two, but the program will retrieve the file and provide you with a link that shows “Download MP3.” Click on it—you’ll have to do it again when it goes to the next page, but the second time, a screen will pop up to give you the option of the destination of your file and what program with which to open it. You can find several other tools to get audio from YouTube videos, you can download here.
  6. Go to the file destination, click, and enjoy.