Business Tips for Dating Startup

Want to launch a dating app and become a virtual Cupid? Your chance of success is quite high, provided you have a good understanding of the online dating industry. Although there are many big players in the industry, new dating services keep on popping up. And many of them have become pretty popular, because they come as interesting alternatives to the mainstream apps. Singles like to try out new platforms to finally find their soul mate. Your app may become that platform for a bunch of people if everything is done right. How to ensure the success of your venture? Here are some essential tips from guys behind

Business Tips For Dating Startup

Define your target audience.

The only way to compete with the leaders on the market is to come up with a fresh idea that will make your product stand out. Move away from the mainstream and choose a particular niche. Your app should unite a particular group of people. The target audience may be chosen on the basis of age, interests, tastes, relationship intentions, the belonging to a national minority, and other demographics. You should narrow your focus. Perhaps, you want to create a dating app for singletons in your town. Maybe, your idea is to launch a dating service for freelancers. It stands to reason that you should conduct market research to check if your idea hasn’t been already fulfilled.

Create the image for your app.

Your app should have a motto and stick to the main idea. Like, for instance, Hinge sticks to the idea of being an alternative to Tinder and an app for people who think rather than swipe automatically. Users should clearly understand the app’s attitude towards safety. To make your app stands out, add some unique features. It’s worth mentioning that choosing a name and a logo for your app is as important as defining its main features.

Start a marketing campaign in advance.

The success of a dating app lies in the number of its users. And it’s reasonable to take care of your initial user database prior to the launching of an app. Create an app’s page on social media to draw the attention of potential users. The page should contain not only some information about the app but also some entertaining media as well as useful niche-related information to establish an emotional connection with prospective users. Promo materials should appear in media well in advance to prepare the audience and gather the pool of first users.

Start off free.

Even if you plan to use a subscription-based business model, new users should be offered a free trial period. Discounts and special offers will help extend your user base. If you opt for a free app, then think about ways to monetize your app – ads, affiliates. Take into account your target audience when setting the fees. They should be lower is it’s aimed at younger singles, and higher if an app is aimed at mature professionals, for instance.
Make sure it uses effective algorithms.

The main function of your app is probably to match potential dates, so the matching algorithms should be well thought-out. Use the pattern of other dating services or hire a creative team that will come up with something unique. Since the most popular way to match singles is on the basis of their questionnaires, think which questions your app will ask them to check if their answers are in compliance with your app’s idea. As soon as you get an idea of how the users of your app will be matched, hire a professional programmer to set up the search tool of your app.
The main recommendation that can be given is: be patient. Don’t expect that success will come overnight. Do your best to ensure a stable work of a dating app, add content and promote it to draw new users.

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