What Exactly Is Affiliate Marketing? [Part 2]

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Affiliate MarketingI get to see lots of people reading my previous post on Afifliate markeking and ask me thousand questions on that.

I would be writing more on this topic. I am doing it but sorry people I am still not ready with the video tutorial yet. But clearing lots of doubts of lots of people here I would tell you more on this amazing way to make money by getting things sold.

Well those who are completely new to this term called Affiliate marketing are rquested to read my previous article and have a fair knowledge on it before proceeding. For all those who read it, here are some of the questions you put to me and here are the answers.

Why Not Use Twitter or Facebook for Affiliate Marketing?

The simplest answer is to go and watch the movie the Social Network which shows how Facebook was started. According to Zuckerberg he started Facebook just to make people stay connected and I believe he has even mentioned it in many of his interviews. So a platform which is meant for staying connected if used for simply making money is something according to me which makes this unethical. Although this is not completely illegal in the terms and conditions of both Facebook and Twitter and many of the people still do it, I would never say this is completely wrong and the people who want to do this can go ahead.

Where to Go to start as an affiliate marketer?

Its quite obvious youu have to go to a place to sign up to become an affiliate marketer and then only you can get the products to sell. Some of the services on the internet are Click Bank and Amazon Associates. Although there are lots of other services but these turn to become one of the best services in this field. I would explain about these soon in my video tutorial soon. Till then just go ahead and sign up and start using their services.

How To Login to ClickBank?

Well ClickBank as I mentioned is one of the best option for the affiliate marketers. And I can see many people having problems in it. It is very simple guys. Just go this page and enter all the details which is required and remember you are not the one who will decide the password. The password would be emailed to you and thereafter you can change it (The process that is the same for the websites powered by WordPress as well).

So these were some of the questions which I really found important to be answered and I would be really speaking a lot on this soon in a video.

Thanks to all those who read this and shared this as well and special thanks to all those who asked me these questions.

18 thoughts on “What Exactly Is Affiliate Marketing? [Part 2]”

  1. @Harry Sehgal Ur right man, but you should also have guaranteed traffic to your site
    @Bas & Zero Cool ur right for clickbank and also also Amazon Associates is also worth trying
    @Fouzan U have certainly come out with an awesome point of CPA, surely never to forget that !

  2. hi there thanks for this great share and i think clickbank is the best for promoting products of others.

  3. Nice Info on Affiliate marketing..i will try out Click bank for sure as many have recommended me of it…

  4. well i am using click bank since last 2 years and social marketing has shown good results for me. also when marketing on facebook or twitter, you should make sure that you market it wisely, ie proving some useful information.

  5. I also second your thought that you should use social networking sites like FB and twitter to stay connected rather than pitching your product 🙂

    I haven’t tried Clickbank service… will surely read more about it and give it a try… Are you using it.. What is your experience with CB?

    • Clickbank is an awesome place man.All the people who have been into this business of aff. marketing have tried it and even I use it a lot. The main thing thats there in it the user friendly interface of the website and you get almost products and services of a lot of things on that place.Almost every industry is covered on that platform.
      You should surely give it a try.

      Have a Nice Time Blogging


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