GalleryHosted – Free Image Hosting & Browsable Gallery

With tonnes of Image hosting websites out there, websites like GalleryHosted survives by making their service more simple and user friendly. GalleryHosted is a different and new kind of image hosting platform which has browsable galleries.


Unlike regular image hosting website, it gives the opportunity to users to upload and share complete & browsable pictures gallery. The main keyword being “browsable”. This site allows you to host your images and share them with your friends. This service is free and you can also enjoy unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Some Features — GalleryHosted

  • The user can select several pictures at once, and start uploading.
  • The thumbnails size galleries is customizable.
  • A bulk URL-upload option is also available.
  • You can customize the name of your galleries.
  • You can easily track, organize and edit your galleries.
  • Has unlimited storage and bandwidth.
  • Users can “Download” a complete uploaded gallery without any waiting time.

You can use GalleryHosted for free and you can also enjoy unlimited storage and bandwidth.

12 thoughts on “GalleryHosted – Free Image Hosting & Browsable Gallery”

  1. I visit the site, and its promising. I goin’ to transfer my pictures there. I’ve been looking for a site like this. Besides the photobucket I used since before.

  2. That’s a great add to the list – I’ve been using Picasa Web Galleries for sometime, and have even tried my hands at Flickr.

    Guess I need to give one a try sometime soon.. thanks for the tip, bro! 🙂


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