10 SEO Secrets that Will Blow Your Mind

Regardless of how much experience you may be having in SEO, you cannot probably be aware of everything that is going on in the SEO world. There is a lot to learn in SEO and you should put our best foot forward in uncovering the secrets. And yes, it will be worth your while as you will be able to discover a few tricks that you can use for your brand marketing efforts for you to generate better reports from serpbook.com.

SEO Secrets That Will Blow Your Mind

SEO is the most dynamic form of marketing: which means that it is never short of advancements and innovation. Keep in mind that in modern SEO, both advanced user experience and the user intent is put into consideration. The following are extraordinary SEO secrets that will place your brand in the same playground as other big market players in the industry.

Infographics work

Statistics by Progressive Content show that Infographics are 30 times more likely to read as compared to a strictly textual article. More so, if you take a good look at the search engines, Infographics are the most trending types of content. For your Infographics to be fruitful, they must have a brand name, the source link, survey reports, data that is represented by a graph and at the same time have graphics that are catchy. The more you create and share Infographics, the better it is for your brand.

Guest posting

If you have not done this yet, then you are not doing your SEO right! Guest posting or blogging is among the most effective SEO strategies. How do you get started? First off, you need to find a website or blog that is of the relevant industry. The chances of getting quality traffic from such a site are high. Remember that your aim for SEO is to get as much traffic as possible flowing to your website. Posting in a guest blog will help you with link building which shall have a positive impact on your rankings, hence more traffic.

Influencer marketing

If you have not yet tried this out it is about time that you got started. Do not work alone. Gone are the days that the only way you could incorporate an influencer in your campaigns by paying them. Some good news for you: is that you can now partner with them. It is as easy as creating great content that will spark the interest of a target audience influencer. If the influencer finds your posts appealing, he will not hesitate to post it: which means that their loyal train of followers gets to view your content and know about your brand too. Reach out and make relations with influencers and see how much traffic that will bring you!

SERP features

What are SERP features? These are elements that play a vital role in boosting organic basic snippets on search engine result pages. The point is you should use all of the features available to improve your visibility, authority, and better still sales. The SERP features that you need to take into account are featured snippet, AMP, local packs, image results, organic results and Google answers to mention a few.

Be posted on search engine algorithm updates

Google is famously known for the constant search index changes, algorithm changes, and refreshes. Why do you need to be aware of any updates that are brought by? Note that the updates are rolled out in a bid to make SEO even more effective. It is for this reason that you have to keep your eyes open for any updates so. The updates will help you make SEO strategies that are in line with the updates. Pay close attention to all of them: be it minor or major.

Employ the best SEO tools

Whether or not to use SEO tools is no longer debatable: they are a must. However, do not use just any tool because they are currently in use. You need to understand that the tools have specifications that you need to be aware of before you incorporate them into your SEO. The SEO tools will help you with competitor analysis, keyword research and content research to mention a few. There are also tools for link building and other off-page tools that help support your overarching SEO efforts.

Go through reviews for you to be able to get one that best suits your SEO needs.

Do more giveaways

Everyone loves free materials. Regardless of how big or small they are, giveaways will earn you links and traffic that you could not have imagined they would. The catch is that you give something that has value to your audience, and in return, they will popularize your brand on social media platforms like Facebook.

You could give out offers, discounts, tools, courses or even ebooks. You have to, however, come up with a giveaway strategy that is effective for your brand to profit from it.

Create a FAQs page

FAQ page refers to a frequently asked questions page. Not only will it help you organize common questions bound to be asked by your audience in the future, but the page will also help in boosting your SEO. It will draw more traffic to your site hence more conversions, boost navigation in your website and establish your brand as an authority in the industry.

Invest in old web pages

Note that Google will only allow a few of your pages to rank on the first search results page. It means that there is no point in having too many pages lying idle in your website. The smartest thing to do about it is by upgrading the old pages as they already have some foundation in the search engine. Upgrade them by including updated data, stories and information. It will go a long way in boosting your web page appearance.

Create unique and long content

Last but not least, no one is limiting you to creating 500-words content. Remember that for your page to rank high. The content must be useful to the user. Useful content is detailed: which means your content can only be useful if it is longer.

Now that you know of the hidden secrets, it is your time to go and conquer the SEO world!

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  1. Hi Ram, loved your tip on creating FAQs, I know it works like a charm because we’ve done it multiple times at our blog where you can answer all the questions that your audience might have and use some LSI keywords to rank higher in search results. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, you can bring a lot of traffic and user engagement by creating FAQs.

    Updating your old blog posts with latest information and new long tail keywords is also a great idea if you want to bring more traffic to your old content as most people often focus on creating new stuff instead of updating and generating more traffic to their existing content.

    Here’s what else worked well for us to increase search traffic: build quality links to your site and make it as a job that you do consistently. Just don’t rely upon one source or strategy to build links, try as many techniques as possible to generate links.

    Because links play a vital role in bringing you more search traffic. Thanks so much for the write up.


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